My first test with Delta Studio – “A swing and a miss”!

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Just a quick post today as I return home and complete over 28,000 miles of flying over the past two weeks – phew! That, in case you are not aware, is more than around the world numbers. But that is for another post.


Since I had upgraded all my upgradable legs this latest run I decided to click on and give the new Delta Studio a test on my laptop (after loading the plug-ins preflight and not on my phone since Delta has no love for updated Android OS)!


There were a number of choices and I decided to try Gravity (kinda fitting at 32k right).


What could be simpler. Since I was in 1st class I just put in my name and my seat number and there is no charge.


Whoops! They don’t like my name. You see correctly there is a space in my last name that is “de Lambert” not all one word DELAMBERT as most computers make it. So, I tested with and without space; with my middle name and without and even “cropped” as it often shows up on my boarding pass. No joy.


I then attempted to have GoGo try to see what they could get done but that errored out as well. Talk about frustrating. Ah well.


I will give it another shot later this year as I am flying a bunch more before the cursed Skymiles2015 begins on 1JAN2015! Have you tested & like the new Delta Studio? – René

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Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. I had the same “name” problem on my run to SNA last month. Lucky my daughter was next to me and her name worked for both of us!

  2. I have had excellent experiences with it over the past few weeks. There are quite a few free options on there as well where you do not need to enter your seat #.

    I wish there was more content on there, but it isnt so bad, espcially for short hops.

  3. I’ve had a few problems with my middle name and boarding passes this year. When I book the travel myself through, it’s correct. Whey my client’s travel desk books, the middle name is appended to my given name but the character limit on the field is too small. TSA doesn’t seem to care since my PreCheck works but gate agents often are confused, nevermind hotel clerks. Technology!

  4. I called Delta and found out that unless you are sitting in FC or in an Economy Comfort seat, you don’t get Delta Studio free. So a Gold/Platinum/DiamondMedallion that is stuck in a bad seat is further penalized by having to pay for a perk that should be offered at no charge.

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