SWAG Saturday: $50 CASH, Tumi Kit, KLM Delft house, Delta Points Polo & more!

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Today is going to be a simple and quick SWAG Saturday and I hope a fun one for a shot to win $50 CASH, Tumi Kit, KLM Delft house, Delta Points Polo  & more!

The rules, real quick, are HERE and by commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them. The only other add-on rule this week, since the KLM Delft house has Gin inside it, is that you must prove you are over 21 to get it full of Gin. If you are under 21 you will get it empty (& I will enjoy the Gin 😉  )!

So on to this week’s question for a shot via to win the SWAG prize. This Monday the 17th will be the 3 year anniversary for the blog. I am not doing anything special that day as I am having fun giveaways all month! But, I would love to know what one tip or little bit of info you have learned and enjoyed from the blog over the past 3 years. If you want, you can mention how long you have been following the blog too. – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Delta Dave Reply

    I just became an avid follower late last year and have found the Rookie Essentials area to have been extremely resourceful in me learning how to navigate Delta’s ways of doing business.

  2. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I have been following the blog for almost 3 years and have learned lots about Delta. The best “tip” I have gotten from the blog is that Delta Skymiles are NOT worthless Skypesos as many believe……. you just have to learn the best ways to utilize them. Thanks for the great informative blog!

  3. Ryan Williams Reply

    to keep up with the delta skymiles updates have been huge

  4. I have been following the blog since its birth! Wow what a tough question Depending upon my issues or questions over time all areas of the blog have been needed and are in my opinion not an option when participating in the Sky miles program. What I find most vital if I must single out one item that would have to be Rene hands down!! He is on duty 24/7! He will be there for you if you have a question or need advise. He loves and cares and takes pristine care of his blog and it’s participants. He is vital to the Boarding Area Crew! I am privileged to have someone like Rene watching out for us. Rene reports all without pressure or bias. When he does take a stand it is vital we stand with him. We are nothing without the power of Rene’s group to make Delta make change when needed. We through Rene and his blog have the power to do that!!

  5. CycloneHog Reply

    Found your blog on boarding area and have enjoyed it for the last year. Enjoy your MR trips.

  6. Hi Rene! I absolutely love reading your blog, and you’re an inspiration in writing my blog – you’re actually one of the first blogs I followed on Boarding Area back when I was an avid Delta flyer! You’ve offered a lot of helpful tips, tricks and even a few link backs which I so appreciate! Thanks for all the generosity, and I look forward to reading more of DeltaPoints in every future post of yours. By the way – I’m eyeing that DeltaPoints polo. 😉

  7. Your advice has helped me book tricky award tickets with Delta. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Only have been following you for a few months (when I discovered BoardingArea!), but I really enjoy your Delta posts, since I am sort of hub-captive, and fly Delta the most.

    While Delta seems to have its shareholders in mind more now than its customers (understandable), it’s nice to see how the landscape changes through your posts!


  9. Mike Walsh Reply

    Hey – Been following for about the past year. I decided to go Delta for my airline of choice after reading a lot of your posts.. Went from nothing at the start of this year to Platinum ending the year with enough rollover to hit FO next year. Went with Skybonus also because of this blog.

  10. Coptermedic Reply

    I’m relatively new to the blog, but have found the Delta-specific content of particular value, as that is where my primary travel loyalty is invested.

  11. I’ve earned I can spend my way to Delta Status- now silver and going for the gold 🙂

  12. Been following you for about a year, I suppose. Enjoy the info, even though I usually fly United. Oh, and I won a contest of yours a couple of weeks ago, so that was real cool!

  13. Been following your blog since the beginning! As a hub-captive flyer, I’ve learned to be willing to position for flights … both MR and a few vacation trips where I found great deals out of another city and could position there using miles.

    Keep up the great work; we DL flyers truly appreciate all of your valuable tips, tricks, and information!

