What are the DUMBEST things you can do to get free / discounted Delta travel?

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Nothing we points enthusiasts do is FRAUD. Sure we read the rules very carefully. We often times take advantage of programs in ways they were maybe not intended to be used, but still inside the “ropes” as it were. Even when it comes to booking a flight we may look at the most full flight or times and offer up our seat for each leg, but nothing fraudulent about this just knowing what can work our way at times.

Then there are the areas that can cross the line. Let’s take for example buddy pass or similar items. These are a perk for working for an airline. Airline employees can use these or GIVE them to family or friends but they are not to sell them for a profit.

Then there is THIS guy who took non-rev travel to a whole new fraud level even teaching others and helping them to defraud the airlines. Shocking plus clearly illegal and wrong. I hope they throw the book at people like this. As funny as movies like “Catch me if you can” about Frank Abagnale Jr. are, in the end he had to pay up for what he did.

Now there are other things not as extreme that are just as fraudulent with our Delta. Like what? Well let’s talk about MQD exemption. The correct ways are either meeting spend level or spending enough on Delta AMEX cards. Whatever AMEX reports to Delta as OK spend is OK. However, Delta does not require MQD spending for those who live outside the USA. If you do live in the USA but say you live outside the USA that is fraudulent and you risk being kicked out of Skymiles if they audit your account. I mean if you say you live in Paris but 95% of your flights start in Atlanta (hello – McFly) They say on Delta.com:

“Delta reserves the right to audit an account at any time for residency requirements, request further supporting documentation and update the address for any member’s SkyMiles account using the National Change of Address (NCOA) data filed by relocating postal customers, but shall have no obligation to do so. Accounts found in violation are subject to penalty, up to and including termination of Medallion status and closure of the SkyMiles account.” – Delta.com

Most of the other ways I have been told in private about have been eliminated by Delta IT fixes and that really pleases me. Back in the old days of paper certs and tickets I was told there were ways to spend the same bump money ones over and over again. Clearly this not OK and good these things are over with e-tickets and e-credits to fix this kind of abuse.

Bottom line is simple, we have so many ways to correctly earn a great deal of points and rewards from Delta – just never ever step across that line and suffer the consequences of your actions! – René

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