SWAG Saturday: Would you buy a kids bag? $50 Amazon e-Gift to buy whatever!

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The above video is really cute – that no one can argue. Realistic? Well, maybe not so much. Now what should have come out the other end was the thing with large black stripe some place. Oh, and maybe the zipper broken and a wheel busted or TSA tape all over the place. Or, it could just look like my bag does after many trips on Delta / Skyteam:

renes bag beat up by delta air lines delta points blog

Ah well, my dear Lisa is good at patching, sewing and fixing all of “life’s big mysteries” that happen to my bag in Delta’s care!

But on to this week’s SWAG Saturday topic. Since we are talking cute bags, what do you think about this one.

ladybug bag

Don’t care for large crawling bugs? OK everyone loves Panda bears right? I mean look how cute he is.

panda bear bag

Don’t like soft and cute bears? I get you how about space aliens – we all love those?

ailens bag

So we have lots of cute bags (it seems Delta made the bag for use in the video). My question to you, after you read to the rules found HERE and by commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them, is what kind of bag works best for you? BTW, a #TravelTip always pay with your Delta AMEX card because the extended warranty they offer is just amazing!

For a shot at a $50 Amazon gift card, do you like hard case or soft? Large or small? Spinner wheels or in-line skate type. What have you found is the very best bag to survive Delta travel? Tell us what works for you and via I will pick a winner next Friday! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I would live to get each one of my sons a hard sided spinner in their favorite character. I think they would have so much fun pulling them and walking through the airport.

  2. Nina deltagoldlass Reply

    I really like Heys 20″ non spinner
    Polycarbonate luggage
    It is accepted on international flts
    And holds enough for an international trip
    But WOW I live those suitcases you are showing!
    I have a tinker bell just sayin
    Cute is my BAG!

  3. love the panda bear! I always get softcase roller bags, and use a backpack as well. I prefer Briggs & Riley for all my bags, because of their lifetime warranty, and because the bags are so light and so well made.

  4. I have read and agree to rules.

    I prefer soft cases bc they weigh less.
    I like small/carry-on bags so that I am not lugging crap all over the world.
    I prefer regular wheels to spinner. Well, I love spinners, but they are not easy to replace so I went back to regular wheels.

    How to survive an airline? Don’t check ’em!!

  5. Hard, small cases with spinner cases seem to have a great shot at survival.

  6. Christina m Oddy Reply

    a hard case with spinner wheels seem to have the best shot at survival.

  7. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I like soft, large bags with spinner wheels. Good survivability…….depending on where I travel.

  8. Spinner wheels are a must. And smaller. Not one of those massive bags people are trying to cram into overhead!

  9. A typical backpack is the beat option. It is maleable enough to fit under the seats.

  10. I go lightweight with a soft bag that has spinner wheels and a collapsible handle.

  11. I prefer a soft lightweight bag with spinner wheels. The hard cases are cute but do they really fit under the seat?

  12. My go-to bag is an eBags Motherlode weekender junior backpack. Along with the travel tip to pay with the DL Amex, don’t forget the skymiles shopping portal… eBags often has huge mile per dollar bonuses!

  13. I have so many bags because I can’t decide what works best for me! But I usually take my soft side, spinner wheel case.

  14. I would use the $50 amazon e card to buy the cute panda bag. Panda stuff is so popular in Asia

  15. I have both a large and small Samonsite hard side with spinner wheels and both have held up extremely well.

  16. Whichever my son likes the best. If he’s excited about using his luggage it makes traveling with him so much easier

  17. I like most any that are cheap so I don’t feel bad when the airline ruins or loses them.

  18. I have a small soft bag with inline skate wheels that holds a ton of stuff and fits in the overhead so it’s the perfect bag. I don’t know the brand — it was something they gave us at work years ago. If I were looking for a new one, I’d consider the hard ones with spinner wheels. They seem to work well for others.

