Are you alert to all the TECH WARNINGS we are getting? Are you safe?

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delta-com password warning

Delta is reminding us about the need to keep our information, especially our Delta login, safe. To NOT use the same one over and over and over. I would even suggest you be very careful when you tweet or post any photos of your boarding pass or other such info on the web; a boarding pass bar-code has a scary amount of info in it sometimes.

tech warning from delta union

In a recent”Vectors”, the Delta pilots union Chairman’s Letter, Delta pilots were warned of the real dangers to their own hand held devices and this will become even more important as Delta moves more and more away from hard copy books, maps and charts. They need to pay attention. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to have a flight canceled because a pilot could not access their Delta tablet?

look at the permissions we are accepting with an app

But the same precautions go for us too. I don’t know if you ever look (you know you don’t) at just what permissions you are giving to free apps when you install them. They in turn can provide a scary amount of your info to advertisers or worse.

One thing that you should really look at, in addition to using your head to think before you click, is add an antivirus to your phone. While there are far fewer mobile viruses they are on the rise. That, and even an app checking software to help you weed out what could be maybe not so good to use. Oh, and please tell me you have either a VERY good lock code or swipe pattern for your device.

Considering how we all use our phones so much for travel nowadays I hope you will be careful and think about all these points! – René

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