How to use cards to nearly 100% pay for a Delta Mileage Run!

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I often get the question about how I pay for my DeltaMileageRuns. The answer is really simple and anyone can do it. First, my go to card, is my US Bank Flexperks card (they also have a business Flexperks card and you can hold BOTH at once). It is shockingly simple and cheap (like max $94 cheap) to get 20,000 Flexperks points that will give me a MAX $400 airline ticket. The points are very simple to use from that point on. Take a look:


So, since I only get one $25 airline allowance per ticket, an $800 ticket would cost me MAX $213 out of pocket (plus my time to make the points). With this card, be SURE you FREEZE your ARS & IDA before you apply to increase your likelihood of approval (often takes a few days fyi).

The next one we all MUST have and is a sweet value is the Barclay’s Arrival+ card. It is again super simple to meet the minimum spend via MFG. spend (3k) and get 43,000 points worth $430 in travel rewards (plus you get $43 back if you spend those 43k points i.e. 4300 back). I have used Arrival+ points for a bunch of super cheap DeltaMileageRun tickets. Plus, there has been no problem buying AMEX gift cards with this card to MFG points this way too.

Last one is the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I will say I have used FULL POINTS a few times to buy tickets and as I talked about HERE I got full Delta MQDs and MQMs and RDMs for the flights. Some have suggested and reported that if mixing points and cash Delta is NOT awarding full points. I have not tested this ever but full points I can confirm again and again pays out points just fine.

So with these 3 tools that you should have in your wallet you can take a TON of very low cost mileage runs or at least pay for a somewhat expensive positioning flight to get to where you want to be to take that UBER cheap DeltaMileageRun! Questions? – René
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  1. @Young_Tho®ough – std is 20k with spend as it is now. oh and you can get it over and over and over again :-)!

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