  19. I like a soft bag bc it’s versatile enough to overstuff when you need to.

  20. Briggs and riley expandable but carry on size. 600k miles on bag and looks like new and never had a problem…lifetime warranty. non spinner. highly recommended over all others.

  21. I’m a hypocrite. I like the hard shell bags for protection and predictability but almost always use a soft bag! I seldom check bags so soft are easier to deal with in overheads.

  22. I’d like anything that can put up with more than a few trips through the “mill”. I have started to consider them disposable in some ways.

  23. My backpack is a must when I fly, carries all my essentials and electronics. After that I’m not so picky, although I’m thinking of upgrading my soft-sided carry-on for something more durable….

  24. I have a soft, heavy canvas / leather bag from Orvis that is tough enough for everything that DL or anyone else has thrown at it. It has no wheels, but a stout shoulder strap gets it anywhere I need.

  25. I would go for the hard side spinner for my son…maybe space alien.

  26. I like the new, light polycarbonate hardshell for larger bags that I check but for a 20inch I like it with no spinner wheels. Also like Nylon and expandable.

  27. Least expensive bag with 4 spinner wheels. I do a lot of traveling (through Asia) and the bag(s) get heavily damaged. Easier to replace with an inexpensive bag than deal with Delta on a repair claim.

  28. Now that I have grandchildren, I can see the appeal of these character bags for them. However, I prefer my standard Samsonite black suitcase.

  29. I buy the least expensive sturdy soft sided spinner I can find. It doesn’t seem to matter whether my bag is expensive or cheap, it always gets marked up in flight so I’d rather have cheaper so I don’t feel so bad about it being defaced.

  30. I have used soft sided, in-line skate wheel drag behinds in the past. But I’m thinking of a hard sided, spinner wheel for my next bag.

  31. I have a soft light weight carry-on roller bag. I am intrigued though by a spinner – maybe next time!

  32. First of all, in reality this cute bag would have a bootprint on its face after that flight and black scuffs and streaks all over it.

    Second, DELTA = Do Not Expect Luggage To Arrive
    They tend to re-route counter checked luggage at their leisure.

    I have soft sided Samsonite currently and its beat to heck after flying weekly for last 4 months nut functionally it has held up very admirably.

    Airports almost gleefully abuse counter checked luggage. Anyone that spends money on non-carry on luggage is literally throwing money away if they really expect it to continue to look nice after a couple of flights. It’s like buying a mercedes benz coupe and then going off-roading in it.

  33. I bet the panda bag would be a hit traveling in china on a free ticket

  34. We like Briggs and Stratton. high quality luggage with lots of useful nicks and crannies for storage.

  35. My Delsy bag has survived years of torment at the hands of Delta. I’m one of the few that check my bag almost every time (I HATE carrying my bag around the airport) and while it has never been lost, it has suffered some torment. Luckily Delsy bags are made well and mine has lasted about 5 years of 50,000+ miles of flying/year.

  36. Whenever possible I travel with just a laptop backpack, no suitcase at all.

  37. 22″ expandable soft-side with inline wheels and a longer-than-average retractable handle.

  38. Prefer the garment bags with rollers that fit easily in overhead.

  39. Lightweight soft bag with wheels that I’ve had for years. That, along with a backpack that fits under the seat with all the “stuff” I need during the flight is all I need.

  40. I use several different brands of 20″ hard side 4-wheeled bags. Carry on only for me!!

  41. DVMonthego Reply

    Swiss Gear, soft-side, in-line wheels, 20″ expandable. 200,000 miles with one only one new set of wheels.

  42. the tumi soft sided international carry on is small, light and comes in fun colors for kids. good warranty

  43. Small hard case with in-line spinner skate wheels. Love the alien hard case luggage you pictured. Totally going to get my kid one.

  44. Inlike the soft sided that is big enough for a 3-4 day trip but that I don’t have to jam in the overhead. And after having some back issues I’ve gone to spinner wheels and been very happy with it. I also have a small attachment to connect the kids car seats to for the family trips.

