October 10, 2014


First let me congratulate Kelly who is #44. Kelly said: “I expect an iron, I ironed my shirt at the Marriott, before, I checked out this morning.-posted from the C Skyclub at ATL” Thanks for your input. I will contact you soon and get your prize on the way to you. Also thanks all for your input on just what you hope to see in a hotel room. I have to tell you I am seriously thinking about tossing in a travel dryer in my backpack. Will think on it. BTW please be sure to check back tomorrow for the new week’s SWAG as I am giving away a 24k GOLD BAR. Oh yeah! – René . . Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express® Click HERE for more info

This is a bit high on the historically very cheap MKE to west coast runs but I want to post anything I can find that is reasonable as they year draws to a close. Also note for 5.3CPM you can do a weekend run from IND or Indianapolis (ie Dec 6/7th). Here are the MKE numbers: Cost $284 5,682 MQMs at 5 CPM Bookable on DM yields an nice 12,784 Skymiles per!

While I am a bit “peeved” that Delta could not come clean with the facts that the updates to the 2016 program that were leaked were in fact correct and accurate what I am just overjoyed about are the changes. Now before you comment or tweet things like “you Delta sellout” or “how are you going to spin this” and so on hear me out why I am saying this and see if you don’t agree. I also get it can be hard to defend statements like I said yesterday “this is REALLY great news. I say that because it could have been MUCH worse” but here is why and how it could have been MUCH MUCH worse. They did not: Remove the chance to make Diamond by spending $25,000 on a Delta AMEX (plus MQMs/MQSs)! – This is a great perk. It is NOT hard to do for those…

Delta has a “Chairman’s Award” that recognizes the “Best of the Best” of Delta. The people that go beyond the job and show unparalleled dedication to the airline. They exemplify the Delta slogan “Keep Climbing”! Well, there are many choices made by Delta people each day that deserve another award. Maybe the “busted chair” award? Either way, the choices on this list are all worthy of the slogan “Keep Descending” that is, the lower the better! I am going to revisit this award from time to time as I have no problem calling Delta out when they do things busted chair worthy. Let’s take a look back at this year starting with the most recent “Keep Descending” moment! 1) The end of RTW (Round the World) Award tickets – One of the great values of Skymiles! I know many readers have had Adam book RTW tickets for them. It does…