A post for new UBER drivers – have a backup GPS the UBER one stinks!

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address of HOM in COS

Yesterday I spent the day at the HOM or House of Miles that is the home of Frequent Flyer Services that brings you all BoardingArea blogs! It was a great day and I will share that later as well as all the changes to the blog you will start to see shortly (I think you will love them btw).

no uber 735 in the morning in cos

I did not rent a car as it would only cost with UBERx MAX $10 each way from my Holiday Inn Express COS to the HOM. But as you can see, when I got up and started checking it did not look good to get a car to take me for my morning meeting with Randy and the gang. I need not worry after I got ready both UBERx and UBERxl cars were in the area.

My first ride out was very nice and the driver found me in no time. He had his own GPS and that was smart as it took us right to the HOM that can be a little hard to find the first time.

The HOM in COS

After a great day at the office it was time to request my UBER ride home. at 4:52PM I sent in the request and the driver, according to the app, was just 7 min away. Sweet, it was great to bask in the Colorado sun for few minutes before pickup.

new uber driver trying to find me (2)

However, as I mentioned you folks who are NEW UBER drivers, get your own GPS as a backup. My UBER driver, as I could see on my app, was a bit lost.

new uber driver trying to find me (3)

And then got a bit more lost. And then pulled over and texted me again for the address and some help.

new uber driver trying to find me (1)

Then at long last at 5:30 pulled up to get me. Now don’t take this as any kind of a rant at all. I was this UBER driver’s first fare EVER! He was kind, apologetic for getting lost, and guess what, did NOT have his own GPS but was just trusting the UBER app. I have found many drivers are not in love with their (i.e. the driver’s) version of the app itself.

Now I love UBER. I love that COS has UBER. I hope UBER goes everywhere! But I have some tips. Clearly, drivers, have your own GPS and trust it over the UBER app.

Riders. As soon as you request your driver be sure to text the exact address of where you are. If you are at a hotel include that as often times the address for two hotels near each other can show up as the same address on the UBER app. Lastly if it is a strange location make sure you come out when the driver is pulling up to make it simpler for them to find you!

Safe UBER travels everyone – René

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  1. As a (relatively)new Uber driver, I have found Uber’s GPS to be quite remarkable. I carry 2 backups with me but have not had to use either of them. Perhaps your new driver did not know to do so, but he could contact Uber and request a fare review so you would not be charged or see at least a reduction in your fare. If he did not request that from Uber, you could probably do so and have the fare refunded or reduced.

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