What days this year did Delta visit the blog the most? Just what do “they” care about?

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visits to Delta Points from Delta CORP computers

Data is fun. I love looking at numbers. I really love looking at my seat number going from say row 26 middle to row 1B, but that is not what this is all about. This is about, so far this year, the top 10 most visited dates that folks who are using Delta CORP computers have visited Delta Points blog (yeah I can track that too).

This list is in month order just to keep things simple and for the progression of what has been going on with the steady march to Skymiles2015 now just about a month away. Let’s dig in!

  • Feb 26, 2014 – Skymiles 2015 announcement day. Not shocking that this is one of the biggest visited days of the year. Our mothership was VERY interested in what all the bloggers were saying about the new program. The fact that they did not release the award chart made national news over and over again until they at last relented and let it go (we now look forward to 5 levels of awards in 2015 – #TIP – we redeem at low level 1 only)!
  • March 14, 2014 – As a Diamond my Skymiles 2015 survey arrives. I do what all good bloggers do and take screen shots of the Q&A each step of the way and then POST IT! Some very interesting questions from Delta, but I think they just about ignored all of the responses considering what we have seen since then. Really a shame.
  • April 29, 2014 – This was a popular day and I don’t think it was me talking about everyone being able to get the digital version of SKY magazine (but that is kinda neat I think). No, the next post about never hitting CHANGE was well looked and rightly so. I have had nothing but bad experiences using this “feature” of Delta.dumb and always call so my reservations don’t go VERY wrong.
  • June 16, 2014 – Would you believe “HOOUgate” was VERY well looked at? I know, HOOUs! I mean I think it is very sad that those who don’t drink, or medallions under 21, are not given the option to get a snack box or something like that. The often suggested option of giving it away to another flyer is just lovely. How about you stop “enhancing” the program and give us a snack option back in 2015?
  • Sept 9, 2014 – Readers really like reading about reviews of big mileage runs and it seems Delta does too. And why not when we can enjoy such great rewards for a little effort. Especially when redeeming RU & GU certs for the trip.
  • Sept 26, 2014 – My guess is (no I know) that Delta people spend most of their time in Skyclubs. So, a review of their arch rival (and partner) Alaska and how good their clubs are is worth checking out. Here is a tip Delta – their clubs are better. Better food and no $kunkyBeer!
  • Oct 10th, 2014 – You can see why this was THE most visited day all year. The first post talked about #KeepDescending and I am sure those who are the award winners at the mothership wanted to print the list to brag about how well they have done at cutting perks for medallions. The next post, my thoughts on higher MQDs. I like them, for me, as there will be even less elites next year competing for my upgrades. Then again maybe not so good for everyone else who can not meet the MQD exempt spend on a Delta AMEX!
  • Oct 21, 2014 – Once again Delta cares about other lounges like the VIP one in MIA. Oh yeah, as all other PVT lounges it seems (like the Club at ATL across from the F Skyclub), this one has better food, better drinks and all the other same perks of the Skyclubs. Delta folks should go visit it – it is nice.
  • Oct 29th, 2014 – Gosh October was a HOT month for visits. The end of Stopovers and the 3 for 2 awards got a bunch of traffic. Why not – these were some of the best values from Skymiles HANDS DOWN and they will end on 1JAN2015. Most folks have no idea just how much value was lost this day but Delta does!
  • Nov 20th, 2014 – You would not think that simply updating the GIDS display would warrant this much traffic from the home team but it did. I like the new graphics and they are simpler to read. Not that big a deal, but it was I guess to Delta.

So that is the top ten list for visits so far in 2014 by Delta. What can we take away from this list? They are concerned about the changes to Skymiles and what we think or at least they want to know what we think as they are making changes good for Delta not changes good for us. They also care about lounges and they should as the Skyclubs are nowhere near providing the level of perks the competition is and compared to the Centurion lounges the Skyclubs are Ryan Air-like in quality. Lastly they are interested in mileage runners. That is good as we will still be running in 2015 since the MQMs we earn will be just the same next year as this year! – René
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  1. I hope they read this today…

    The food in the SkyClub is horrid! The corn salsa is pathetic!

    I don’t drink on planes as I usually have to get in a car when I arrive at my destination. The hoou as is current is useless.

    And delta.dumb/App… Where do I start? My 12 y/o son is a better programmer.

    I fly for business and its more to me than just a plane ride. I just wish they’d see it that way.

  2. Delta’s contention that there will be more low level award seats available is bull! Husband is a platinum and I’ve looked for three different trips using award points – one required 60000 points/miles and two required 42500. The 60000 one had two stops all over the country just to get it down to 32500, including flying through Minneapolis in January. Seriously, delta, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. The SkyClubs have been going downhill. There was a little bump in the quality and quantity of stuff right after the big announcement of the new menu, but I believe they have slid all the way back to where they were before. In the mornings most Clubs don’t have the fruit salad or hard boiled eggs. In the afternoon, the chicken salad has been replaced with the corn salad. When I inquire, I get the answer that that don’t have all menu items every day OR that Clubs vary in what they put out. There should be standardization so members know what to expect when they go to Club depending on what time they are there. Haphazard and unpredictable should not be words to describe a SkyClub. But unfortunately these words fit well.

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