SWAG Saturday: 24k GOLD BAR 999.9 fine up for grabs!

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I fly Delta a lot; last month REALLY a lot (40k in a month was maybe a bit much). I get very accustomed to the “routine” of flights. You know, welcome aboard, would you like a pre-flight drink, safety demo, what would you like for lunch, another drink?, before landing would you like an application for the Delta AMEX Gold card? Er, wait, that last bit, it’s GONE!!!

papper app for card (Small)

Yep it appears Delta has cut out the ability for FAs to hand out AMEX card applications, with their code on the app for us to fill out. How big a deal is this? I was shocked to learn many make thousands of dollars a year from these!

It did not surprise me to see this change as the AMEX rules have tightened up a ton recently. Plus, as a Diamond Medallion, I am part of a Delta focus group and this very topic has come up a bunch in the past. Personally, I did not mind it and I would rather have them do it at the end of a flight than the screaming ads on the IFE that you can NOT mute pre-flight.

Anyway on to this week’s SWAG Saturday. The rules, since I have to tell you, are HERE and do not change from week to week (well most weeks that is). By commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them! Next on to what I am giving away:

1 gram gold bar

Since we are talking all about GOLD and the Delta AMEX GOLD card why not give away a solid 24k GOLD bar. Yeah, it is a small one (only 1 gram) but it is 999.9 solid gold and, maybe worth even more, a bunch of Delta Points swag will be included as well.

All I need from you is a comment about FAs giving out Delta AMEX forms. Did it bother you? Did you know they made a nice chunk of change by doing so personally? Just some kind of feedback on the change or even if you noticed it was now gone! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. It doesn’t bother me, and I agree, I HATE the IFE that won’t turn off. Bleah. See you in Chicago!

  2. As long as it’s only once and not pushy, I don’t mind. They could just put the application in the seat pocket. What I hate is when airlines have flight attendants walk down the aisle hawking them.

  3. I’ve never been subjected to too bad a circumstance with the Skymiles cards.

  4. Adam Wenger Reply

    I never minded them offering the applications, especially if they were getting a little referral bonus from them!

  5. Kailash Nathan Reply

    I’ve never had forms pushed on me, but I do hate the IFE ads and I always attempt to turn off the screen or cover at boarding. I will watch the safety video though, because it’s awesome 🙂
    I knew they’d make money on those applications, and it wouldn’t surprise me that it could be about $1000 a month. They fly 20-30hrs a month, and encounter thousands of passengers.
    How much do you make per converted click? I would think a paper app would make them about $10-30?

  6. Giel de Nijs Reply

    I don’t mind them doing it as long as they don’t wake me up for it :). Didn’t realize the FAs made money off it. In that respect, sad to see it go, they deserve it.

  7. Yes, it bothered me, especially because their profiteering wasn’t clear and up-front.

  8. I knew FA’s made a decent amount of $$ from credit card signups, but I didn’t know it was in the THOUSANDS! Personally I am glad it is gone as it just seemed tacky, taking advantage of a captive audience. Always seemed like something you’d see on an LCC….

  9. I find it a little annoying when I hear the pitches but am amused at how creative and at times wrong they can be (the sign up bonus is enough to go anywhere in the world was one of my favorites).

  10. Delta is like just about every other airline with credit card apps. Southwest, United, Alaska, etc. I’ve seen them all offer cards. Annoying, but not more annoying than the ads that play incessantly on the IFE.

  11. mcdullhk88 Reply

    It doesn’t bother me. It’s rather amusing to see how many fellow travelers are tempted into signing up for a big bonus (in-flight) without planning AOR’s like we do. And FA’s giving referrals for compensation….. some of us go out of our way (i.e. congas, etc.) for refer-a-friend promos too!

  12. I don’t mind the sales pitch as long as the Delta FAs benefit personally from the transaction and it’s not solely to Delta’s benefit.

  13. As long as they weren’t pushy, which was only rarely the case in didn’t mind.

  14. Didn’t bother me at all. Some way or another, everyone has a hand in the pie.

  15. syed Adnan Reply

    I dont mind it one bit. If it gives them extra cash, its a good thing. They deserve it

  16. It is their job so I do not mind. I am always looking for more points anyway!

  17. Passing out these applications is “like Gold, Jerry…Gold!”

  18. I don’t mind the card push too much, as long as they keep it quick.

  19. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    I guess I’ve never really been so sure why they swing so low. i would think they would offer Platinum or Reserve at some point. Maybe not all flights but hey you don’t know if you don’t ask.

