Nassau to Hawaii 1st class $1378 & 16781MQMs at 8.2CPM vacation Delta Mileage Run

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nas to hnl

delta-com nas to hnl

sdf to nas delta-com

This is going to be both a deal post and an educational post. I say both because to do what I am suggesting here will take almost a full week. Sure it is nuts but you are reading a blog about flying for no other reason than collecting points so I think I have some room to play!

I often get hub captive requests about finding deals from their home city. No. Drive a bit and then position. This one, you are talking hotels, 1st class travel, and a week off. But, you can tweak this. You can use FlexPerks to get to NAS. You can use hotel points in NAS and HNL. You are talking, from the CVG area (yeah Louisville is in your area – it’s only 100 mile drive) as shown above, a grand total of over 20,000 MQMs for net 8.3CPM with most of the trip in 1st class. A DM could pull home over 40,000 Skymiles on top of the MQMs!

OK lecture over. Here is the 1st class deal that works to/from NAS-HNL

Cost $1,378 in 1st class

16,781 MQMs at 8.2 CPM

Bookable on

DM yields a HUGE 30,768 Skymiles per!

Lastly, this is looking at MAX and lowest CPM. You can also tweak this and do the nice long ATL-HNL-ATL full flat seats for the same price but less MQMs. Worth a look I would say.

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