Why has Delta given up on FlyerTalk? Company – Member interactions drops to almost zero!

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delta skymilesteam

Delta has a bunch of “faces” on FlyerTalk (FT) that is, official company representatives as well as a main catch all one to comment on the Delta frequent flyer board. Even though I really think BoardingArea is the best source, and most user friendly, for reader travel information, FT has been a great source to engage Delta flyers. This year, maybe not so much. Take a look at a sampling of activity by Delta over the past year (starting with the company handle above with just 2 comments since March).

delta corp guy

The user DLCorpGuy has all but vanished off FlyerTalk. I do know who this person is and that he has moved on to a new position but no one has taken over this handle and continued to interact with FT members. I think that is a shame.

delta dlcorpgal

Then we have DLCorpGal. This person is no longer with Delta but again, no one has been assigned to take over this user and the last comment was 8 months ago.

last post chris

Then we have the representative for the hard products i.e. the seats from Delta. It was great to be able to share input on products and features and what was possibly next in line. Not so much since March.

delta danny

The only one FTers seem to have some interaction still with is the phone APP rep. That is good as the APP still needs some work but that is for another post.

So what is my point of this post? Just that it is a shame Delta is not communicating more with the frequent flyer community at large.  I think most FTers  DO bring value to Delta and are worth engaging. Anyway, I just find this trend interesting and thought I would share! – René

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  1. Thanks, Rene. I was not aware of most of this. I use boarding area about 99% of the time and flyer talk 1%. Call me stupid, but I thought boarding area was a subdivision of FT — don’t know why I thought that, maybe because Randy’s name was associated with both. The fact that Randy (July 16, 2014 post) — doesn’t really use FT any more, speaks volumes. Is Randy still a principle in Boarding Area? Thanks.

  2. Simple. Combine this with the dollar based rewards plans going forward. They don’t care about mile earners just dollar spenders. 🙂

  3. You love Delta, and I kind of understand that because you are elite with them. However, from what I can tell, they treat regular people like me poorly. But then you talk about what a great airline they run, which I want to believe. However, the last Delta flight I took was last year and I ended up renting a car and driving five hours home because the pilot would not fly through the storm that I drove through. American and US have gotten me where it said on the ticket within half an hour of the time it said on the ticket several times in the past year. Having said that, I have a business class flight booked on Delta next February with Mom to England. It was cheap, or else I would have booked a reward flight with British Airways. Hopefully, Delta will do right and prove me wrong.

  4. They don’t think most of their customers are worth the time of day anymore. We are not valued customers anymore, get used to it, that’s the new Delta.

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