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Dear Delta – Can you please look at my Delta wish list – pretty please? :-)

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wish list

We all have our own wish lists. I mean, one of my biggest ones is that they actually build my Elio that I have put a deposit down on (I am so far down the list I bet it will be 2 years before I get mine, but still)! I have my frequent flying travel wish list like getting to one day go back and spend yet another full day in the Lufthansa 1st class terminal in FRA (gosh that is nice)!

But what about a Delta wish list? Oh sure, you are saying in your head right now things like, FIX the award page and a bunch more (I would be saying the same thing so don’t feel bad)! But truly there are a bunch of minor-ish things Delta could, if they wanted to, fix that would be HUGE for us on a day to day basis as Delta flyers. Plus ones that should not cost them an arm and a leg considering it is all about the $$$ nowadays! Take a look at my list and feel free to comment on your wish list – just please keep it “real” that is, things you know Delta really could fix if they want to. Here we go:

1) Display Delta e-Gifts in “My Delta” – How hard can this be? Truly. I don’t know about you but whenever I buy a Delta e-Gift I go ahead and both print a paper copy and I save it digitally because it sure does not show up in My Delta on One would think it would not be all that hard when you get one to either automatically, or at least manually, allow this to be added so we don’t have to keep track of them.

2) Alerts on seat changes – This maybe should be my number one on the list as there are few things that make me more crazy than seeing my “perfect” seat go away due to whatever that Delta does. I mean if they can alert me about Hertz promotions surely they can alert me when they move me on a jet days or weeks before flight?

3) Alerts on schedule changes – This is one of those sometimes you get an alert sometimes you don’t. Since they clearly have the capacity to sometimes alert you/me why not make it a consistent thing and a right away thing so we can know! This just matters so much and for those of us who know, it opens up the outstanding chance to adjust our flights with the mighty schedule change rule!

4) MQD credit for extra spend – There are so many things we can, well not me, but we can pay for that does go to Delta and IMO should and could count toward MQD spend. This may not seem like that big of a deal but it really is when some flyers are just on the edge of perhaps making that next medallion level of MQD spend. C’mon Delta you are getting our money give us credit at least – too much to ask?

5) Rollover MQSs – I have to say I have HUGE respect (even if I do not say it enough) for you medallions who earn your status on segments. You guys/gals are amazing. Now Delta appreciates us mileage flyers and even will make NO changes to the way we earn MQMs next year so why not show some “segment love” and allow some rollover MQSs?

6) Rollover MQD spend – Here is another one that just, to me, is a clear as day “enhancement”. I mean if you happen to spend say $25,000 on net Delta tickets should they not show some appreciation for that and allow the money over $12.500 to rollover into next year. After all, the cursed #Skymiles2015 is all about showing appreciation for those who spend the most – or is it?

7) Rollover AMEX exempt spend – Clearly this one would be amazing for me and many others. I did not put it top on my list even though to me personally it would be #1. I mean many of us run $60, $70, $80,000+ on Delta AMEX cards and it would be so sweet to rollover the spend above the $25,000 level. I mean, does Delta appreciate AMEX partner spend or not?

8) GoGo yearly pass as a Choice Benefit – This one is maybe just a tiny bit outside the “rules” I opened up with. I mean if you look at most of the Choice Benefits that Delta offers they don’t cost the company “real” money outlay, that is things like upgrade certs could possibly cost the loss of a sold 1st class seat but it is just as likely just to take away a free medallion upgrade. Either way, having the option to get a year of free GoGo as a choice would be an amazing perk!

9) Change Skybonus points to never expire – How hard would this be? I mean points that expire every 3 years even when you earn more miles! GRRRRRRR!!! I mean it is BAD when you are no better than the SAS award program EuroBonus. Truly. How hard or how much would it cost you, Delta, to make it so that AT LEAST activity resets the point expiration clock!

10) You tell me! – I think that says it all. I truly could go on all day long with this but this blog is not all about me so your turn to fill in 10, 11 & so on in the comments below on the blog (please don’t e-mail as I enjoy your thoughts but others will miss out)!

