Interesting developments with today / tomorrow Skymiles award ticket sale

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discounted skymiles for award travel sale with delta amex

There will be very few who can benefit from today and tomorrow’s Skymiles award sale due to a bunch of reasons like:

  • Dates you can fly
  • The length of the trip
  • Blackout dates
  • Finding awards space
  • Next year one-ways may be better-ish
  • Needing to already have a Delta AMEX!

So do please check if you happen to already have tickets booked and can as a PM or DM change to the lower priced tickets FREE or if you happen to already have a Delta AMEX card (you should have already gotten the promotional e-mail from Delta btw).

The part I want to touch on is that this is one of the first times that I can recall Delta doing one of these combo Delta / AMEX card promos. Clearly if you don’t currently HOLD a Delta AMEX card a fat lot of good this will do you. But if more promos like this are in the works it could be yet one more reason and added value of keeping at least one. – René

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  1. It’s very limited. Would have loved to see an opportunity for some up front redemptions but nope…

  2. I hold the DL AMEX Reserve Card, received this offer today, and managed to change 3 tickets that were already booked to be for less miles. I also booked a 4th ticket at the reduced number of miles. This probably paid off my Reserve Card annual fee. There is plenty of commentary on other blogs that this offer is “limited” but it worked great for me. I am a PM who only started flying with DL in the last week of March of this year. I have 15K more to DM, which I should make with plenty of rollover miles. I have no complaints about DL, including about this offer. They are better for me than United from whom I defected. Even as a lowly PM I am getting domestic upgrades almost every time.

  3. Has anyone found a deal yet, I have a trip for Mexico booked for November and my tickets were 10K cheaper last month when I booked then the current “deal”

  4. When did this email go out? I checked all my Delta emails for September, and nothing. I’ve had a Delta Plat. AMEX for years now.

  5. @ rene — Thanks, I had everything except “Fare Sales & Last Minute Promotions” checked. (Although I did have “Skymiles Promotions” checked). I guess this must count as a last-minute promotion.

  6. I don’t understand what the eligibility rules are. “Eligibility | Sale is limited to basic Card Members who have a Gold, Platinum or Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express or have earned Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion status.” Does this mean medallions without an Amex card are eligible? Or does it mean someone with a Blue card has to be a medallion to be eligible?

  7. @rene Not true, it states pretty clearly that medallions AND amex holders (two separate groups) qualify and as a GM with no Amex I can verify that this is the case, no problem getting the discounted rates

  8. The first thing that crossed my mind is that Corporate wants us to use up as many miles as possible this year just in case the promise of lower level redemption next year means our roll over miles might really be more valuable next year

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