  45. dotti cahill Reply

    soft lightwt for me /spinner wheels… even my carryon put into the over head (Brics orange soft) has not survived stain less,, Once i put the bag up there and a tall guy(im shorter) said lady did u know there is a spilled cup of coffee up there??? yuck a mess .. other time i took the bag down got off the plane then looked at it –it was full of black greasy marks..What do people put up ther in the overhead bins(besides everything they own) >>??????

  46. I am a backpack guy. Lightweight, easy to pack, and holds a lot too!

  47. Pelican 1510. Absolutely the toughest carry on and checkable flight case you can get. I also have a 1610 which has to be checked. Both have seen more miles than I could ever put on regular bags. Downside is weight – they are heavy. The 1510 comes int 12# empty. the 1610 is a stunning 20# empty. But as a PM or DM weight is not an issue at 70# x3 bags domestic.

  48. soft, very lightweight and very quiet when rolling (Lucas brand). black bag trimmed with a golden yellow. stands out among all the solid black bags when retrieving.

  49. Soft pack with wheels and back pack straps- Victorinox is my goto favorite.

    And YES, id buy a fun fluffy kids bacpack to carry home with the goodies for the kids

  50. Not sure whether TravelPro Crew 7 counts as hard or soft, but I love it! Like the concepts of spinners, but that means less packing room for the same size case, which is especially important for European carry-on travel.

  51. Simple bags work best… FACT! I would love a nice Tumi but when I see my bag al beat up it just doesn’t seem worth it. What I have and is still my preference for a bag is small ish 21″ fabric two wheels.

  52. My favorite bag was a softside Tumi roller. It handle Delta with no problem. It was a trip to Sydney on Qantas that killed it (all 4 sides split open).

  53. Small, soft, and spinner have typically been the ones that i’ve bought in the past. Don’t see any reason to change.

  54. Michael J. Reply

    Prefer large, soft bag on spinners where parent’s and younger children’s clothes are all together (How many parents can attest that the child’s bag often ends-up being the parent’s second bag that they have to lug around after the child quickly gets tired of carrying or pulling it).

  55. If I can manage (for anything less than probably a week haha) I use just my laptop backpack from Wagner.

  56. only use a carry on soft bag with detachable knapsack, spinner wheels, & retractable handle.

  57. christine pincince Reply

    soft with spinner wheels and next i will get one a little thiner so it doesnt bump seats all the way to my seat in the low rent district

  58. Light, soft side and spinner wheels for me. I have a few sizes from TJ Maxx

  59. I used to go through a piece of luggage once a year, until I decided to invest in decent durable luggage. I have both soft and hard cased TUMI Luggage. Some pieces are going on their 10th year!

  60. Pretty much anything strong and lightweight. High quality zippers are a big plus.

  61. Bernard Levinson Reply

    Agree to rules.
    Have Victorinox (Swiss Army) space age light weight hard shell with spinner wheels; works great; easy to navigate with just one hand.

  62. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Dunno how you’ve handled keeping the posts PG. Large hard case fixed wheel to check the family in one bag. Preference is a wheeled backpack with telescoping handle and LOTS of zippers and pockets!

  63. The Panda is so cute but would be filthy in no time…. I like soft expandable bags, and spinners are a must for my larger bags. I’ll use just about a laptop size bag as a carry on.

  64. I like sift sided spinners but inexoensive ones. For tgepersonal carryon a back pack serves me well.

  65. Jonathan G Reply

    A hard case with spinner wheels would be best for me I imagine (I’ve never traveled by airplane before). As for if one of those bags up above I would purchase, I’d have to go with no.

  66. Chris Paluch Reply

    I like soft case without spinner, always carry on size if i can help it!

  67. I like hard cases that are on the smaller size. And I love spinner wheels!

  68. Sue maraval Reply

    We had delsey hard side bags for a long time. We finally gave them up for samsonite hard side because they were so heavy. The nice thing about the delsey though is when they were man handled by delta baggage handlers the wheels and handles always survived but the bag itself got dented and cracked. Delta happily replaced the bags. Again and again. We ended up with a brand new set. Still travel with them on occasion. They’re great when you want to bring back wine or other breakables.