  14. I’ve been reading the blog for about the last year. I always struggled to find ways to use my Delta points, but some of your insights have allowed me to take amazing trips!

  15. Been reading for a while. Like getting the scoop on how delta keeps “rising” on its FFs. Still have an old luggage tag of yours 🙂

  16. Been here for two years and counting – always appreciate the mileage run stories.

  17. My favorite tip from your blog is how to earn and use Ultimate Rewards points. I’ve b following for two years.

  18. The way you describe “bumpertunities” and how to maximize them was a great high level but very important topic.

  19. I’m a new follower this month, saw a link to a super useful post and immediately started following you on twitter. Find myself clicking through to a lot of your links (way more than most people I follow). Good resources for travel hackers trying to fly for free.

  20. I only found the blog about 6 months ago, and love the help figuring out the new sky miles structure.

  21. To be honest, I’m not a Delta loyalist but I am an Alaska Air loyalist. And because they friends for the moment, I have been flying Delta a lot and just crediting all my miles to AS. I’m really liking your mileage run off-shoot and I’ve racked up a bunch of miles. Keep them coming Rene! And congrats on your blog. That’s a huge accomplishment. And to answer your question, I have only been following your blog for a year.

  22. I’ve been reading the blog about 2 years. I’ve always liked the tips on MR deals.

  23. the tip to be careful with online changes during IROPs was big.

  24. I believe I have been reading your blog for over 2 years now. I didn’t know you could apply for, and gets points for, the British Airways card twice! Thanks, Rene! Keep up the good work!

  25. Been following for a couple of years. Enjoy the technology tips.

  26. I have been following for a little over two years. I like to find out about the mileage run opportunities.

  27. I’ve been a reader for about a year and have always appreciated the mileage run updates. Thanks!

  28. I have been following for the last year and enjoy any tips on getting more miles.

  29. I liked the post about the excel spreadsheet Lisa made for you to keep track of all the different credit cards. i would say i’ve been reading your blog here and there, for a couple years. thanks.

  30. Abhishek D Reply

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been following your blog since 3/3/12 and look forward to more!

  31. I have been following your blog for almost three years.

    I just found out from you that you can reapply for the Club Carlson card more than once and get the points more than one. Club Carlson hotels, here I come!

  32. I have been reading for around 2 years, and I’ve picked up many valuable tips. But your methodology for piecing together low level award space despite delta.dumb is the crazy good one that sticks out for me!

  33. John DELTA Reply

    My biggest tip from you has been the use of FlexPerks Rewards Visa. I have been following your blog since March 2014! Thanks! See you in MSP!

  34. about a year and a half. enjoy MR stories, even though i haven’t done a MR – yet

  35. Congrats on 3 years. I’m an avid detla flyer and regular medallion. I really enjoy the blog!

  36. i learned the benefits of the delta reserve Amex and how to best score award flights. That got my husband to diamond for his year and gotta us first class award seats to Rome for our tenth anniversary!

    I’ve probably been reading for 1-2 years.

  37. I have been following your blog for about a year. A great source for anything Delta.

  38. I appreciated learning about how to leverage stopovers and of course the Delta mileage run updates.

  39. Came across your blog on boarding area awhile ago. Enjoy your take on delta.

  40. Kevin Clark Reply

    Stopovers! I never knew what those were or how to book them and simply a cost effective way to explore different cities / countries through basically 1 RT ticket! Excellent stuff Rene!

  41. Delta Essentials ✈
    I have been following your blog for over two years.
    I like being able to find info on Delta Essentials.

  42. Nishanth C. Reply

    Been reading for about two years. I love the Mileage run stories.

  43. Just discovered you this past summer……….wish I had found you earlier!

  44. I’ve been following for about 1.5 years and love it…favorite part has to be the mileage run reports!

  45. I’ve been reading about 2 years — I’ve taken advantage of several MR pointed out on Delta Points. I have another Gothenburg run in 3 weeks!

