Some updates to My EU (EC) 261/2004 claim with Delta & other Delta updates around the web.

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delta points poll results 3pm et 13nov14

I thought I would share some updates to my mornings post about my EU flight delay claim and my leaving it up to you readers as to if I should further pursue my claim with Delta about my delayed flights from Sweden. As you can see, as of 3PM ET today, 72% of you have voted you want me to press on. One of the best comments from a reader FirstInFlight said:

“Push the issue. The measurement is arrival not departure time. Delta is not training their people to follow the rules. Delta will not ensure that their people learn and follow the rules unless and until you force the issue.

Delta lives by the rule. If you arrive 2 hours and 59 minutes late you get nothing – and you are entitled to nothing. But delta can’t have it both ways. If you live by the rule you also die by the rules.

Giving 20,000 skymiles is irrelevant. Yes it is possible to assign a value to them – but Delta throws miles at any complaint. 20,000 miles has essentially zero value to Delta. A fair compromise would have been to offer a $500 Delta credit. Had they done that it would have had real value.

Push the issue. And then publicize the results. You are a blogger and are known to Delta. If they don’t treat you right imagine how they treat the average passenger.”

I could not have said it better myself. I have taken my issue up the food chain at Delta and have requested for the case to be looked at again and that I would in fact be happy with a voucher in lieu of a cash payment. I will be sure to post a follow up with the final results if there are any from Delta as a stand alone post or as part of the multi-part trip report on the way soon. I will say if Delta stands firm I will press this with the EU department in charge. I will not let this one go!

Next we have an update to StopverGate. I posted my thoughts a while back that this mistake had to be fixed because it was in effect a pricing issue and that can land an airline in trouble with the FEDS! Ben from One Mile at a Time was the first place I saw notice that Delta has updated the website with a warning about the tech issue. Sad they are not going to fix it but I guess a warning is better than nothing!

Also Delta is looking at new seats it would seem. Well at least a new look to old and new seats I should say. You can see photos at the thread at FlyerTalk I started or at my fellow blogger The Forward Cabins post on it (HT to him where I was first alerted to the change)! I am not sure what I think of the seats. I either think they look like a 70’s Ferrari and are UBER kool or I hate them. Just not sure which yet 🙂

Next Chris has some updates to the SFO airport. That on the heels of Gary’s report on the new Centurion Lounge SFO that has now opened up. Clearly this will be the GO TO spot over the Skyclub & $kyGrub as a choice to visit when at SFO. I will tell you, Delta had better step up their game as any of the AMEX lounges simply CRUSH the Skyclub in quality, food, drinks oh and they DO NOT upcharge you $29 to bring your +1’s in when you have the non-Delta AMEX Platinum card(link). #Winning!

Lastly there are some really sweet DeltaMileageRuns going on even with good prices from DELTA HUBS and you can EVEN work them as a weekend run. Be sure to take a peak! – René
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  1. So, were you able to keep your original connecting flight, or were you rebooked due to misconnection? Sounds like you were rebooked.

    I would reply, in writing via snail mail, and reference both the original booked flights and the re-routed flights, which would show the 5+ hours delay. With that, you are seeking a reconsideration of the case, and see what they respond with.

    If they continue to tell you to pound sand (Like United did), file the grievance with the Swedish air authorities. You can do so after Delta, working on behalf of KLM, has positively denied the cash reimbursement with the right circumstance presented, since you’ll need to include both your correspondence and Delta/KLM’s response.

  2. @ptahcha – Our our original flight left AMS before we boarded in GOT. Txs for input. I plan to push this, not just for me, but so readers can see how Delta acts in a situation like this! – Rene

  3. How much time do you have from travel date to file a claim? I had USair flight delayed over 10 hours in September for a FRA-CLT segment for which I never flied a claim

  4. Hello, I just submitted claim to AA and asked for the 600 euro compensation, will advise what is the outcome

  5. I used the Centurion lounge at SFO (as a DL flyer) during my layover last week. It’s nice to be able to walk airside between T1 and T2 now, but you still need to leave time to re-clear security at T3 and again when coming back to T1. It was pretty fast with PreCheck, though!

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