    I’m glad they don’t anymore because the number of solicitations and pandering especially now that BCRF is front-center is too much for me.

  20. It seems like quite a bit of unnecessary hassle to me. Fill out an application in pen and basically “mail” it in? The only type of people who will do that are the ones that don’t use credit cards because they are still quite satisfied with writing checks for every purchase. All airlines should get up to the 21st century and hand you an iPad where you can get your decision in seconds just like we do at home.

  21. It didn’t bother me as it seems like you get three offers like this in the mail each day.

  22. Never bothered me much, but it did seem like I was paying to get an advertising pitch.

  23. Doesn’t bother me. The IFE that I can’t turn off does though.

  24. kellen ori Reply

    Had no idea that they benefited but im not surprised. Guess im used to it.

  25. Never bothered me, as they were always professional and did not harass you at all if not interested.

  26. FA’s do not make enough $ for everything they have to put up with so if they can make a few extra bucks then I say go for it. No problem in my eyes.

  27. It didn’t bother me, but I had no idea they made money off if it. Seems a bit odd now…

  28. Never bothered me. No problem with FAs getting referral bonus. Seems to me it is just like any other place getting a referral bonus. Example, a BA blog ;-)!

  29. I don’t mind as long as it is not pushy and the sales pitch is quick.

  30. Annoyance factor depended on WHEN in flight (especially on early am flights) and how long and/or pushy the pitch was. Knew the FAs made a bonus on them…had no idea how much.

  31. I thought that the flight attendants recommending the AMEX and handing out applications was actually less intrusive than the ads as well.

  32. I don’t mind, especially if the FA can make some money off of it.

  33. Serenity Burzawa Reply

    I vaguely remember. ….Most of the time I am trying to get my kids situated. I never made since for me at the time.

  34. I don’t mind at all. The IFE ads during takeoff have gotten much shorter in duration too.

  35. Doesn’t bother me in the least. Much less irritating than dozens of other things going on.

  36. I had no problem with them handing them out. And good for them for making some extra Cash! Maybe I can hand some out as a side job?

  37. Alex Fleming Reply

    yeah it did bother me. Advertising creep gets to me sometimes and I hate signing up for a cc before doing all my research.

  38. Glad it’s gone. Frankly i found it annoying and I swear they cranked the volume on PA for the credit card pitch!

  39. it doesn’t bother me. I think it is a great card and more Delta customers should enjoy the perks

  40. It doesn’t bother me much unless it’s in the middle of the flight. I say get it done early or late. I also like when they do special bonus sign up coupons for credit cards.

  41. Didn’t bother me. I didn’t know the FA were compensated for it

  42. Kent Morrow Reply

    It did not bother me though I was surprised. The most frustrating part as a newbie is things seem to be changing faster that I can learn them.

  43. It does bother me that they hand them out and I had no idea they had an incentive either to do so!
    I don’t like solicitors in general.

  44. Almost every very store you go into now is doing it. I was standing in line at Sam’s Club and they were pushing their card. Its harmless.

  45. No bother to me but I already have the Plat and Reserver card


  46. Tacky – and now that I know they were earning $$$ from it – SUPER TACKY.

  47. It wasn’t a big deal. Sort of cheesy but I’m sure a few pax were interested after just paying for baggage at check in. Some FAs occasionally went off script and made it sound a little better than it actually was.

  48. I never feel pressured or pestered and even like the chance to reward an exceptional FA.

  49. I didn’t notice it was gone, but it sure was never annoying like USAir which drove me nuts. Sorry they lost that extra income though. That’s vacation and Christmas money for some people….

  50. it didn’t bother me but I had no idea they made money off of it. I would have helped promote it more for them so they could make a little extra.

  51. Sad to see it go, as it contributes to the industry-wide “tightening of the belt” on perks, rewards, etc. It’s getting harder to fly first for free. It’ll be akin to when Saturday mail stops; you’ll only care the one time you actually needed something on the weekend.

