Rookie Wednesday: What is the “perfect” travel “stuff”? Here is mine

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Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

my old computer bag never looked better with diamond medallion tag on it delta points blog

If you fly a little or a lot you need to have “stuff”. What stuff? Are you saying you cannot fly if you don’t have stuff? Yes! OK, I am kidding but stuff can make things so much better.

I mean travel for most people is stressful. For me it is not. That is not entirely true but when flying I take the “Taco Bell” approach. What is that you ask? Say you get the wrong order at “The Bell”. As a comedian once said, “What does it matter; it’s all good. It may not be assembled in the way you wanted it to be but it’s all the same stuff“!

Travel, to me, is just like that. You may not get there the way you had in your mind but it is still all “fun” and good if you are willing to do a few things and one of them is today’s focus of having the right “stuff” with you.

what is in my travel bag - delta points travel blog

I have a long list of stuff I make sure I have well stocked before each and every trip starting from the top working down from left to right.

1 – DeltaPoints phone holder to watch movies or while I type
2 – An old NWA BE kit bag to hold:
3 – Advil, cold meds, tums, band-aids, earplugs & cough drops
4 – my 3 ring clip with travel cards
5 – my iGo head phones
6 – a USB memory stick
7 – a set of Delta headphones (just in case)
8 – my own “Job Well Done Certs” w/$10 Starbucks card
9 – Certs like JWD, HOOU & SPG JWD etc.
10 – a good pen and highlighter
11 – business cards
12 – a tiny battery brick just in case
13 – my LARGE battery brick
14 – Delta BE kit for all my power cords adapters
15 – an HDMI cable for watching TV from laptop in hotel rooms
16 – an LED snake light USB powered for laptop work
17 – usb wireless mouse
18 – bluetooth keyboard w/ built in mouse pointer

…and my HP 14″ laptop not in the photo! Plus, that does not include all my backpack stuff I have that holds other bits like toiletries etc. This list is just what I have in my laptop carry-on bag to make my travels better.

Since I fly 100+ segments a year I feel I have this system “down” pretty good and there are few times I find myself stressed and “looking” for something. With the above stuff I am efficient, ready for things that can pop up (only now and then) like a cold or cough. I constantly use almost all of the above on every trip so they are in and out all the time and I know where each one “lives” in my bag for both quick access and to check before I leave a hotel, club or airport!

My power brick gets a workout quite often when I am on a jet with no power. I give out my personal version of a HOOU on almost every flight (yes that can cost me $50+ on a run but I like the service I get from the outstanding Delta FA’s and want to thank them from my own pocket – plus I buy them at OfficeMax with my Chase INK card to get 5x points)! My snake light is perfect when I get up early and don’t want to disturb my wife sleeping but need to see my keyboard or on a flight where the overhead light is too much light. A mouse, to me, is a must to get real work done. I could go on and on.

So what do you think? Does your travel bag have the same “stuff”? Have you found other things that are a MUST HAVE to include that you really USE almost each trip. Let’s make this a rookie post that we all can apply and do what we can to take as much stress out of travel we can! – René
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  1. Band aids is a lot. What exactly….. let’s just say you are travelling too hard of you need band aids.

    Don’t do much coughing but those other #3s are changing your travel life in the right scenario. Where are the eye shades? You must sleep like a log lol.

  2. great setup Rene! You may want to move a bag with wheels … for your back’s pleasure in years to come!

  3. My Inhaler (in case I need to run between flights) and my Kindle. Extra bags of nuts or snacks just in case you don’t get the upgrade and are starved.

  4. Yep, been there, done that. It’s always in my travel bag now. Last time I went without it, I coughed and gagged for air,… for about 45 minutes before I caught my breath. No one wanted to sit next to me. Maybe I should do that more often. 😉

  5. That’s a great standard travel set! Mine is similar: noise canceling headphones, sick bag (cold mets, antihistamines, decongestants), combo power brick/wall charger and a backup power brick, spare headphones (in case i need to hand them to an annoying person listening to loud things on speakers).

    One additional thing I carry is a bag of snacks – usually beef jerky or some lean protein and some candy. Those are primarily if I get stuck somewhere late/early when airport concessions aren’t open, or for my wife who sometimes needs food immediately for her hypoglycemia.

  6. I discovered how invaluable ear buds can be on my last flight. My noise canceling headphones had a short in the wire thus I couldn’t listen to my music on my ipad. Voila! I plugged in my ear buds, put the headphones over them and listened to music the entire flight. I’m a nervous flyer and both the headphones and my ipad have been invaluable.

  7. @jyee & all – I like the snacks idea. You know what else would be smart to add / grab would be a “puke” bag from a jet just in case. Not just for, uh, blech, but they are water proof-ish.

  8. Here’s a new addition to my “necessary bag” – a small bottle of real, regular aspirin. My doctor told me to take a one before flight to avoid blood clots from sitting too long.
    Also, I carry a tiny bag of assorted rubber bands, binder clips and tie wraps. They close food packages, hold hotel curtains together, mark pages and more. The nylon tie wraps prevent tampering when bags are left in the room or with the bellman to be picked up later.

  9. @mrdonut – oh I like the rubber banks and thinking a few ZIP locks could be a good idea. This is great folks, please keep the ideas coming! 🙂

  10. Hey Rene – please compile a checklist with all these suggestions at the conclusion. Thanks, MrD

  11. Good list and I can come close to it with what I carry. One big difference is that I kept dropping my mini wireless mouse, so I used a plug in (until I switched to MacBook Air). Very handy when you’re grabbing the computer in a hurry when the seat comes down in front of you!

  12. Individually wrapped sanitizing wipes b/c traveling is a great way to get sick. They are convenient when you are out and about, and to wipe things down around you on the plane.

  13. I also pack a grounded triple plug adapter cube. Allows me to ‘share’ a single wall electrical outlet with two other travelers.

  14. GREAT STUFF THAT U PACK ==I TAKE A FEW STARBUX CARDSthat have $$ on them to give to military that may sit near me or to a FA that does over and above… along with my wipes…..

  15. You hand out personal JWDs to FAs on “almost every flight”. You must be on totally different flights than I am. Maybe I’m cranky because missed upgrade on the last three flights in past 6 days. As DM, it just stinks.

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