Discounts on GoGo Delta Wifi – #TravelTip – Buy before you fly for savings!

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gogo pass on delta-com

What you see above are the 3 choices you can get before you fly buying GoGo wifi passes on You can pick from:

$16.00 for a 24 hour pass
$49.95 for a monthly pass
$479.95 for a yearly pass

But are these the best choices & value. Well let’s look at the choices you have from Delta once you are up in the air i.e. you have not got a plan before you fly and just go to purchase from the jet.

gogo inflight

As you can see there are a great many addition choices, but some of the prices for the same usage that you could have got on the ground are higher. For example you are paying basically the same price for a 24 hour pass on the ground as a one flight pass in the air! Monthly price is the same but VERY strangely the yearly pass is 55 cents CHEAPER in the air than on the ground?!? But you do have a choice of just a 30 minute pass if that is what you need for $7.50 in the air that you don’t have on the ground from Delta. But…

gogoair-com deals

If you again, at buy before you fly you can get an hour pass for just $5.00. Also, you can, for the same price as at, get a 24 hour pass for $16.00. But is there an even better value? Yes there is.

gogo smartphone 24hrs

As I have talked about before, those of us with Android phones, can either via BlueTooth or via USB cable share our internet connection to our laptops. So, if we prepay before we fly and get a mobile $8.00 / 24 hour pass we can use it on our phones and if needed have both our phone and our laptop connect for Internet use. That is the best value of all the choices, but again it does require buying before you are up in the air.

It has been a while since GoGo has had some really good sale prices on monthly pass pricing so we can hope that something will pop up soon. If they do, I will be sure to update this post! – René


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  1. The issue has never been price for me. It’s been connectivity. Last few flights the load time on a simple site like CNN was so slow I almost blew my brains out. Gave up. Three flights in a row, same thing.

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