Alert Seattle flyers: San Diego to Hawaii $415 & 14908MQMs at 2.8CPM weekday Delta Mileage Run

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san to hnl

delta-com san to hnl via sea

EDIT: I missed this part in the promo! “Only itineraries for which Seattle is the origin or the final destination will qualify for this promotion.

So looks like this will be a bust for the 2x promo. If you have booked you have 24hrs to cancel free btw! – Sorry for miss!

I am so jealous of you folks who CAN REGISTER for the 2x Seattle promo! If you do (or can) and then book this run you are talking insane numbers (HT to reader John on this one – please keep the email tips coming).

Again to be 100% clear, you must register, & connect via SEA to for max points. The price for a non-SEA registered flyer is not horrid at the stock points but no where near the deal. Here are the numbers:

Cost $415

14,908 MQMs at 2.8 CPM

7,454 MQMs at 5.6CPM

Bookable on

You do not get double elite bonus just base but you do get elite points so the Skymiles for this will be big not matter what your elite level is!

OK this is the ugliest and messiest post I have up on the Mileage Run board. SEA folks need to start in SEA. We can do it for near this same deal. Here are some options:

sea to hnl run

sea to hnl

OK this is a bit better. $475 is the best I am finding and thus we are at:

Cost $475

14,040 MQMs at 3.4CPM*

Bookable on

I will keep looking for even better ones for SEA readers. Sorry again for the miss in the first posting!

*EDIT: This is the post that should have never been me thinks! Ugg! As in the comments from “niels” it appears ONLY the leg FROM SEA will count on the 2x not the route. So, looks like we need to look at the DIRECT SEA-HNL routes only. There are those as well but eh CPM is going to go up even more i.e. 4.3cpm range!

final direct sea hnl

delta-com sea to hnl direct

As a tiny bit of “saving face” on this mess of a post, for a weekend out on Friday late, one day in Hawaii, then a redeye back home and time to recover on Sunday this is still a nice weekend run for SEA promo registered flyers (remind me to stay away from promo posts from now on please) – Rene 🙁


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  1. I’m not sure if you have it in your calculations, but for SEA double MQMs, only the actual leg from SEA (so SEA-LAX) gives you double MQM’s – the 2nd leg doesn’t count.

  2. @niels – grrr – I am starting to hate the SEA promo. So we need to look at the direct SEA-HNL legs only. This is the post I wish I had never posted. Txs!

  3. Yeah, they aren’t making it easy 😉 That said, I love SEA-AMS right now (e.g. as in I’m going anyway…). Regardless, thanks for all the tips, love your blog.

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