Delta is selling MQMs for 2014 – a MUST avoid! #KeepDescending worthy prices

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buy mqms 2015

As I have been talking warning you about for the past few weeks Delta is, as it did in 2013 as well as in 2012, again offering to sell you MQMs at prices that would make even a Vegas card shark blush! They even have the nerve to allow THIS spend to count toward your MQD number when all the other ancillary money you spend with Delta like bag fees etc. do not. Well played Delta!

buy-delta-airline-mqm 2012

I mean the first time Delta did this they attempted to market this with the “value” of buying the MQMs rather than flying to earn them with this comparison chart. Last year they gave up on that silly idea as the price jumped to ridiculous levels.

cost for dm to buy mqms

This year I, as a Delta Diamond Medallion, am offered 10,000 MQMs at an even MORE insane price of $2,095 (a modest 5% price spike over last year’s mind numbing number). Really Delta? KeepDescending worthy to say the very least (I am sure you could say much more – but don’t)!

gold medallion buy mqms

My wife, as a Gold Medallion, is graciously offered a discount price of just $1,225 vs. last year’s whopper price of $1495! Either number is beyond laughable.

rene new chip-sig amex delta card

As many readers have e-mailed me, for that kind of money, you can fly to Europe or Asia and enjoy memories and come out ahead as you will earn MQMs and a bunch Skymiles for the trip. But if you just consider the Personal Delta AMEX Reserve card or for the same offer the Business Delta AMEX Reserve card you can get 10,000 MQMs for the $450 fee with your first purchase with the card. You will also, in addition to the MQMs, get:

  • 10,000 Skymiles worth at least 1 cent each ($100 value)
  • Skyclub access for yourself for one full year of card membership
  • More upgrade chances (card is a tie breaker for same fare class)
  • More low level seats (card members sometimes get more access)

None of the above is provided to you if you jump on-board and buy Delta MQMs from Delta. So please, no matter what, DO NOT buy this offer. If you need to, look at a DeltaMileageRun to get the MQMs and enjoy a trip somewhere! – René
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  1. This is pure GREED. When they sell those MQM’s for $2095, that is PURE PROFIT. When someone takes a long trip actually flying on a 10,000 MQM itinerary costing $2095, Delta only makes a fraction of that in profit — what 10% — 15%? GREED, GREED, GREED. There is no other word for it.

  2. I have to disagree with you on this one, Rene. I’m a DL Platinum who is currently 15K short of gold status for 2015, due to changes in family economics and work travel patterns. I’ve yet to receive my “offer” for purchased MQMs, but having been thinking a lot about status for the last 60 days, let me offer a couple counterpoints.

    –Most of us heavy DL fliers already have either the personal or business Skymiles Amex. The bloggers push this as some sort of magic solution, but I’m convinced most of their readers already have these cards and have collected the one-time bonuses years ago.

    –I’ve analyzed your suggested mileage runs (and appreciate your hard work), and found most to be punishing itineraries requiring days on the road, with questionable upgrade prospects. That may work for professional bloggers or the self-employed, but most of them were not viable for the typical employed, married, parent lifestyle.

    –$2K is expensive, but it is not far off the total cost of a DL mileage run from my hub city base including positioning flights, hotels, etc. Turning the mileage run into a vacation, as you suggest, escalates the cost exponentially.

    I don’t know if I will bite on these offers, but for most DL flyers who do not live the bloggers lifestyle, the value proposition is not as bad as you say.

  3. @Kurt (or Adam as you commented before) – I am speechless. First off, you can get the BIZ bonus again and again as if you cancel and wait 365+ days you can get it again (the personal card is 1x lifetime now). Plus, all 3 biz cards are different products so you could if you hold one get the other say Platinum Delta and at least get some MQMs that way.

    As to the rest, I have a feeling readers are going to have LOTS to say so I will leave it to them to comment on your thoughts 😉

    PS – Even out of MSP there are day runs for MUCH better prices than the buy MQM offer!

  4. That’s totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous Delta!

  5. “There’s a sucker born every minute” – David Hannum

    It’s ridiculously overpriced. Yet somewhere, there’s a Mister or Missus MoreMoneyThanBrains who is happily handing the money. Since it’s a resource they manufacture at zero cost, it’s pure profit.

  6. I don’t have the kind of money where $2k is an option though I can imagine it’s pockets change for some. How heavy a flyer would one have to be where that next level up is worth it? I can imagine someone who is silver and could use Skypriority might be tempted if only to get on the short security line. Gold to platinum or platinum to diamond I’m really not sure the choice benefits can be valued at 2k. Gifting someone Gold might be enough. Delta must be calculating the cost of some of the choice benefits and how they might be used to come up with the prices. Why else would the increase the price of the MQM for diamond and platinum medallions. If one had a very specific need for the choice benefits or really felt the need to help their upgrade odds I guess they could make the math work. Neither my spouse nor I have gotten the offer since our Amex MQM haven’t been deposited yet and it looks to Delta as if we are much further than 10k from our next medallion level. I would love to know how many of these they actually sell.

  7. I don’t see it as a bad thing they are charging outrageous prices for MQMs. As you said, for those you want to invest the time and energy MQMs can be purchased much more cheaply from MS or MRs. Would you prefer it that every person could cheaply buy MQMs without having to do any work? I think this gives people the option if they really really want the next status tier without overwhelming the system with more Golds, Platinums and Diamonds competing for upgrades.

  8. For $2,000 I earned 25,000+ MQM on a 3 day mileage run this summer, clearly a better value IMO. On the other hand this end of year option does give the procrastinator or others that for various reason need a lifeline to retain or move up in 2015. IMO this is both a benefit to a small segment of Delta customers and a profit stream at the same time.

  9. I have to say that while I agree with this being fairly expensive and not the best deal it still has some benefit for those that need just a few miles with no opportunity to fly.

    Heck, I am working 14 hour days until Christmas Eve. As Sweet Brown would say…mileage run…”I ain’t got time for that.”

    I will not invest too much thought in it as it is a very expensive option that only counts towards MQMs and MQDs (seriously…all that money and it does not count towards Skymiles account…just status) and most of my butt-in-seat time is in AA/US metal this year and next (so close to Chairman’s Preferred). I might just let my status slide since Delta is not my thoroughbred of choice now that I am not in Atlanta anymore.

    From a marketing stand point, it seems like a money-making program. They can hedge their bet on those that are not that educated in the Skymiles program, how to earn miles through a quick mileage run or spend. It is a free, but very expensive market and by waiting until now, they are feeding off the flyers that have limited options.

  10. i have 2 more runs of 7,000 miles but will still be a few short for diamond have not gotten any BUY offers ????

  11. I have no time left for a run all run out…i have dec 9-10 and 15-16 with a birthday party on the dec i’m hosting and all the relatives start coming on the 18th till 29th

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