So there you are. I truly think this “wish list” is not all that unreasonable my beloved Delta – I know you all read the blog each day so please print / copy / forward this e-mail to someone who can make any of this happen! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. My only comment is about the MQD AMEX Ezception.
    it shouldn’t be #1 for you. You’ll be meeting the spending requirements forever (or until they get rid of MQM bonus on spending), so putting it at #1 would be a waste for you.

  2. #6 please!!! I’m at $21,000 MQD (couple of business R/T to Europe) and 100,000 MQMs, planning to get as close to diamond without hitting it this year to roll over about 45,000 MQMs into next year where I won’t be doing as much traveling. The roll-over would be awesome…

  3. As to number 7. I spend $50,001(and annual fee). Put card in drawer until Jan 1.
    Delta will NEVER allow rollover spend.

  4. Fix the delta app upgrade list when a flight is delayed. Any time a flight is delayed on my android phone app the link to view the upgrade list disappears. Anyone else have the same issue?

  5. Great list, MQS’s should be an easy thing to do. If you have to meet MQD’s regardless, it doesn’t make sense that MQM’s roll over but MQS’s don’t. Does anyone have the logic on this? I’m at about 150 segments so far in 2014, and certainly if it’s about the money, have gone way past the MQD requirement… carry over MQS…!!

  6. I know Amex spending counts toward the $25000 for exemption but I wish there was a way to count all Amex spending towards the mqd’s. I’m constantly having to decide which card to use for what spending level I’m trying to reach, but not exceed, the thresholds. But, you’re suggestion that carryover being allowed would, at the very least, make that easier. I.e., I have to spend $6000 to get to $30000 on one and $4000 to get to $25000. If I had done it correctly then I’d have already gotten mqd’s. I know you use spread sheets but I only have two Amex cards and that’s hard enough!

  7. Agree with most of the list and one addition. Why can’t PM’s have the choice benefit option of 4 regional OR 2 global certificates like Diamonds’ 8R or 4G? Relative to #4 #6 and #7, IMO Delta already rewards for additional card spend above the $25,000 and allows for carry over i.e.; bonus MQM’s for every 20-30k you spend on the card. MQM’s roll over.

  8. Dotti Cahill Reply

    I agree with 2,4,7
    Find out why my iPhone delta app unapps when I travel ESP at airports
    I hate to see centurion black cardholders have o pay for a plus ++1 when they pay so much for that card( I do not have one )

  9. Kent Morrow Reply


    Five and and six from your list would be my top two. I travel on short (1000 mile round trip) flights on weekends so segments are my way of achieving medallion status. If I could bank segments for the next year, I would look at additional stops or trips for the current year but if it is of no benefit . . .

    I achieved the $2500 requirement some time ago and would love to be able to use those dollars towards the next step. Thanks for compiling this list. Hopefully, it will start conversations within Delta.

  10. Dale Williams Reply

    Roll over the MQD for us long haul fliers and the MQS for the folks who spend more time in airports than in the planes.
    Can I take a stab at Delta’s reply to the AMEX card exempt spending roll-over? “If you are spending $60,70,80K per year on your AMEX card aren’t you set to remain a DM forever? And you wish for more?” 🙂

  11. Fix the Delta App and Web page so they don’t disappear the Seat Map at SCHEDULED departure time. It really sucks when the flight is delayed, and all useful information disappers.

  12. I just wish delta would remember it is in a customer-service business, and customer service means more than a nice smile from the FAs and GAs. One simple change that could score delta some points with its elite ffs is that when we select free or discounted EC seats, the cost of the EC upgrade is also displayed so we will see the $$$ we are saving.

  13. Rene, don’t know why you “dismissed” the “fix the award booking page.” Other than IT overhead it would cost Delta nothing and would make people stop calling SM Sky Pesos….On the other hand you sly devil, I understand. If you truly know the ins and outs of booking on you get the awards you want at low levels. I know understand Obi-Wan Delta master. 🙂 NicT

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