  52. Don in ATL Reply

    It did not bother me. But now that they do not do it any more, makes me wonder whether the DL AMEX relationship is fraying some more. I mean earlier this year DL blindsided AMEX with the discontinuance of the +1 at the SkyClub. I wonder if this portends the further separation of DL and AMEX. What’s next? ….. the 25K spend exemption for MQD’s? God, I hope not!

  53. I didn’t mind it so much as when FA’s would try and oversell it and make false claims of what perks were had.

  54. it doesn’t bother me any more than the people hawking them in the airports.

  55. As long as they weren’t being pushy about it, which they never were, I never minded the sell. I assumed they were getting some kind of compensation if someone signed up. And no, I didn’t notice they stopped bringing it up.

  56. actually, I hate all the credit card stuff, the announcements on the flights, the applications on the flight, the people in the airports — I have the credit cards of many airlines already, plus there are usually better signup offers online.

  57. Didn’t bother me sometimes the sign up offer was increased when you get an application in the plane. I remember i got a us air card with an in flight increased offer. It’s not a surprise the flight attendants got a bonus.

  58. I think of the annoyance level similar to them walking up and down the aisles. Now, they have those airport stalls selling these.

  59. I found some fa’s could do it without being annoying, others would talk for 5 minutes and it got really old in in a hurry. I know it was some extra income for them, but I didn’t care for it when it was overly long winded.

  60. it did not bother me not did I notice it was gone until I read your blog post. I am all for the FA’s make a little bit more money. I don’t believe they are paid very well to boot.

  61. TexasYankee Reply

    I found it very annoying as it just added 5 mins to the noise over the PA when you may be attempting to sleep early on in the flight. BUT it was not as bad a the Anderson video “I sit in his chair every day …” ugh.

  62. Deltagoldlass Reply

    I am happy when FAs can earn more and well deserved money. So, mentioning an AMEX sign-up is innocuous. I DO mind Delta’s seemingly mandatory AMEX card membership and the advantages it provides and the ” punishment” to those who do not have an AMEX card. EEEK! I’m advertising it right here by replying. DRAT!

  63. I have become pretty much immune to advertising as its everywhere. Consequently, it doesn’t bother me as I tune it out.

  64. Melissa T. Reply

    no it did not bother me, I just ignored it. FAs are probably happy they don’t have to push them though!

  65. Never bothered me, just ignored the pitches while flying. And too bad they are losing the referral bonus.

  66. I don’t mind. What I don’t like is when the offer in the air is not as good as the offer available online.

  67. it never bothered me, it’s actually good that FAs could make some money out of it.

  68. Curtis Callaway Reply

    Posting from a Delta flight now! Applications during the flight don’t bother me near as much as the people shouting at you in the terminals! Those folks are annoying!

  69. It didn’t/doesn’t bother me at all. No one has ever been pushy about it with me. Thanks

  70. GetToThePoints Reply

    It did not bother me, if it helped benefit both parties and thus the mileage opportunities, great. It worries me what these recent changes between Delta and Amex might mean. It appears the relationship may be faltering.

  71. As long as it keeps them smiling I think it’s just fine for them to hand them out and allows a nice side revenue stream. Seems like delta doesn’t want any money flowing out and more control of the money flowing in these days!

  72. If the FAs consistently showed the same tenacity pushing customer service as they do the applications, I care a lot less than I do presently.

  73. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    It didn’t bother me. I didn’t realize, though, that some FAs made big bucks off the referral spiffs. Wow! The new miniature cards which they offer save paper, which is a good thing. However, I wonder whether too many people lose them before applying. Of course, since the new cards includes bar codes for smart phone apps, the new approach is probably more modern. Although I’m not a smart phone user, I understand the appeal.

  74. Never really bothered me. I just felt sorry for all the folks getting only 30k miles.

  75. Haven’t experienced this in a long time, so don’t miss it. Too bad the FAs can’t benefit from it any longer though. They deserved it.

  76. Cathy Mayfield Reply

    It didn’t bother me, but I have noticed that its one less annoyance in the time before deplaning. It seems that there is so much chaos in boarding and deplaning nowadays. Maybe its just the sheer numbers of passengers. I did not realize that FA’s were compensated and that it would be yet another blow to their income.

  77. Bob Bourge Reply

    I’m usually up front in seat 4b with noise canceling earbuds in from the time of boarding to landing…so I don’t mind the pitch. I have a Delta Reserve & a Business reserve (via links on your site so I’ll not bite on the Pitch however.

