A Miami Mileage Run: The Delta Skyclub in MIA

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A Miami Mileage Run: The Delta Skyclub in MIA
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During my time between my positioning flights and the start of this run I went to the VIP Lounge via my Priority Pass that I got free with my non-Delta Platinum AMEX card (A card I am truly coming to love). It was a nice lounge with decent treats and good wines at no charge. Before my return home I made time to check out the Skyclub that is conveniently located near the Delta gates, just left after you proceed through security.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (1)

As you can see from the map, and the photo, the entrance is on the lower level while the club itself is on the top level.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (9)

You can get there either via the elevator or a long staircase. Also, when you get to the top, the entrance is a bit unique. How so?

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (2)

Most times you enter a Skyclub and your first contact point is the Skyclub folks. This one you more walk into the middle of the club (not really but there is space right of you and behind you). You could, not that I am suggesting this, just walk in and sit down and never see the reps.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (3)

To your left is check-in and the only point of contact with Skyclub folks. This is not a very large club as you will see.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (4)

Now on to the remodeled and updated Delta Skyclub. I was in the club a few years back after a cruise and the current look is like most other clubs we have come to know.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (6)

It was breakfast time so the as of August updated $kyGrub was presented.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (5)

I think I am not being too harsh on Delta for their choices of just what food “we” wanted during the test period. However, the breakfast choices are better. Not anywhere near Centurion Lounge better but as long as you are NOT paying extra for access, i.e. you are using your Delta AMEX card like the Reserve card or the non-Delta Platinum AMEX card then it is a good value. I would not pay $29 for this offer of breakfast.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (7)

There are showers in this small club and that is impressive and I think it was a must with the VIP lounge offering the same only a short walk from this club.

MIA Miami Skyclub Delta Points blog (8)

There is also a storage area basically right behind the elevators where you enter the lounge. I personally would not feel comfortable putting my stuff there and walking away from it since, as I mentioned, you could come in, get to this area, and walk out almost unseen by staff. It seems no one else wanted to use this storage space either.

The only thing I did not photo was the work area of cubicles at the far end of the club but they are there if you want to work. For me I like the long window sitting area with ample power plugs and a view of the tarmac. We AVgeeks never get sick of staring at airplane tails do we!

Up next my final numbers for the run. While I did not get bumped and add to my $1,800 in vouchers already for the month of September, the CPM, that is cost per mile, for this trip ended up very sweet! – René
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