  46. As a Delta follower based in ATL, I’ve been reading your blog since the start. Congrats Rene

  47. I’ve been following the blog for a little over 1 year, since I started traveling for work. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this blog is how to use ITA Matrix (and how it doesnt always return the same prices 😉

    Rene, thanks for all your work! We appreciate all the information you share and look forward to many more years of your blog.

  48. I learned that it is actually possible to get delta award tickets!

    Thanks for the blog! I’ve been following for about 2 years now, and I appreciate your insights.. even if they are delta biased! 😉

  49. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Not sure but thinking it’s been about since before I returned to Atlanta. So smidgen over two years. Favorite tip was the Amazon payments cc transfers. Helped me out immensely. Congrats and thanks.

  50. I’ve learned a lot, and think the collective body of posts is a great resource (thank you!) but if I had to pick my favorite, practical tip that I’ve taken great advantage of it’s adding on a long stopover in my home city, then a 3rd leg to someplace else domestic on international awards! Easy, and free!

  51. I have been reading the blog over a year now and learn a lot from your tips on how to earn and use ultimate reward points.

  52. I’ve been reading your blog the last two years and like the credit card info and love the mileage runs it’s always good to dream of doing such things!

  53. I’ve learned so much! My favorite post was learning how to book low level award tickets.

  54. I found your blog 6 months ago through Twitter and enjoy your posts! Lots of great tips on how to maximize miles.

  55. Not so much a tip but your “Delta Essentials” have been helpful in learning the in’s and out’s of Delta.

  56. Found your blog about a year ago. Best thing I learned was mileage runs. Took one to Gothenburg, Sweden for a run last month.

  57. These promos (and you) are why I read your blog! So wish DL was a better program, the airline is so nice, and I’d get to read your blog more often! 🙂

  58. Among the many great tips, I learned about credit card churning and that you can keep your excellent credit rating while doing it. However, I have still yet to do it.

  59. Have been following since late last year. Enjoy the mileage run blog…even did the 1st class Santiago, DR run earlier this year!

  60. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now. My favorite is Rookie Wednesday I’ve learned a lot about the credit card game and understanding the Delta point system.

  61. I think your proliferation of Mileage Run info has been my favorite. Really got me into doing them and keeping my eyes open for a great run.

  62. I’ve been reading for about a year. I really enjoy the rookie info and mileage runs.

  63. John Spence Reply

    Really enjoyed your take on Delta usage ideas. Was able to score cheap Air France business tickets to Dubai last March because of your ideas. Thanks so much.

  64. For me following you SDC’s to chase the increasingly elusive space up front has been a big help. I hadn’t really know the art of using the hotline or the folks at the SkyClub to see what the load as like and bounce flights to get a better shot of sitting in front. Thanks for all the advice and info you put out!

  65. Just started to follow this blog recently. I mostly fly KLM, but they are very stingy with miles so I started crediting them to Delta. What helped me a lot are the tips on how to get upgrades. Only recently silver, I got 3 out of 4 flights upgraded to first. I’ll likely make gold with just a couple hundred miles to spare this year.

  66. I’ve been reading for a year or so. Live in a delta hub so I appreciate your tips!

  67. Just started following the blog 2 months ago, right when I started getting into the points game. The biggest tool I’ve taken away from this site is definitely how to use to ITA Matrix!

  68. Been following the blog for about a year now and like the mileage run posts! Helped me a lot!!

  69. Found you on boarding area? Been lucky won a couple of your contest already!

  70. I have been following you since almost the beginning.

    You have given us so many tips. Which credit card has which perks. About Delta changes such as what happens, or doesn’t to your miles when you die. About luggage, meals, upgrades, airport clubs….the list goes on and on.

    Thanks for an informative three years!

  71. I’ve been following since the start since I have a pile of Delta miles … I continue to keep an eye out for ways to get the best value from my miles.

  72. Still relatively new to the blog, and to the world of points and miles. Love the info on cards to get to spend my way (what I normally spend anyway) to elite statuses.