  78. It only bothered me when they did. It combine the announcement with other announcements interrupting the IFE yet again.

  79. I did notice they had stopped and was quite glad. Did 10 segments this past week and only 1 flight had them being offered. Sorry if their removal is going to cost FA’s some extra money.

  80. I found it very annoying – it made the FAs seem like door-to-door hustlers.

  81. It didn’t bother me except for the one or two times when the FA was overly aggressive in pushing it.

  82. The fa s never were a bother and if they made a lil extra good job since what use to be a glamorous job with glamorous fa (I miss that) is now sorta treated like the McDonald’s drive thru worker not quite that bad. I can’t stand amex pushy reps in Atlanta hartsfield airport so annoying. Thanks Rene for all you do. Love flying delta as a diamond.

  83. Never paid too much attention since already have Amex Plat, but was not bothered because FA’s were not overly pushy…did not know they earned commission.

  84. Good for FA’s, Amex & DL, bad for customer b/c the offer is usually on low end. Do they still do it? I think I’ve blocked it out totally.

  85. I don’t recall ever seeing the Amex sign-up forms being offered on a Delta flight… strange.

  86. It has never bothered me that they did it. I did not know FAs made money from them. It is terrible they are losing a source of additional income.

  87. Never bothered me and never saw anyone take one so thought it was not working for them.

  88. It never really bothered me and I always completely ignore the sales pitches anywhere.

  89. It never bothered me. I didn’t realize though that the FA’s were compensated. That doesn’t bother me either.

  90. I was not bothered by it , but they should tell you about the Platnimum card also

  91. I didn’t know FAs get an incentive. It doesn’t bother me that they make a short annoucement once on a flight, ‘short’ I said.

  92. Does not bother me and I usually have my Bose headphones on and don’t even notice.

  93. It does not bother me. A long “sales speech” by a flight attendant would bother me.

  94. I don’t mind them giving out applications but I do mind them pushing them.

  95. Randy White Reply

    I knew they are as much in the credit card business as the airline business. Doesn’t bother me at end of flight if the money they earn helps keep fares in check.

  96. I knew FAs received a nice payout on the applied and approved apps, never bothered me.

    The IFE is as annoying as the screeching of adds in a cab! Uber is so much more relaxing ….until AMEX invades the Uber, ooooops

  97. DVMonthego Reply

    It was only a minimal distraction. Didn’t realize FA’s got something.

  98. That was how I obtained my Delta Amex Gold, so I’m glad they did it! I did not know they earned a commission, and hate to see them lose it. Nobody likes a pay cut.

  99. Didn’t think about it until you mentioned it, and then realized I hadn’t heard the Amex pitch for a while. Don’t particularly miss it since I already had a Amex Gold I never paid a lot of attention to it. Never realized that the FA’s profited from it. Hmm, I’m not sure what I think about that… but I do wonder why they stopped it.

  100. Of course Delta was making money from it. Delta does not do anything unless they get a cut. In many ways it reminded me of paying to see a movie and then having the theater show commercials before the show (not trailers, but commercials). It never made me mad at the FAs, but it did lower my opinion of Delta. For more than twenty years, Delta was always my airline of choice, but for the last five it is almost any other airline due to Delta policies–especially points and available seats. The FAs are still good, but I just do not trust Delta anymore.

  101. Does not bother me at all. I’d rather the FAs get some reward than the booth in the airport with the guy yelling at people to come sign up for the credit card.

  102. I don’t mind the AMEX announcements, but I absolutely HATE the cries for donations to different charities! I have had the FA begging for money from the time the aircraft cleared the taxiway until we hit the gate and it makes me leave the aircraft in a foul mood.

  103. It’s a bit annoying, especially since you can’t mute…but hey, if they make a few bucks on it, I can’t blame them!

  104. I am happy it is gone! Similar to Duty Free it is another annoying message you could hardly understand on the PA. I wonder what skymiles perk will get cut to offset the revenue this brought in !

  105. I did not realize the FA’s profited from this and being on the front
    lines with all the Delta changes they no doubt get the brunt of everyone’ dissatisfaction with what management is doing so too bad for them. It never really bothered me all that much.

