AGAIN! @Delta #KeepDescending “enhances” Skymiles NO NOTICE! 3 for 2 is GONE!

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With a HT to both FT and OMAAT what looked earlier today like a glitch is apparently not a bug but another #KeepDescending award worthy move by Delta in preparation for #DOS or the Destruction of Skymiles now only 65 days away (and counting).

At the Chicago Seminars I demonstrated what has been the rule for a very long time with Delta that you could do a stop over and an open jaw. For example, I showed that if you went:

125k dtw to ams

The price for the round trip would be 125,000 miles in low level business. You could then add on an open jaw say to Miami

50k one way dtw to mia

And when you then combine all of this into just one ticket you ended up with:

add the one way free

Yep the total price stayed at the 125,000 miles basically giving you a free one-way and with two of these types of tickets back to back you got 3 trips for the price of 2. This was one of the great values of Skymiles over many other frequent flyer programs. It seems no more as Skymiles2015 begins to take hold. Take a look at these SAME dates pulled up today on that I used above in my demonstration:

dtw ams rt biz today

dtw to mia

new delta award price

Yep as you can see we are now adding the open jaw on as another ticket rather than pricing as it has for years and years. Thanks again Delta for yet ANOTHER in a long line of unannounced devaluations and so  #KeepDescending worthy. I have been warning readers to be VERY afraid of what is next. Well part of next is now here!

I really think the 2015 Freddie awards in Atlanta this April will be such a good time for those who fly Delta! – René

EDIT: I am awaiting confirmation from DELTA CORP on this but as of late info is often provided as just wait and we will update and release more info soon. Well right now has WRONG info but either way I will update the post!


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. I had a HUGE feeling this was going to happen once they said you can get one way tickets…

    I was about 75% successful in using my extra one way tickets on an award. A lot of times had to just guess what I would want to do in the future and could not change cuz subPlatinum Kettle status just saying

    Rapid Rewards waaaaaaayyy better domestically

  2. @asdfasdfa – I have been preaching to Delta for a long time if they try to compete with Rapid Rewards they will loose. They have not listened. We will see.

  3. Hi Rene,
    Quick, change the word “loose” in your reply to asdfasdfa to “lose”. It’s a common grammatical mistake, and I know you’re smarter than that!

  4. @Janey – I am very dyslexic – all words look wrong to me – even when they are right I try to redo them wrong. makes me crazy. Txs 🙂

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