  73. Learned how delta pts can still be valuable even after the new revenue accruals and why I still need the sky pesos!

  74. I have used this blog to get ideas on how to use sky miles as well as try and understand the inner workings of Delta and how to maximize my flights.

  75. Couple years. Enjoy most of the coverage, but the tips on booking awards have been the most actionable intel. Keep up the great work Rene!

  76. Hi. I have been following for almost two years now. Your mileage run page is one of the reasons I have made it to Platinum the past two years. Thanks so much!!

  77. Knowing in advance what changes are coming. Even if those changes are all bad for travelers. And knowing which credit cards make the most sense (Barclay Arrival will be my card of choice since miles will be tough for me to accumulate).

    Happy Anniversary!

  78. I have been following Delta for over two years. I have referred several colleagues to rookie Wednesday for tips. My go to in case I miss a promotion. Thanks Rene for your commitment and Congrats on three years

  79. Happy Anniversary!!! Following over 2 years. Constantly informative. Especially enjoy the MR info. Thanks.

  80. I have been reading your blog for about 2 years. Everything is of interest and well presented. Like your Rookie Wednesday posts.

  81. I have been following you I think from the beginning, you were still Platinum at the time! I have learned so much and most appreciate the new MR blog. The up front seat is worth it all!

  82. I’ve been reading for less than a year. Appreciate tips on how to maximize schedule changes and information on SDC updates.

  83. CHASE HAS T OBE THE BEST NOW AFTER YOUR DELTA AMEX PLAT BUS RES but chase busn card is hard t oge t had 1 an 4 amex BUT still had TO GO THRU AL LTHE HOOPS

  84. Been following about two years. The Delta Amex advice has allowed me to move from GM to PM. I wish I could follow your lead with various cards, maybe someday (although I like reading about your tactics).

  85. Michael M MA Reply

    Member for a year or so. Like that I can now use award points in a more informed manner. Thanks for all the information.

  86. Michelle O Reply

    I discovered your blog shortly after I retired 2 years ago and read it every day, I have learned so much from you, but perhaps the most valuable thing was the Delta Reserve American Express card, that makes all the difference in upgrades.

  87. This is one of the first travel blogs I started reading, and unlike others, am still following. All the little details about how Delta works are great to know!

  88. Jeremy Kaplan Reply

    Been following your blog for just under a year. Your insight to how Delta decides the upgrade priority was very enlightening!

  89. Since I have been following your blog for about a year and a half, I have learned so much about how to search and book award travel, specifically to search segment by segment, and how to inexpensively position yourself to a starting gateway. I learned that you got the most bang for your miles by booking open jaw and wisely booking layovers to maximize those Skymiles.

  90. I’ve been following your blog for almost two years. Your information on MR’s has been very helpful as are your comments on which are the best credit cards to apply for.

  91. Best tip I keep forgetting and pushing to back of my mind after frustratingly searching for low level award space — search segment by segment.

  92. Have learned from the trip reports and your views of SkyMiles “enhancements.”

  93. Been following this blog for about 4 months now. Have learnt a lot here, especially how to best make use of the AmEx credit card spending strategy for elite qualifications..

  94. I’ve been following your blog for more than a year, at a minimum. I’ve particularly enjoyed your interviews with other bloggers. I’ve even started following a couple of them, points & pixie dust just being one example. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  95. Been reading since early 2012 — gotta be the advice on taking advantage of schedule change rules!

  96. Been reading for all three years – best tips are about how to get VDB.

  97. Casey Gillikin Reply

    Rookies tip Wednesday’s are the best. Never knew the Reserve card face you upgrade weight. Thanks!

  98. The best tip that I have learned about from you was about the value of the Delta Reserve card. I always had a Platinum card, but converted to a Reserve after reading your analysis. Thanks!

  99. I can’t even remember how long I have been following the blog, but it has been a while. The post that I keep coming back to is the one about who can get into the skyclubs.