  106. I don’t mind flight attendants promoting the Delta Gold Credit card. However they won’t be selling one to me, since I already have it.

  107. Fas don’t bother me as much as the guys in the terminal that will accost you from 20 feet away to try to get you to apply for the cards

  108. I didn’t really mind the FAs making an announcement and going thru the cabin.

  109. cesar ocampo Reply

    It didn’t bother me. I was surprised to hear that FAs made money off of it…good for them. Though sad to hear that losing that revenue stream. I’m sure that will make it THAT much tougher to be a FA.

  110. The Delta FAs never bothered me too much with this. I thought US Airways was much worse, more invasive.

  111. Doesn’t bother me and I am curious as it seems some other readers are …How much do you make per converted click?

  112. I am glad that it is gone. They instead should have promoted the platinum card instead.

  113. Michael M MA Reply

    If voting I would say no to having these solicitations while flying. The airline needs to focus on customer satisfaction, not selling or hawking something.

  114. Didn’t bother me but won’t miss it. Sorry to see FAs lose income source.

  115. Didn’t mind the pitch but I am surprised that the FAs were making a commission. I am sure they are sorry to see that go away. Is AX playing tit-for-tat taking this from DL? Is it in retaliation for changing SkyClub access if one has the AX card?

  116. i didn’t like it. I don’t the like upsell. However I dislike the video sell that you can’t mute even more! Very annoying!

  117. It was only a minimally annoying. I did not know the FA’s made anything from it.

  118. I did not appreciate it. I felt it was demeaning to the FA’s. Even if they did make $ from it. It was also annoying.

  119. I didn’t know that they made anything off the AmEx apps. It has never particularly bothered me, but has seemed silly when some FAs have pushed it but not been able to answer much beyond the most basic questions.

  120. i had no idea the FAs got anything out of this, but it never bothered me. The folks pushing them in the concourse are often annoying though.

  121. Wouldn’t bother me… on another note, excited to see you and other BA bloggers in Chicago next week!

  122. I don’t mind when flight attendants give out the forms, I think it is to the benefit of a traveler. Some passengers would not even know about Delta Amex if not for them. I didn’t know FA were making money on the applications, but it makes sense to me. They work hard and totally deserve that extra income. I’m sad for them to see this benefit discontinued

  123. It never bothered me at all. If the FAs made something off it, good for them.

  124. I think it was fine for the FA’s to hand them out. I already have my Delta cards.
    However, let’s have a conversation about those obnoxious rep’s in the airport concourses pushing AMEX cards. I wish AMEX would stop that.

  125. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I didn’t pay for a flight to have to listen to advertising commercials. And…it’s also irritating to be accosted in Detroit (just before the moving walkway, so it’s hard to avoid) to sign up so “You don’t have to pay for baggage”.

  126. Didn’t know the FA’s were compensated, but no skin off my nose…makes sense that they were…and didn’t really notice it had disappeared.

  127. Didn’t bother me too much except for the fact that it was yet another voice over loudspeaker interrupting sleep.

  128. It didn’t bother me, pretty easy to tune out–the salespeople who stop you in the concourse while you’re trying to get to your connecting flight bother me more…

  129. Never bothered me at all. Surprised to hear they could make a lot of money.

  130. I hate all forms of advertising though I understand they help pay the bills. Sure didn’t realize an individual was making money on it though.

  131. I had no idea they made commission on CC applications. I thought it was something they had to do.

  132. Doesn’t bother me at all; that’s what my Bose headphones are for!

  133. Honestly, it did bother me a little but only because it seems the onslaught of CC adverts and applications is so pervasive and annoying. But, I don’t mind the FAs making a little extra cash, especially as they are about the least pushy about it.

  134. Becky Pearce Reply

    I think everyone should have a chance to “better” themselves in any way they can. I don’t have a problem with it. After all, that is what the USA ia all about….free enterprise!

  135. Never had a problem with it. I always thought it was rather futile though as most passengers probably already have the card . . . . .

  136. dotti cahill Reply

    I havae not seen it for quite a few weeks and flights….but the pop-up booths esp in atl are full of guys selling the amex card….

  137. I don’t like seeing FAs turning into hawkers for stuff, but as long as the airlines will use FAs as hawkers (and I expect they will), then I’m all for the FAs making a little extra money in the process.

