SWAG Saturday: 99.95 pure PLATINUM BAR up for grabs this week!

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platinum bar

Last week I gave away a 1 gram solid GOLD bar. This week we step UP the elite chain and how about a 1 gram PLATINUM bar as a giveaway!

First, as always, the rules, are HERE and do not change from week to week (well most weeks that is). By commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them! Next on to what I am giving away.

amex plat big

Since we are talking about Platinum, how about we look at the non-Delta PLATINUM AMEX card. I hold this card and the rewards, especially year one, are huge! Take a look at this card:

The Platinum Card® from American Express

  • Earn 40,000 points after you spend $3,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months.
  • Up to a $200 Airline Fee Credit Annually.
  • To receive the statement credit, you need to select a qualifying airline.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees with purchases made on your Platinum Card.
  • Platinum Card Concierge is your personal resource to help secure a last minute restaurant reservation, or shop for a hard-to-find gift.
  • Terms & restrictions apply.


Personally, I simply buy Delta e-Gift cards before 31DEC each year and then after 1JAN each year as the $200 for Airline Fee Credit Annually is per year not per YOUR year you have the card. I also love the $100 credit for getting my Global Entry every 5 years and the free TSA Pre check that comes along with it. Oh, then I may have just mentioned it does get you into the Delta Skyclub as well as the amazing Centurion lounges.

So for a shot at winning this week’s solid 1 gram PLATINUM bar all I need from you is to tell me what your favorite perk with the AMEX Platinum card is? – René
Editorial Note: This content is not provided by American Express. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express.

Gold Delta SkyMiles®
Credit Card from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. It’s probably a tie between the global entry and the concierge service. Both have been invaluable when traveling overseas and when returning

  2. $200 airline credit is nice but I like the transfer partners the most.

  3. sean chang Reply

    always very happy to land at the few airports with a centurion lounge! can’t wait for the sfo one to open up!

  4. Probably the Centurion lounges, with the airline credit a close second.

  5. If you use all the perks, AMEX actually pays you to take the card.

  6. Fine hotels and resorts. Saved a ton of money at some really nice places.

  7. favorite platinum benefit is Fine Hotels with comp upgrades! Also BOGO int’l first and business airline tix

  8. No foreign transactions fees are great, so that’s number 1, I guess.

  9. Lounge access — both DL SkyClub and the Priority Pass options … make travel so much easier.

  10. The airline fee credit. That alone pays for almost half the card.

  11. it WAS the airline club entries, though this is much less attractive now that USAIR/AA clubs off of the list

  12. Alex (@NoviceFlyer) Reply

    The Centurion lounge access is wonderful, since I travel through DFW often. It pays for itself.

  13. Oddly enough, I LOVE their customer service. They always seem to have my back (well, I guess we pay for it!). The $200 airfare credit is VERY nice too, so I would have to put those two at a tie.

    Recently I was in Europe and couldn’t call a certain number because they didn’t accept international calls, and it occurred to me maybe AMEX would be able to help… The Platinum rep was able to route me as a domestic number and complete the call. Odd request, but more than happy to oblige and help. 🙂 Happy AMEX Platinum card holder.

  14. Ryan Fitzgerald Reply

    I love the concierge. Just last week they were able to get me unavailable dinner reservations & tickets to a sold out event in Vegas.

  15. nate in the haight Reply

    Hands down it’s the Fine Hotels and Resorts. I get great value all year with that program. Hard to beat free meals and some places along with room upgrades.

  16. 200 bucks……… 200 bucks………..Global Entry sure does help !

  17. After visiting the Centurion Lounge at LGA and indulging on burrata and an exceptionally well-crafted cocktail, there’s no doubt this is my favorite Platinum benefit.

  18. My favorite perk WAS the $200 annual airline reimbursement but I let this one go back so I could get in on the recent Platinum MQM/RDM bonus…

  19. Premium Global Assist Hotline!

    Can come in handy in a foreign country where they do not speak your language and you need critical help.

  20. Abhishek D Reply

    40,000 points after you spend $3,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months.

  21. lounge access is the reason I would be willing to pay the annual fee on a card like this. The other benefits are nice too for sure though.

  22. Lounge access, companion tickets, purchase protection, car rental insurance, SPG gold status, etc etc. Too much too name!

  23. Access to the Centurion lounges is the best feature! Not just because the lounges are awesome…but also because they aren’t as crowded as most other lounges!

  24. The $200 airline incidental reimbursement is great but I save more by having the spg gold status (too bad it’s not platinum status 😉

  25. Phylliss Lundquist Reply

    The $200 credit along with the lounge access at Delta and other lounds via Priority Pass

  26. Global Entry and then getting pre-check on almost every domestic airline!

  27. AMEX Centurion lounge access. Definitely one of the best lounges in the US.

  28. Vincent Wong Reply

    Best platinum perk is the centurion lounge and no limit as lite a charge card. #livethelife

  29. Definitely the warm glow of smugness when I can waltz into the delta lounge while my colleagues are stuck with the unwashed masses at the “sports bar” near the gate.

