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I have some shocking news and I would rather no one tell Delta about it (so please keep it quiet)! 🙂

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You see this week, at long last, I will be taking the final steps in upgrading the blog with a visit to the HOM or the home of Boarding Area the “House of Miles” in Colorado. It will mean improvements to the blog like faster loading time, and like over at DeltaMileageRun blog, when you click on photos it will open up a full screen box with click right and left to see all the photos in a post! But that is not really shocking right?

First let’s get the rules out of the way. They are HERE each week and by commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them.

Then on to the part I don’t want Delta to know about – I am flying American Airlines to COS or Colorado Springs this week! I know, I know some will yell I am cheating on my beloved Delta. Well here is the deal folks, as most of you already know, the Barclay’s US Air card gives you 40,000 bonus points and that card will soon no longer be available. You can use US Air points to book on American and that is what I did (in business class for low level points). Plus, I will get yet one more visit to the AMEX Centurion Lounge, thank to my non-Delta AMEX Platinum card, both inbound and outbound!

So my question to you is a simple one – in your next round of cards – will you be trying for the US Air card before it goes away (or have you already done so)? Yes or No answer is all I need but as always feel free to comment more if you like. – René


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  1. I’m still debating getting this card. It would be good to get it before it goes away, however, it isn’t something that I desperately need right now, and I don’t tend to go for a lot of cards since I get cards primarily for a good sign up bonus or a specific need like hotel stays.. So my answer is maybe?…

  2. I will not be getting it, but I’m curious–once you get it, does it continue as normal but become unavailable for new customers, or will it be discontinued at a near future date along with everyone else?

  3. No way. Don’t want to get any AW stench on me by accident. Seriously I’m holding back on cards til November at least.

  4. I just applied for the Barclay US Airways card, but I haven’t decided if I am going to try to rush to use the miles before they are converted in American miles over the next couple of months… no telling what might happen to redemption charts after that!

  5. Probably not. US Airways used to be my primary airline, but I tend to avoid both it and AA these days.

  6. Yes, probably, though I still have the US Air one issued through Bank of America. Does that count against me?

  7. Already have the card but planning to cancel soon and do one more churn hopefully before it goes away

  8. Got it during an award trip (Saaver) in July on AA trip (using the 100,000 miles from the AA Executive card signup bonus) which had me on US for 1 leg. GOT 2 AA cards, took a family of 4 to Lima, Peru then to Arequipa back to Lima…all on awards from 2 sign up bonuses. Once the US miles post to AA, will probably go back to northern south America for only 35,000 miles.

  9. I just got it, although my bonus miles haven’t posted even though I already got my first statement in the mail

  10. Got the card, used the miles toward a trip to Ireland early next year!

    Btw, the Barclays app on iPhone is incredibly convenient and intuitive… Really love it!

  11. No, but I might for my wife. The big bonuses this year and the low miles for awards on AA have been really attractive.

  12. I signed up for the card 18 months ago. If approved, do you think I can get the sign-up bonus again?

  13. @Sports Traveler – not as EZ as once was but if you used the old card a bit your odds are much better. If you ONLY got for bonus and then nothing odds are VERY low!

  14. No US Air card for me. I’ll stick with AMEX. Next year I will no longer be a delta loyalist but I’ll split my time between united and Jet Blue. Not US/AA.

  15. No. I’m set on cards and I’m loyal to Delta. I don’t fly enough to get status on two airlines and maintain it

  16. NO. Unfortunately either true or not, I feel stuck with Delta living in ATL. While I know there are many options out of Hartsfield, usually Delta comes up as the “best of the worst” choice in ether price or schedule options.

  17. no. I can’t utter “USAir” without breaking into a cold sweat. I just don’t like those guys. Thanks to Rene, I do have the Delta Reserve AMEX and I very much enjoy my “$450” SkyClub Memebership!

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