An 18,000+ point Delta Mileage Run: The run to Sweden & embracing Delta coach travel

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At long last it is time for the actual run to begin that I picked up for $567 round trip. This is the thing about a run – it is all fun and an adventure. Lars-Erik and I had already enjoyed some quality time at the Sheraton Club, kicked out of the LAXSUL lounge and did make it into the Korean & Skyclubs already today before our first flight!

As I left you last post I was feverishly doing the “TapGrade” move that is the nonstop clicking the “new” refresh icon for the upgrade list on your fly Delta App. Something had to be done as it was near time to begin to clear upgrades. I walked down to the gate, saw I was at this point going to clear, and kindly asked if it was time to clear upgrades yet. I got a wry smile and was told 10 more minutes. Rats. I would have to wait but did clear at the last spot!

burger delta 1st class lax to atl

The flight was a domestic 767-300 that really has the worst 1st class seats in the air but I have found row 1 is the best as there is no one to recline into you so you can work on your laptop. Lunch was the “Delta Burger” that truly is very good. They get a good grill char on the burger itself, the flavors, while muted, are good and the fixings work. The potato salad is nummy and the dessert was good as well. The fruit and cheese plate made for a great finish with red wine. If I had to get super picky to find any fault it would be the bun was a little dry but that is reaching. This is a solid choice for Delta domestic lunch (or dinner).

cold chicken salad lunch delta 1st class lax to atl

My seat mate had the Chicken and was nice enough to let me snap a shot. I have also had that before and found it very nice as well. Delta is just hitting on all cylinders to me with food – it is just good and pleasant. Well done Delta and please don’t change a thing!!!

After lunch I enjoyed the IFE that worked fine and watched a movie and got to work on my laptop. The GoGo wifi worked great and reliably as it usually does on most Delta flights. Speed was maybe a little faster than normal. I know they are working on upgrading the system so it may just be in my head but all just worked as it should.

please do not cut wind on delta jets delta points blog

The only issue I had was with a fellow passenger in 1st class (and I don’t know who it was). Now I don’t want to get into a “winded” discussion about flatulence, but please folks, if you are offending the better part of all of 1st class, go to the lavatory and flush a few extra times. Please? It was so bad I got up and went up to the galley – seriously – this went on for a LONG time and was down right offensive. The FA even commented it was the worst she had ever experienced.

Once landing off for a quick visit to the “E” Atlanta Skyclub before boarding. I was checking to see if coach was maybe oversold because when that happens as a medallion you have a chance at what is called an OPUP or operational upgrade to business class, that is they move you up so they can put someone else in your coach seat! That, however, sadly did not happen and every seat in first was full.

Exit row seats delta A330 atl to ams delta points blog 1

Lars-Erik and I did have one of the very best leg room seats on the jet, that is the second exit row on this 767-300ER.

Exit row seats delta A330 atl to ams delta points 2blog

I would have much rather picked the front row of economy comfort but it never opened up. This was the next best choice.

very close to bathroom Exit row seats delta A330 atl to ams delta points blog

There were some big downsides of this seat. Unlike the domestic 767-300, that has a similar setup (in row 26 on that jet), the seat back tray table is screwed in place (i.e. the unlock table has a tiny Philips head screw blocking it from folding down). The reason this is SOOOOO bad for those of us who are not 98lbs swimsuit models is the tray table in the armrest does NOT move out and back and just about cut me in half when using it. Really bad Delta – ya need to fix this.

Another sad part was the window seat was ICE cold. I have been on a bunch of flights where the exit door is a little cool but this one was a meat locker. I think Delta needs to add Westin blankets to the window seats on this jet to make it a decent flight! Lastly, you are VERY near the bathroom and tend to get bumped by those waiting to go in.

The IFE worked perfect and is responsive in coach just like in BE or business elite. I like the new responsive touch screens and they are bright and just work. Also the power ports work perfect and yield very good results to charge all my toys. Having both a USB and a 110 port (for each of us) between our seats at easy reach is great. I still am not sure I like the between seats (in my seat) or the way the new 737-900 has them in front of you. I guess that could be a fun post to get readers input on.

The food on board in coach was really good. I wish I had taken a photo but let me tell you I had the cold chicken salad and it was just about as good as the one I have had before in 1st class. Again, just well done Delta for this effort. I walk in to coach with low food expectations but Delta continues to impress me with their catering flight after flight.

I slept reasonably well and after landing in AMS and clearing customs we popped in to the “domestic” side KLM lounge. I have to say the KLM lounge dragons are as mean as ever. Since Lars-Erik and I were traveling together, on different PNRs but still, I was hoping we could get an exit row together. Nothing doing and KLM wanted him to pay for that “upgraded” seat since only PM+ get it free in KLM land.

KLM E190 exit row 11 delta points blog (1)

The seat was nice and really had even more room than the business class seats row 1 & 2 I am normally in.

KLM E190 exit row 11 delta points blog (2)

Having two seats to myself was nice for me and gave me an extra tray table to put my stuff on.

snack KLM ams to got

The “snack” was under underwhelming but I was not really hungry anyway. Normally in business on this short hop I do eat a bit of the meal as it is nice to get your stomach on the right time zone as possible. Stomach time seems to be one of my biggest issues with adapting to where I am.

approach to GOT from AMS on KLM delta points blog

We landed on time and went to the kiosk to buy bus tickets into town. I had my Barclays Arrival+ card that I had set a PIN for and it worked perfect with the chip and even with the PIN. Ticket was quickly purchased. But for Lars-Erik, his US Bank FlexPerks card would NOT work without a PIN (he did have the one with a chip).

sunrise in gothenburg delta points blog

I said my good-byes to Lars-Erik and took the #2 tram the rest of the way home! Over all this was an interesting run out. Cost wise I was most pleased but will share more of that in the final post! – René

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  1. I had that exit row window seat last month ATL-LHR. Meat locker is exactly right. Luckily, I was up front on my MCO-ATL leg and had the presence of mind to bring my blanket. So, I used both, one on my arm (which I first tucked inside my shirt) and one on my leg. It was fine in the end but only because I was prepared. Luckily, the seat next to me was empty since it’s considered Economy Comfort. So, the sealed-shut seatback tray table issue was moot. You’ll chuckle to know, however, that it took me multiple attempts to deploy it before noticing the tiny set screw. On my return from LHR, I had to stop in AUS for a night. I rode the A319 exit row window seat from DTW and barely survived the meat locker with two blankets.

  2. I am doing the same run tomorrow( Friday )
    From Lax to Got via Cdg on A380. If any of the readers are on the same flight send me a DM on twitter @rtwin35days. Hopefully AF will not cancel this flight due to the strike.

  3. AF Cancelled the LAX-CDG flight and I rescheduled the trip to Friday next week. This time all on Delta on the way there and KLM on the way back. They changed my original V class to M class.( no additional charge). Curious if I will get the extra 50% bonus miles and if I can upgrade the flight from MSP to AMS with 15K miles.

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