  30. Although I haven’t yet actually experienced either, I’m SO looking forward to both Global Entry and Centurion Lounge access on an upcoming MR to Hong Kong by way of Dallas from SFO!

  31. Love the concierge. So helpful with hard to get reservations. Lounge access is obviously huge too.

  32. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Best perk is that it’s all rolled into one card! But to choose my fav would have to say all the discounts: hertz, amex sync, ge credit airline credit. Basically the perk of such a valuable card paying for itself every year and sometimes then some.

  33. Definitely the lounge access. Even though it’s not that great. Hoping to try the Centurion lounge soon and maybe take advantage of Priority Pass Select at some point soon.

  34. I love the Centurion Lounge access and getting $200 credit in a calendar year is bad either!

  35. Since I have a lifetime club pass (thank you NWA), I go for the pre-check.

  36. Bryan Schmiedeler Reply

    Just stayed in the Centurion Lounge in LaGuardia; one of the nicest lounges I have seen. Well worth it!

  37. I do not presently hold a Delta Platinum AMEX card, I am only holding the Gold version. Maybe if I win the Platinum bar, I can upgrade? 🙂

  38. The lounge access, including the Priority Pass. Too bad it is only the Select version though.

  39. Glenn Mazur Reply

    How about my least favorite aspect of the AMEX Platinum. I had it for all of 1 day before canceling. What I had hoped for was the buy-one-get-one-free offer for business class tickets through AMEX Travel. I was told by AMEX card customer service that any business class ticket that appeared on the AMEX Travel site would have a qualifying fare class. But of course, like most AMEX offers, nothing was in writing on the website or could be emailed to me. (I’d learned that lesson before.)

    I was transferred to AMEX Travel and was told that generally that was true, but without a card yet, they couldn’t confirm a specific flight or fare class. So, I signed up for the card anyway which I received via FEDEX in one day. I called called AMEX Travel to book Delta tickets and was informed that only unrestricted fare tickets qualify for the business class BOGO offer. Of course, unrestricted fare Delta Business class is over double what you can find for discounted Delta Business class, unless you needed to leave the same day. In other words, this aspect of the AMEX Platinum (non-Delta) seemed like a scam to me. But AMEX was nice enough to cancel the card immediately. Moral of my story: demand in writing the promises made by card reps over the phone. Argue with their bosses if necessary.

  40. Bernard Levinson Reply

    Customer support for having the card: more careful attention and follow up.

  41. $200 airline credit — covers a good chunk of the annual fee.

  42. Ocotillo cahill Reply

    The lounge access & $200 credit make it valuable for our family.

  43. The RESPECT I get everywhere I use the card. Too bad mine comes up for renewal next month and I will not be keeping it.

  44. Delta SkyClub access in the event one doesn’t get the SkyClub card from Delta from flying. Ceturion is an added benefit.

  45. Definitely the $200 credit–and its renewal at the beginning of the calendar year rather than a full year after registration!

  46. All of them! Personally, I really like that they don’t have international transaction fees; it makes it easier to use overseas. 🙂

  47. I love that I can recoup the $450 annual fee with the $200 per year credit, that becomes $400 when used as you described above, and the $100 global entry fee credit… I am actually $50 net ahead! The free lounge access, no foreign transaction fees, concierge and other benefits are icing on the cake.

  48. I’ll have to go with the credit. Who knows, maybe Delta isn’t lying to us and those 40k points will be worth a lot more next year… but I doubt it.

  49. The lounge access it the reason why I am switching to this card for next year. I currently do not have it, but will in Feburary on my next round of churning cards.

  50. Claudia Davis Reply

    Easily the lounge access! I use it almost every time before a flight.

  51. Bobby Herrera Reply

    I think the $200 yearly credit is a huge benefit. But then again the $100 credit for Global Entry is also big. Tough to choose. Thankfully with this card you don’t need to!

  52. Richard C. Reply

    The $200 airline credit of course! And the perks with AMEX in general for special events.

  53. I’d have to say that the benefit I used the most when I had the card was the lounge access. I’m looking forward to having it again when I apply the Mercedes Benz version.

  54. Someday I’d like to check out a Centurion Club with one. 🙂

  55. No fx fees; I live and work abroad and do the hobby like a pro. Wouldn’t be doing it as much if I had to pay 2.5-3% each time.

  56. Delta Dave Reply

    I like the points after the spend requirement and the no foreign transaction fee.

  57. PlatPlatinum is very cool, and the customer service folks are the best. I had a problem with points earnings and talked to some very nice agents. Ended up with an extra 25k bonus because of some info being misrepresented. They covered for all of it!!

  58. $200 airline credit annually looks like their best perk overall.

  59. Chris Paluch Reply

    Definitely the $200 airline fee credit – use it all every year!

  60. It’d have to the lounge access and the global entry reimbursement.

  61. The 100k MR points I got when that was offered a couple of years ago. The math just worked on this whole deal…. (I did cancel right before the 2nd annual fee was due, though. I just don’t need two $450 cards.)

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