  100. Delta Segment Flyer Reply

    Been following a couple years. Biggest tip was the use of the Reseve and Plantinum Cards that will net me 65k MQM’s this year allowing me to qualify on miles versus segments and allow me to take some free trips since not worried about getting credit for each segment.

  101. I have been a reader for less than a year now, and love the tidbits you share. I am a more informed consumer thanks to your blog and enjoy my flights on Delta all the more for it.

  102. Delta Reserve card instead of delta platinum card as 5k more spend gets you 5k more MQM’s and 15k redeemable miles now for just $255.00 MORE PLUSS LOUNGE ACCESS !!!

  103. It is so great to know your tour experience; especially in the Delta side.

  104. I just started following this year but have learned so much already I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Keep up the great work.

  105. I have been reading the blog for about a year. Love reading and learning. I am concerned about the AD placements, even in todays MM story I felt it was like reading an AD

  106. Living in Atlanta, I find your anything helpful tidbits you post about Delta to be extremely useful! Congrats on 3 years! 🙂

  107. I have learned so much about award travel over the past 2 years. I enjoy your blog.

  108. I have been following for about 6-8 months. I didn’t know Delta was a valuable airline, thanks for telling me how to travel with them.

  109. Best tip was the suggestion of getting an EIN so I could sign up for the Delta Business SkyMiles card so I am getting extra MQMs every year

  110. Reading & learning from the start. Best tip, the Delta Reserve card; allows continuing Diamond status.

  111. I have been following the blog for over 2 years. The most useful tip is the schedule change rule and how much flexibility it gives you.

  112. phill gold Reply

    I have been reading for well over 2 years, looks like I just missed the starting point. What I learned was how to jump in on the Delta Reserve card a while back. Ive been rockin it ever since.

  113. Booking award tickets by segment by different class. It allowed us to go to the UK on a business ticket for 100K in points vs. the 200K they were asking for just to fly in business from MKE to ATL. No way! Thanks for blogging! we <3 Delta Points in our home!

  114. I’ve been reading over 2 years — I’ve appreciated most the advice on how to find and book low-level award tickets.

  115. christine pincince Reply

    i have been a daily reader for over a year and have applied for many of the suggested cards and gotten myself confused and overwhelmed as i was too enthusiastic and really as a retired 69 yr old don’t really have play money so have decided to cancel all the extra and costly cards and just use the amex and stick with the only airline i ever considered for over 40 years delta and make life simple. i love your generous sharing of hard won knowledge and your including us in your finds. thank you very much..

  116. TexasYankee Reply

    I have followed DeltaPoints for easily 2.5 yrs and the best point was when you convinced me to get the Delta Reserve credit card for the MQMs that it offers which kicked me over into Diamond this year!

  117. I’ve been a follower for 2+ years and have found the most valuable information to be you credit card reviews and comparisons

  118. Didn’t even know what mileage runs were until a friend told me about your blog!

  119. When you reach platinum or diamond, no need to pick your choice benefits right away.

  120. I have been following your blog over a year now and found the rookie section to be the most helpful early on.

  121. Following for about a year. Favorite tips have been about getting DL employees to “bend the rules” for elite customers

  122. Best tip is do your research before calling delta, and if the answer is no, HUCB. I’ve been following the blog for around one year.

  123. My guess is I’ve been reading for around two years. One of my favorite tips is to pre-pay bills in order to meet minimum spends (as long as there is not added fee, of course)

  124. Thanks for such a great blog! Have been reading for about 1 year. I still consider myself a rookie so I’ve found the tips about how to search for mileage runs to be very useful!

  125. The best tip for me is looking at booking award tickets segment by segment and in different cabins. I can handle coach for an 90 minute flight if I save 100,000 miles!

  126. I’ve been following for over two years now…and I’ve tried to learn all of the acronyms…like YMMV and FO and BFU…which is my favorite, btw!

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  128. The tips on which credit cards to sign up for and other ways to get into skyclub lounges.

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