SWAG Saturday: How important are hotel dryers & irons for your stays?

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In the wall, under the sink, in a bag, in a drawer, somewhere “hidden” or at the front desk (tip – you have to ask for them at the “F” Skyclub before you shower) one is almost always somewhere. My wife and I used to travel with a small portable hair dryer for each trip, but it seems, as of late, all the places we stay have had a dryer.

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Having said that many times the units are so beat up and old (and not always that clean) that it may be time to rethink that choice. One thing I rarely ever need is an iron, but being a married man for 25+ years I know many times a skirt needs that final touch after being crammed into a bag for a long trip.

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So that brings us to this week’s SWAG Saturday giveaway. As is the case each week, the rules are HERE and by commenting you are agreeing you have looked them over.

What I want to know is how important these little devices, i.e. a hair dryer, an iron or some other practical device you need and expect to see in a room (or do you expect to see them there as well)? Tell us what you think for a shot at a pair of GoGo in-flight single use passes as well as some Delta HOOU coupons to enjoy on your next flight! Plus a custom Delta Points POLO shirt and more! – Rene

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  1. In lieu of an iron I usually hang shirts or skirt in the bathroom with very hot water turned on
    Works like a steamer

  2. Expect a hair dryer to be in room, but an iron doesn’t have to be as long as it’s available to borrow upon request.

  3. I carry my own loofah for travel and the hair dryer keeps me from having a mildewed smelling toiletries bag from that and my teeth scrubber. I blow dry them both if the dryer looks clean.

    Ironing simply depends on if travel is business or pleasure! Today is pleasure so wrinkles may abound lol.

  4. When the wife travels with me on trips she uses the dryer. As for me, I use the ironing board quite often as to keep my uniforms wrinkle free and looking sharp.

  5. I definitely need the iron. I wear white dress shirts on the road for presentations and meetings so I need my shirt to look good.

  6. Generally don’t use either, but occasionally, I will need an iron. As long as I can get one on request, that would be fine.

  7. I don’t care about hair dryers. I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. I expect an iron though.

  8. Hair dryer critical–my hair does strange things without its help! Iron is nice, used quite often, but doesn’t have to be the best to do what I need it to do.

  9. Hair dryer – must have and expect it. Iron – I expect it but only use on occasion.

  10. I haven’t used a hair dryer for 25 years and Irons and ironing boards typically take up space that would be better used to hang clothing. I’d rather request from housekeeping as needed.

  11. Hair dryer – not at all important. Iron is critical, as my business trips typically are a string of one or two day stays – not long enough to get things pressed.

  12. I have almost come to expect these amenities in hotels and come to expect them in the shower areas in skyclubs

  13. I use the hair dryers and would disappointed if they were not in the rooms. I like to travel light and I like not having to pack a hair dryer. I have not had any issues with them not being in good condition.

  14. I rarely use them and half the time they don’t work well, but when I need one and they don’t have one, that totally brings the hotel down a notch for me.

  15. Typically not a factor. But when packing fails and everything comes out of the bag wrinkled an iron is great.

  16. Very important to me as I do not want to lug a hair dryer on every trip. My boyfriend often uses the iron for his dress shirts. Both of these need are an appreciated feature on my travels. Esp international.

  17. Even though work takes me to cold states during winter (hello, Polar Vortex), I always air dry my hair. However, because I deliver professional seminars about 30 weeks a year, I always, always, always need the iron. Ironically, Fairfield Inn seems to be the most consistent chain in offering an iron of high quality in the room.

  18. I use the iron regularly. I do wish fewer of them would leak when you add water. When my wife travels, she is very grateful that hotel rooms always have hair dryers. I do remember the 1980s when you had to request these items from the front desk, which also worked.

  19. Hair dryer is very important. Iron, not so much. One thing nice to have, particularly in Europe, is the clothes line thing that pulls out and stretches over the bathtub.

  20. Hair dryer is extremely important. Rarely use an iron though. I have found, especially traveling in the EU, that the hair dryers are so bad that they overheat and shut down numerous times before I get my hair dry (and I have short fine hair) so I recently purchased a dual voltage compact hair dryer and have started packing this when traveling outside of the United States.

  21. Neither hair dryers or irons are very important to me. On rare occasion I will use the Iron especially if I am going to a special event. My wife does use the hari dryer though. I stay at higher end hotels and have not had any issues with either items being in good working order.

  22. We always travel with a very small hair dryer, but of late all hotels seem to provide them. An iron comes in handy from time to time. All hotels should provide coffee/tea maker,tea and coffee, plug/adaptors,newspaper, free WiFi access,shampoo,soap,sewing kit,shower cap, wash cloths, and an old-fashioned hot water bottle! If not in the room, these items should be available at reception upon request. Yes, I also like small refrigerators (but not frigobars. A hotel should be a “home away from home,” or the next best thing, I say!

  23. I expect an iron, I ironed my shirt at the Marroitt, before, I checked out this morning.-posted from the C Skyclub at ATL

  24. Never hair dryer. Only use the iron, on funeral/wedding trips. Otherwise don’t travel with clothes needing ironing.

  25. I occassionally use the iron and like when it’s there, but have no use for the hair dryer, personally

  26. Since I only do carryon, I need a hairdryer in the room. I try to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle so rarely use the iron.