  138. It is not very high on my complaint list for flying on Delta. but I will say knowing that we are a captive audience and have no choice, it is rather annoying.

  139. boshappyflyer Reply

    It really does not bother me. I fly a lot and I can’t say I’ve come across pushy promo of the credit cards (or frankly, often at all). As long as it’s once and not overly pushy, I would be totally fine with it.

  140. Never noticed till your post it never bothered me anyway as US
    Agony use to do it with there credit card!

  141. It was no big deal, I’m sorry FA’s got cut out of the action

  142. I support the ability of FAs making a few extra dollars. So it didn’t bother me.

  143. It never bothered me but I am surprised to lern that they make money from it….what will they try to sell me next?!?

  144. Mark Goodman Reply

    Most of the time had my headphones on did not here the announcement. No big deal. Let them keep on doing it. Make a little bit more cash. FA’s put up with a lot of crap.

  145. Now I understand why the credit card pitch was inconsistent. I IFE is quite annoying especially with good in ear earbuds.

  146. GoldboxATL Reply

    I always felt bad for the FAs having to do it. I know they got paid, but still. What i really HATE, is the AMEX pushers at ATL. Those sales reps are so pushy and prey on passengers.

  147. It never bothered me, but I also didn’t know that the FAs could make some money on it. Of course Scrooge McDelta would do away with that!

  148. It doesn’t bother me at all, but I didn’t know the backstory that you have informed us about! Interesting as always …!!!

  149. Surprised they were making money from it. haven’t heard that type of announcement for a long time. Thanks

  150. i was not aware the FAs were getting a kickback. It bothers me now and I am glad they have stopped. See u this weekend.

  151. I’ve never been offered and I don’t use the IFE; read or work the entire flight.

  152. I already have my Platinum Delta AmEx, so I basically ignore this — it doesn’t bother me one bit.

  153. Doesn’t really bother me that its gone, never got a hard sell on it anyway

  154. Didn’t know they’d make so much out of the referrals, but didn’t ever bother me much before

  155. I am pleasantly surprised the FAs got a commission. If we found the hawking annoying, imagine how they must be feeling pushing those apps. They were getting due compensation. In that respect I am sad it is gone.

  156. Didn’t bother me, with headset on & watching movie didn’t know they were doing it.

  157. madqueenlinda Reply

    Good for them that they get some extra money. I don’t mind if they suggest the card as long as safety matters come first.

  158. I don’t mind. Actually it is good for them to move around a bit. May even be an opportunity for passengers to get their attention.

  159. I didn’t mind it . But i didn’t know they earned money, might have viewed it differentl .

  160. Bobby Herrera Reply

    Never really had a problem with it. Its not like your going anywhere anyway….

  161. Never knew the FAs were making money off it. Honestly not sure how I feel about that. Feel bad that source of income is gone but also don’t think sales should be part of their job description. My biggest problem is that the more ads they force on us, the more we tune out everything and potentially miss important stuff. To many people already ignore the announcements.

  162. Doesn’t bother me, just doing their job really (as long as they are not being really pushy or rude)

  163. I don’t mind the announcements, it is the routine that bothers me. the script. I hate hearing the same things day in, day out. Every flight, words and spoken the same way. It becomes so routine and monotonous, I become numb to it. Half the time at takeoff I ask myself, “wait, did they even do the pre-flight safety?!?” I wish for each announcement (pre-flight safety, 10,000 elevation, captain with flight time and weather, nearing arrival, touchdown, etc.), Delta, and all airlines, for that matter, provide the crew with a bulleted list of talking points to cover, and let them use their own style to word it.

  164. It has never really bothered me, though my flights with IFE tend to be minimal.

  165. HM… Didn’t notice it was missing until you said something. Personally I did not care either way, just sad to hear that they are taking away a spiff from the FAs.

    Now that you mention it, they also used give you something if you ordered skymall inflight or soon after……

  166. FA’s passing out Amex Apps didn’t bother me since it was both a Delta mileage-earning product and they didn’t spend too much time talking about it in the aisles. I knew they got some kind of perk because there was an employee number written on some of them. I am more bothered by the sometimes lengthy explanation about it over the sound system.

  167. Steven Lemmon Reply

    I started doing more heavy-duty miles and points as a result of a flight attendant handing me a credit card app onboard a US air flight, so I am always listening for a deal. ( I also pay attention during the safety talk, locate nearest exits and read my safety card every flight!)

