A Miami Mileage Run: The run to Phoenix

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A Miami Mileage Run: The VIP lounge at MIA & positioning flight
A Miami Mileage Run: The run to Phoenix
A Miami Mileage Run: The Sheraton MIA & time in Miami
A Miami Mileage Run: The Delta Skyclub in MIA
A Miami Mileage Run: The totals & the flight home

gate area MIA to ATL delta points blog

After a really nice ride down to Miami, and a fun quick visit to the VIP Lounge it was time to head to the gate. Most of my upgrades had cleared pre-run including this quick ride up to Atlanta.

mia airport at takeoff delta points blog

It was a really nice day in the Miami area and I almost hated to leave. Especially when,

Miami from the air MIA delta points blog

The city looks oh so inviting as we climbed out on the way back north.

miami beach from air delta points blog

Then even more so when you see Miami beach including what looks like some really nice golf courses below me. I guess really big time #FirstWorldProblems when you are regretting not playing golf while riding in 1st class.

power onboard delta jet usb power and 110v delta poitns blog

I had really dropped the ball and not charged my big battery brick but since my seatmate was not using power I took both 110 slots and a USB one as well. Gotta love lots of power on a jet to keep ya going on a long all day/night DeltaMileageRun!

delta tails atlanta airport delta points blog

It was an equally nice day in Atlanta and I headed over to my gate where my upgrade cleared (it is good to be Diamond with Delta). I could look forward to a nice 777 ride out to LAX and a nice dinner as well.

steak dinner from atlanta to los angeles delta points blog

I have to say this run, as you will see, really highlights a bunch of meals Delta just does RIGHT and very well. I had the steak and mashed potatoes and it was of good quality (as it most times is). I just wish Delta could get rid of the SO ugly brown (and often not all that clean) trays. Look how much nicer this meal looks on just the linen covering the tray table! I get they are “needed” for speed but could not an FA place each item for you? Then use the tray when coming back? I know it would be more work but would this not take domestic 1st up a notch over the “dirty 1970’s faux-wood trays”? Maybe just my musings.

I had a tight connection in LAX before jumping on my short ride to PHX. Upgrade had cleared and it was a CRJ900 (or 700 don’t remember) and on boarding someone was in my single side seat. No problem I took the one on the other side but did think it was funny the guy did not even try to make eye contact with me knowing he was in my seat.

At this point in a run, i.e. landing in PHX in the middle of the night East coast time, I am always hungry for a bump and a free hotel room from Delta. They were over but not by much and it looked like it would go out even. Ratz! I ended up flying back to Atlanta before my next hop up to LaGuardia ( I sorta forgot about this leg in 1st post – oopseee).

delta skydeck atlanta early AM delta points blog

At this point in any run, fresh off a crispy red-eye, there is something very special about sitting on the Skydeck and drinking some OJ. The sounds of the airport and all the motion as the airport begins to wake up and come alive for a new day. As an AVgeek this is just an amazing way to sorta wake up and begin your day. Those who know what I am talking about get it – if you don’t – that is OK too! ;-

early morning takeoff from ATL delta points blog

Having logged some 20 flight hours I have to say, the thrill of looking down the runway and then putting on full power is just FUN! Oh to be sitting in 0A seat in a Delta jet – I am very jealous of the fine Delta folks who drive us around the skys!

very old ife system delta points blog

I was really happy about this next leg that I had forgotten about, but it was not because of the VERY old and dated VHS driven overhead monitors on this old bird but because of the cold breakfast option that was served.

cold plate breakfast delta points blog

I will say it again and again, Delta food is GOOD and this was perfect. Some meat and good cheese on a fresh roll and good quality fruit and OJ is just what I needed to get me going. This, over just a cereal choice is SO much better. Well done Delta and keep THIS kind of quality offer going and you will have more happy medallions on your jets!

landing at LaGuardia lga airport delta points blog

It has been a very long time since my last visit to LGA, and it is smaller than I remembered. Plus, the runway is a bit out into the water and it really felt like we were going to touch down IN the water. I am sure readers who do the LGA route often are used to this, but it was a little bit creepy to me until we landed on the extended runway.

A quick 10 minute walk and I was around from the end of one concourse to the other side concourse where my departing flight was on-time and just about ready to board.

AA hanger LaGuardia lga airport delta points blog

Speaking of on-time, other than my tight connection in LAX, all my flights worked perfect and like clockwork. From my positioning flight to MIA to each leg of the run, all were just great and just about on-time departures and arrivals. Delta has this part of flying down pat! A quick glance at an old looking AA hanger and I was on my way back to MIA.

lunch from LaGuardia to miami delta points blog

I know I am sounding like a broken record here, but once again the Delta food was just GOOD! Lunch was a nice hot sandwich. Fruit was fresh and nice. Cookie – good. All just good (well other than the ugly tray as you can see). If you are an AA flyer and want to skip their food (good choice btw) then you need to fly Delta domestic 1st for a while – it will impress you!

I landed, again, on time in MIA and was off for a day with my Dad and dinner with a dear reader who was going to take me for my first Cuban (sandwich) experience. That, and my review of the SPG Sheraton MIA is up next – René
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