  69. I carry a Patagonia MLC Wheelie. I can do 3 nights in it, my briefcase fits over the handle, and most importantly, it fits in the overhead of a regional jet (take that CRJ and ERJ gate checkers with short layovers)!
    I’ve done 300 legs with it and while it looks it, it functions fine. When it doesn’t, I’ll take it to a Patagonia store and they’ll fix or replace it.

  70. We bought Uber-small wheelie carryons to make sure no over-zealous gate clerks can stop us! Packing light is an excuse to wear clothes a second time and make sure you are a neat eater!

  71. I have a Swiss Army Knife brand backpack that I put clothes in for casual trips. I check a bags for more formal wear if I need it.

  72. I like large hard case bags with wheels cause I don’t have to carry it around on my shoulders.

  73. I like soft small spinner wheel carry on type luggage. Makes it easier to volunteer when only travelling with carryons.

  74. A small, soft spinner for my carry-on is all I need. I mostly travel light anyway.

    Oh, and I have read and agreed to the Swag Saturday T&C.

  75. Small samsonite pull behind with spinner wheels- I pack light for 3-6 day european trips and this suits me very well. Carry on only.

  76. prefer hard case over fabric as it doesn’t rep, frill, etc., and tends to be easier when it comes time to remove stickers and leftover adhesive.

    Spinners, hardcase, and ultralight are the way to go. I tend to stick with TravelPro and Samsonite – known brands. Usually the 21″ units is good enough for me a week so long aas I am not doing field/plant work or traveling internationally. In later events I’ll use the 28″-er.

  77. I have been using large soft cases with in-line wheels; however, might switch to something else (hard case and/or spinner wheels?) the next time I need to buy one.

  78. have a costco hybrd soft/ hard case lov it has spinner whells but really perfer pull wheels

  79. I go for your generic soft sided wheeled carry on. No problems so far!

  80. We have soft sided bags and my wife has upgraded us to the spinner type (360 degree rotation). I have to admit they are nice, but I don’t know how long they are going to last…on one trip they got pretty beaten up.

    As for the question in the post title – my 7 year old son has a roller bag that looks like Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie. It must go on-board though as a carry-on…he wouldn’t check it for anything 🙂

  81. I’m definitely into the panda bag, because, well, it’s a panda. But a hardshell bag would probably be more useful overall.

  82. I prefer soft sided and inline wheels. Delta has damaged most bags and have found it doesn’t matter how much you spend, they find a way to damage the bag.

  83. phill gold Reply

    I would buy my kid a bag, but just because its cute. With the amount of games snacks, movies we pack into it its not like she can carry it anyway.


  84. mad queen linda Reply

    I’ll take whichevear one can also be used as an amusement ride while waiting for a connecting flight.

  85. Bobby Herrera Reply

    Lately i’ve been using a nice rolling duffel bag from REI. I’ve used both hard cases and soft cases. The duffel seems to be holding up better in travel then the others.

  86. A large, soft bag with spinner wheels always seems to work best. Need to upgrade my carry-on to a spinner, so much easier to get around with.

  87. I recently switched to hard-shell Tumi cases, with spinner wheels. I have three sizes. I got ’em in gray, so they don’t look like everybody else’s bags. I love ’em!

  88. Kent Morrow Reply

    I bought my small hard shell with swivel wheels from Walmart for less than $40. Second year of usage and still in great shape except for the strange markings when checked.

  89. Soft cases, duffel style, but with wheels and a handle. I can get SO much stuff in one of these. Oh and a nice Computer backpack with lots of pockets for carry on.

  90. The generic soft-wheeled bags are my go-to. I really dislike the look and weight of the hard bags.

  91. BenTraveling Reply

    I prefer an MEI Voyageur which is a soft bag that can fit in almost any planes overhead bin, and it converts to a backpack when necessary.

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