  168. I tune out those announcements and concentrate on my flights and alternate plans for any delays on connecting flights and enjoy my jack and coke. I never knew FAs got a kickback on this product endorsement.

  169. It never bothered me, but in a couple circumstances, I did have to tell some fellow travelers that for their situation as frequent fliers, they should get the platinum or reserve instead of the gold card. It’s kind of a shame that the FAs only had gold card apps.

  170. I don’t mind it at all. They usually just fly by without giving me a chance to answer, anyway, just like with the duty free.

  171. I am glad it is gone. I found the advertising annoying. I don’t mind an application in the seat, but I don’t want to be sold something on the flight, especially when I already have one.

  172. I didn’t mind at all! In face I thought it was a great way to make people more aware of the benifits of the card!

  173. I didn’t mind it and I did not even notice they stopped doing it. I was sort of programmed to “ignore” when they came by offering it.

  174. I’ve become immune to all the ads, however I do hate it when they try to sell you stuff on the IFE!

  175. never have seen a pushy app from F/As shame to see those hard working F/As lose that bit of income ife adds STINK thou

  176. Does not bother me.
    But when did they stop? They were offering them on a coulpe of flights I was on a little over a week ago.

  177. No bother whatsoever. t’s the kiosk people that I avoid all eye contact with (trade show technique).

  178. Any opportunity to reduce soliciations at home, online or on a plane is appreciated! As a 5th Tier Diamond, I hear the Delta AMEX Gold pitch far too often.

  179. I have no problem with the FA offering applications because most were very polite compare to those at the gates that we’re screaming out loud for you to sign up.

  180. I noticed that the FAs have stopped selling the cards. The IFE announcement is annoying as often I have already started watching something when it comes on. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the people selling amex cards in the airport are a lot less aggressive about it. I appreciate that.

  181. Never bothered me – they were usually respectful when I told them I was not interested.

  182. Michael J. Reply

    Didn’t really bother me, but doesn’t seem to show very good support for employees trying to make a living.

  183. I don’t really like the advertising. But given the choice I’d rather be asked if I want to sign up for a credit card than listen to an annoyingly loud commercial that I can’t mute.

  184. Didn’t bother me at all. Some way or another, everyone has a hand in the big money making machine.

  185. I prefer the announcements to be as short as possible so am glad this practice is ending.

  186. I am annoyed by all the commercials I have to endure on a Delta flight. They give more emphasis and volume to those than to the safety announcement.

  187. One announcement per flight when it doesn’t conflict with the IFE was fine. I didn’t know that the attendants personally made money from them but I don’t mind it either, rather have them get the money than it lining the pockets of some big wig down in Atlanta. The hawkers with counters down the concourse in ATL are more annoying!

  188. They didn’t make the rules. The mothership keeps nickel and diming everyone to death, so it is not the FA’s fault.

  189. Like you, I don’t mind the adverts as long as they aren’t intrusive, unfortunately they often are.

  190. It never bothered me. Let them hand it out if it makes them money.

  191. they don’t bother me. But I’m maxed out on Amex Skymiles cards. Maybe they’ll create a new card to entice me someday.

  192. I was not aware that they received a commission, but considering the hours and their pay, I am not against it. I have not flown Delta enough to encounter this, but I would prefer it at the end of a flight rather than the beginning. In agreement with others, the IFE is paltry on older, circa 2002 planes and the constant ads are a bit much.

    Besides, I already have a SkyMiles card and Amex is already asking me to upgrade from Platinum to Reserve, but I don’t fly enough to warrant it.

    Yes, the safety video is funny. I just wish they would upgrade the screens. My last flight the screens came from the the top and were so washed out it almost made the video look post-apocalyptic. I like the band master in the back ground turning around and the muppet legs during the life vest part.

  193. delta dave Reply

    It really didn’t bother me since they normally made the announcement towards the end if the flight. I would much rather list to a FA make their pitch then listening to the blaring IFE announcement.

  194. I must admit, the first few times, I felt like they had cornered me, but then I realized it was a convenience for some. It no longer bothers me, and if they can make a little extra $, good for them!

  195. It never bothered me. I flew to LAS last week via MSP and they made the AMEX Gold Card announcement during the flight. Guess everyone hasn’t gotten the word yet.

