NO “Bump the Bonus” with new 70,000 Point Chase Ink Plus® Business Card offer!

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Under most circumstances Chase is the BEST, if not THE best bank, when it comes to matching similar offers. I mean if you miss most other banks’ offers by just one single day they will tell you “tough cookies and go pound sand” (not a really customer friendly move to refuse to match a better offer – right?).

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Well, what about the current outstanding 70,000 point  Chase Ink Plus® Business Card  offer; will Chase “bump the bonus” on this one? I am sorry to say NO, because the offers are NOT the same. You see, Chase will match the “same” best publicly available offer, inside 90 days, but the current offer is NOT the same as the offer back in May. That 60,000 point offer included NO annual fee for the first year but the current 70,000 point offer does NOT waive the $95 per year fee for the first year. Now I value 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points more than $95 so this current offer still has more value in my eyes.

So, as you can see, the two offers are not the same. Does that mean Chase will automatically say NO if you ask? I think so but if you are a valuable Chase customer you never know and all they can do is say NO. I will not be trying to have them bump the bonus from my last 60,000 point card approval since I already tried to bump the bonus when the 70,000 point offer came out in the branches (but then again, maybe it is worth a quick e-mail)! – René
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  1. Yeah when this same offer became available in branches a couple of months ago they caught on pretty quickly. For the first couple of days they were matching, but pretty quickly they started denying the match because of the annual fee.

  2. Just had my fiancee secure message them. I got her the card when it was only 50k about 3 weeks ago or so. Absolutely can’t hurt to try! Thanks for this reminder, Rene!


  3. Update: Chase said they couldn’t give her the 70k because of the yearly fee being waived. However, they did give her 10k UR points just for the email!! Thanks again!

    – Joe

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