A Miami Mileage Run: The VIP lounge at MIA & positioning flight

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A Miami Mileage Run: The VIP lounge at MIA & positioning flight
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my mia mileage run map delta points blog

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When a 6486 MQM mile Miami to Phoenix Delta Mileage Run pops up for $208 all-in you have to see if you can make it happen. Now in my case, my dad is not far from Miami so that is just a bonus. Oh, and when a very fun (& all around nice guy) reader also lives in Miami you just must make this run work.

But the problem was I was going to be home one day after my 18,000 mile mega run to Sweden and back. Having just one day to get my “sea legs” back would be rough! But, the deal was too good to let go. Plus, I had a bunch of vouchers from my non-Delta AMEX card that I needed to burn!

After booking the run that would end up, after a few schedule changes, to be MIA-ATL-LAX-PHX-(ATL)-LGA-MIA I would have to figure out a way to get to MIA. No problem, FlexPerks points to the rescue again and a decent price out of SBN and burning Flexpoints I could EARN Delta points on my positioning flights (tip: always try to maximize all your points on a run).

I had to start very early out of South Bend because the run itself would start later that Wednesday afternoon and I had to get to Miami before my first flight out. Thanks to Delta being scarily on time I risked this. I had about a 3 hour window to finish my positioning flights before the run began. Speaking of this topic, a quick word of warning. I was going from one Delta ticket to another Delta ticket. Should I have had major issues, Delta would have been much more “happy” to fix things for me. If I was using another airline to position, things may not go as well. Just keep that in mind. If I were flying on say Avios points I would have flown in the day before to be safe.

mia delta gates and vip lounge

I had just no issues and my upgrade cleared and I enjoyed an uneventful nice ride down to MIA. Then, thanks to my non-Delta AMEX Platinum card I could spend some quality time in the VIP lounge (via Priority Pass that comes with the card)!

Entrance to the VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog

The entrance, that is not near the Delta H gates, is near J5 gate. After a bit of a hike to that concourse you can take a number of escalators up or an elevator.

checkin VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog

There was almost no line when I got there but it had gotten quite long when I departed. I simply showed my ID and Priority Pass card (and boarding pass) and was welcomed and told briefly about the club.

seating area VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog (1)

Seating was spacious and open. I had no problem finding a seat and the layout is basically a large “L” shape lounge.

seating area VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog (2)

There are two food serving areas with slightly more choices in the main area you see in the photo above this one.

food choices in the MIA VIP lounge delta points blog

I found the food, as seems to be the case with most non-airline lounges in the USA, to be just a little better. I truly wish the $kyGrub enhancements could have been more than they were. But enough on that topic.

business center VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog

There was a decent amount of space in the business center area for those who need to work (sorry for the blurry photo).

showers VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog

Showers for those who need to freshen up either pre or post flight. This really is to me an important touch for any lounge to offer.

nice view of jets VIP Lounge MIA airport delta points blog

And the view was nice from all round the lounge. For AVgeeks like me a nice glass of wine and being able to stare out at tails is both fun and relaxing!

Overall the VIP Lounge in MIA is a nice place to visit. How does it compare to the MIA Delta Skyclub and how did the run go? Stay tuned for more on that next!
– René
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  1. Wish I had seen this one. I live 18 miles from mia.

    There is an interesting one from mia to San where it is mia, lax, slc, San and reverse for the return at 498. I almost had to take that for a trip this week, but the meeting was changed.

  2. While I have my antiquated ways of looking for mileage runs, it seems that when I read your blog or others with a story on mileage runs, I get the picture that there is an easier way, or a notification system that you have set up that I have not figured out myself. I have tried FlyerTalk and I use ITA Matrix, but is there a one stop shop that you can provide me with that gives all mileage runs that start and end anywhere? I can position myself at anytime as I run my own business.

  3. @Scott – simply follow Delta mileage run on Twitter and you can put in your phone number and have it text to an alert as soon as I post.

  4. You imply that you flew direct from PHX-LGA. To my knowledge, this is not possible.

    Can you clarify?


  5. @flyer9dm – Whooops – when you fly as much as I do you miss stuff. I went PHX-ATL-LGA and just missed adding in that little segment. PHX-LGA would be kool right 😉

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