  27. Back in the 80s, hair dryers were limited to high end hotels and seldom found anywhere else. You’d have to call the front desk to have one delivered, and then call again to have it picked up. Now even low end hotels all have them, thank goodness since that’s another few ounces less to pack and carry. As for irons (and ironing boards) these too used to be “call fors” and now are pretty standard in mid-to-upper end properties, which helps get the wrinkles out of those folder shirts and put a good crease on the slacks. Both are “must-keeeps” for hotels, partially at airport hotels.and

  28. I’ve used an iron maybe once in the last ten years in a hotel room. I’m bald, so I never use a hair dryer…..lol

  29. Both are an absolute must for me especially for business travel. I even consider hotels based on the quality of their hair dryers! Business women’s appearance is so much more critiqued than men’s, so every little thing helps. (Not fair, I agree, but reality.)

  30. Maybe use the iron two of the 145 nights I do on the road a year. The hair dryer never. Not important

  31. With my short hair, the hair dryer never gets used. I rarely need the iron, except for some dress shirts.

  32. Hair dryer rarely used. Clothes get wrinkled in the suitcase so I usually wait until I get to the hotel before ironing.

  33. Both are EXTREMELY important to me!! I have almost always found them to be in good condition. I really like JP’s idea of a clothesline that stretches over the bathtub… would be great for wet bathing suits and for being able to hand wash a few things, if necessary!

  34. I count on a hairdryer being there, especially in these days of carry-ons! I’ve used an iron a few times, but mostly just use the steamy shower trick (If I remember to bring a wire hanger to use in the bathroom!)

  35. I agree with previous posters who said quality pillows, fridge, quality toiletries, quality coffeemaker and coffee, free WiFi in the room are also all very important, in addition to a hair dryer, iron and ironing board! First, and foremost, are having a comfortable bed and clean room! I would add that having a bathroom counter/sink is very important! I hate pedestal sinks with no place to set things!

  36. An Iron is best left for someone else to use – my thought.

    but a dryer – helps me dry out the occasional wet sock/shoe –

    wet or dry and often wrinkled – I travel

  37. I could care less about the dryer (although my wife would disagree vehemently). However having a good working STEAM iron is essential for me as I typically am on business and need to press shirts and slacks.

  38. not alot of need for hairadryer or iron… i air dry my hair and have not ironed in ++35 years but an Ice Bucket is another story….

  39. Both, definitely, although I agree about the room the ironing board and iron take up in the closet. The LeMeridien in Barcelona also supplies a ladies flatiron. I was in heaven!

  40. I don’t think I’d miss an iron but I sure appreciate not having to pack an iron. The appliance I like most in a room is a refrigerator.

  41. no need for the hairdryer. Iron useful for dress shirts and slacks, especially on long trips where they may have been worn before or been moved around in the suitcase a bit. I’ve learned it is worth to pay $40-50/shirt or pair of slacks rather than $20 to get the wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant materials.

  42. I usually travel with my own collapsible hair dryer because I know it has the power to dry my hair. I almost never use an iron, but when I need one I know I can call down and get one. Sometimes the desk even has a more powerful hair dryer than the ones on the walls.

  43. It’s nice when they are there and you can actually see them! But I don’t expect to.

  44. I like to have both available in the room. I do bring a travel-size blow dryer in my carry-on bag.

  45. My hair, whatever is left of it, dries fine and quickly by itself so I never use the dryer. I do sometime use the iron and when I need it, I need it. It’s also easier to pack a travel dryer than an iron if you are someone who feels it’s important.

  46. Iron – an absolute must. I roll pack but still have to iron.

    Hair Dryer – haven’t used one my entire life.

  47. Rhymes with ESSENTIAL!

    I cannot carry 10 days worth of clean clothes for the training projects I am assigned.

  48. Needed because it allows you to travel with less worries (not running out of clothes because you can wash your dirty – no need to pack a hair dryer)

  49. Rarely use irons. Always use hair dryers. Plus, if I need a wrinkle fixed, I just throw a little water on it and use the hair dryer. 🙂

  50. We learned the same lesson, no need to bring your own anymore. If not in the room, just ask.

  51. Don’t use them at home, so I have no need for them when traveling either! 😉

  52. I use the irons every trip — must have, especially for my “wrinkle-free” shirts!

  53. I don’t care about the hair drier, but my wife does. And when I’m traveling on business, I do care about the iron.

  54. A good hair dryer with 1800 watts and definitely not attached to the wall can save me 5 to 10 minutes in the morning. It lets me have the professional look I need. I use an iron about half the time. I don’t want to have to ask the front desk to bring it to the room. It should be there always.

  55. Not important to me…just don’t use them.

    Being at a hotel is like camping for me…sometimes you have to rough it 🙂

  56. To me these items are very important. I certainly do not want to pack a hair dryer or iron in my suitcase. usually I find the hair dryer and Iron to be perfectly adequate if not the nicer versions that i’m use to at home. But still better than nothing and certainly better than bringing my own with me. No way!

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