  196. Didn’t bother me unless I was tired and already wanting to sleep. Then ANY announcement were bothersome.

  197. Never bothered me. Always deeply engrossed in a book as soon as I board.

  198. Thought it was tacky but not too overboard, did not know FA’s profited, won’t miss it.

  199. I mostly tuned out when the AMEX pitch came on unless the FA went on several minutes. It really isn’t any different than being accosted by one of the kiosk attendents in the terminal. Didn’t notice it was gone.

  200. Since the Delta AMEX gives 10% discount on in-flight purchases, it would be great if they would extend that discount to those who sign up for the card during the flight. What bothers me, is when they interrupt the entertainment system to tell us how much they appreciate our business. That goes for the pilots, too. Who really cares that we are 35K’ in the air passing over whereever. You just cut 5 minutes off the end of a movie I am watching. The nice thing about the new GoGo entertainment system is that announcements do not stop the stream.

  201. Never bothered me, I tune out most of the pre-flight gab anyway. Heard it a thousand times….

  202. It never bothered me, as the presentation never went overboard.

  203. It never bothered me. What does bother me is the people in the terminal at the Amex booth who harass you on your way to the gate. “Excuse me Ma’m do want a free checked bag?” umm it’s a bit late since everyone already went through security.

  204. BenTraveling Reply

    It’s never really bothered me when an FA offered a Delta Amex application. I have been annoyed on multiple occasions running the gauntlet at ATL to Amex hawkers that won’t let you walk by in peace.

  205. It always bothered me. Not sure why other than it interrupted my “routine” and it always seemed pushy to me. I was unaware the FA made money on it. I would bet they’re a bit sour on the removal then.

  206. As a cardholder, I did not really want to be asked again and again on every flight.

  207. United solicits their card at the airport via a kiosk to everyone.
    This is no different– except that they are smarter in offering it to a captured audience that already likes Delta.
    Not a problem if it is low key and they do not wake you up to do so.

    I appreciate your good blog! Thanks.

  208. Delta is not as bad as United or US Airways in how they sell and promote these on their flights.

  209. It always seems like they push the CCs right when I’m trying to take a little nap, so in this regard it’s obnoxious. Plus I know there are usually better offers available elsewhere.

  210. Handing out the application doesn’t bother me. But the PA system should not be abuses. Some FA’s go overboard.

  211. Jonathan Seow Reply

    I must admit I did not notice it, until you mentioned it. My experience is that the FAs have not been too pushy in all my previous Delta flights, so it was not an inconvenience in the first place.

  212. Chris Moss Reply

    I have never been asked to do that. Guess it is only on long hauls or certain markets. But I was surprised the FAs get a commission.

  213. I don’t need another card so I tune out. One less announcement doesn’t make me sad.

  214. The first time I thought it was interesting, but now I just tune it out.

  215. The Delta FA’s are much less annoying than the US Air ones about the card; as long as it’s not too annoying, that’s fine.

  216. Rene – I REALLY don’t like FAs acting as salespeople. The Delta AMEX handouts might be just the beginning. Where will it end? We are a captive audience when flying. Imagine the horror of enduring hours and hours of intermittent aggressive sales pitches BOS-LAX!!!

  217. claire cates Reply

    Never bothered me, I just ignore them. I didn’t know they got a bonus though, that was new to me.

  218. I don’t even remember getting these forms. I must not fly enough. But it would not bother me.

  219. I have headphones, so I usually ignore it. On my last flight, one of the FAs was talking about how he is the Amex Ambassador — step right up, I have the Amex apps here!

  220. Just got offaplane late last night and didn’t even realize that they weren’t doing the offering anymore.

  221. Can’t say I miss it at all except now there isn’t an interruption in the IFE.

  222. Mike Palmer Reply

    I always thought it to be very cheesy and am pleased the practice has been stopped.

  223. It was so routine i did not pay attention. Sorry for the FA if they receive some $$$$.

  224. It never bothered me nearly as much as FAs selling duty free. I just found it odd that FAs were slowly being asked to do more and more sales rather than attend to fliers.

  225. Randall Powers Reply

    No idea the FA’s got a bonus but good idea. I also didnt know they stopped. I like the idea of just leaving the applications in the seat back

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