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Sunday Reader post: Kevin reflects on reaching million miler with Delta & MM gift choices

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I will end this year with about 800,000 MQMs with Delta. Not Skymiles (those are the ones we spend) but miles with Delta. Some are from AMEX card bonus deals but the rest are earned the hard way, that is, BIS or my “butt in seat” miles flying Delta and Skyteam jets. It takes a long time for most, often decades, to rack up 1 million miles. We have Michael’s reflections on crossing that point, but I thought it would be interesting to look at the real perks, including the MM gift choices, we get as a thank you from Delta. So, I asked Kevin to share his thoughts.


Rene, in the ongoing quest to maintain status with the Delta Medallion program over the past few years, I just hit the Million Miler level. I keep getting asked the same questions regarding how, why and what regarding the program.

I am a multi-year Diamond Medallion, Platinum a few years prior and also Platinum with the former Northwest, that of course rolled in to Delta. Even before I saw you, Rene, suggest the Delta American Express Reserve, I was a card holder. This isn’t a sales pitch for AmEx, but the Reserve card has been key to my Delta relationship in a couple of ways. First is that I use the card often and easily hit the bonus levels that reward you with MQMs at $30/60k. This provides a huge bump up on the way to Diamond and MM status. So I know I will have 30k MQMs from the card, on top of the unique (as far as I know) benefit from Delta known as Rollover Miles. So, for instance, this year I currently am at 205K ytd, of which 30K from Amex and 52K from Rollover, and assume I will end around 250K for 2014. It’s nice considering the hefty fee that it acts as a tie-breaker in priority for upgrade if you hold this card. As a Diamond and also as MM, I also get to see some differences in the availability of award space. This year I will hit actual flown miles to qualify for Diamond, but many miles are due to rollover and bonuses that people seem to pass off as an industry norm…. which they are not. Like all of your readers, I have looked at other programs and these features are better than what is out there in my view.

thanks from delta

When I hit the Million Miler level with Delta I was sent a welcome card congratulating me on reaching new heights or something similar that also mentioned a thank you gift. Shortly thereafter I received an email with a link to the redemption page, see image.

Other MM gift choices
Other MM gift choices

My personal choice was to replace my aging, 20 year old or more, Tumi carry on that was larger and heavier than the new options. Tumi stands behind their product and had repaired this bag for me as well as my larger though seldom used checkable bag. Tumi and Delta seem to be a good match since service level is key and the amenity kit for business/first has been Tumi branded for a couple of years now and is a big hit. About seven days later my brand new Tumi Alpha Continental bag arrived with a retail price tag of $645, as a thank you gift from Delta. This new bag is at least 1/3 less in weight unpacked and even packed still comes in lighter since it has a built in suit/shirt compartment. This allows me to leave the old folding bag at home rather than jam it inside the old carry on. Also, the new bag is slimmer, shorter in height and a bit more flexible than the old version, allowing a few more options to fit on the CRJ flights.

delta mm gift choices (1)

At around the same time I received new credentials from Delta with the 1M highlights on both bag tags, in the notably noisy aluminum, as well as the Diamond card. In addition, they sent a full Diamond kit again that included more job-well-done awards and free amenity coupons.

Other MM gift choices
Other MM gift choices

I often hear the comments from the in-flight crews at Delta thanking the Medallions and MM’s for their business. On a recent flight I noticed a list of passengers in the galley with a few names starred. I asked and was told it was to highlight the MM’s on the flight so they could make sure they received extra attention where possible. Nice to hear. Of course gate agents and in-flight crews vary, but most go out of their way to say thanks by name and by status. Again a nice touch.

One of the best perks and reasons I fly with Delta more than others is that when you reach Diamond or MM there seems to be another perk that goes unmentioned. There is a notification system that seems to work via Delta and the Delta App that updates you on flight status, schedule changes, check in, delays from weather and other issues. In my experience I have actually been updated prior to most all other passengers and even the gate agents at times. On top of that, if there is a cancellation my itinerary has likely been already re-booked and updated in the app, automatically. This is huge. No waiting in line with the other 100+ passengers or on hold waiting. More time to go enjoy the complimentary (Diamond perk) SkyClub membership while waiting on the next flight. Now, I asked a few people at Delta about this and they did confirm it is a great system that was developed and tested on the high level Medallions and is being rolled out company wide in the near future. Again, nice perk that will go to everyone in the Medallion program soon it sounds.

I have also heard of some MM special events, one took place at Daniel in NYC, known as an excellent dining experience, a couple weeks ago and was an exclusive event for MM members in the area, invite only. I just made MM, so I have not seen any invites yet, but do recall the simply amazing events Delta threw with the Reserve card for Medallions in Minneapolis years ago. These were dinner and cocktail parties with take way gifts from Delta, that included a wine stopper and cookbooks we still use. I hope these events return for Medallions and also for MM in the Minneapolis area soon.

So to sum up why I fly Delta and have for over 1 million miles: Service. This includes a team at Delta that seems to love working for Delta, Skyteam perks, service interruption, upgrades, free economy comfort, notifications, bonus miles, elevated personal handling, recognition of status, occasional Porsche ride, new free expensive luggage, better access to seats and flights, rollover, MQM bonus and more.

Thanks Kevin for your thoughts. It is very nice that that the MM gift choices are more than just trinkets and Delta does really treat million milers and those who are loyal to Delta well and appreciates you. I will, at some point over then next few years, reach that point too; I look forward to that day! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Don in ATL Reply

    Very nice. I’m impressed. Gives me incentive to keep on flying DL.

  2. I have been Delta 2MM for several years and will on my way to 4MM. I see that 6MM and 8Mm are coming in 2015, but I unless I travel to China or Australia once a month, I don’t think I’ll live long enough to reach these emeritus levels. Besides, at 6-8MM, you’d think folks would have a private jet and the miles wouldn’t matter.

    One of the 2MM perks is life-time GM status although as Rene pointed out recently, the verbiage has changed to “yearly” GM. 4MMs get PM and DM is not offered. I’m not sure what that the word change will mean, but as we know, “what the Delta giveth, the Delta taketh away.” I am hoping that when I retire and my business travel drops, I will still get benefits of early boarding (though I may get these as an “extra time to board pax), better seat choices at booking, etc. If that doesn’t happen, then I am not sure what the MM program really means.

    As a 2MM, I personally have not noticed anything different that regular DM with an AMEX Reserve card. Yeah, you get a choice of some gifts (Tumi, Tiffany, etc.) but I have enough clutter and prefer to choose things I want, not what they offer in Delta’s very limited catalog.

    Still, it confers a status that makes us feel wanted, and it costs Delta nothing to maintain.

  3. Passed 2 MM on a recent flight to SIN, nothing special mentioned by FA but we were traveling in J using the DM GU. We were on a MR itinerary SFO JFK NRT SIN NRT JFK SFO which added 25,318 MQM and 56,699 RDM. My wife is PM and has 1.3 MM. We have has a transfer at LAX once in a Porsche Cayenne on a tight connection when my wife was using a wheel chair and that was greatly appreciated. We did have a tight connection on return JFK LAX and without GE, PreChk, and running we would have never made it. When we got to the gate they gave us our new BP with UG to J, we were the last to board and the said they were waiting for us and take our time as we walked to board the plane. Am contemplating what gift to select but have plenty of time to do that, did note that when I signed in they noted that I had reached 2 MM and thanked me for my business. Have always been treated well by DM desk as I often have to call as I am not able to get fares on the multi city routes as I could in the past. Usually post these fares on FT in section Mileage Run Deals if anyone is interested. The name used in FT is csfing1. If anyone needs a MR this year, consider Nov 24-27 LAX JFK NRT SIN NRT JFK LAX. It will give you 25,096 MQM and the price was under $1050. I like DL but think I got more UG on NW but was pleasantly surprised 3 years ago on JFK TLV flight as we got to gate we were asked to wait and we were UG on outbound and inbound as it was near Thanksgiving a Y was filled. Have other family members who fly AA and get UG at lower cost trans Pac when they have finished their UG certs. Will stick with DL, have lifetime SC and have been DM since beginning but am not sure about next year. Was very happy to get GU this year as DM. Happy Travels to all! Please get your Flu shot! Cheers! Join some other FT MRers and spend your Thanksgiving finishing up SIN NRT JFK LAX. Should be a great group and great run if the price is right for you!

  4. Well that’s great Delta rewards MM now and gives them a nice choice
    I recieved a pouch for my passport oh boy!

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  6. I’ll hit 3M next year and have never heard of invite only dinners, never been offered a Porshe ride between gates, and generally see no difference in service for Diamond MIllion Milers vs ordinary Diamond Medalions.

    That said, Delta’s service is normally excellent for Platinums or Diamonds.

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