Quick giveaway 5×4 Delta HOOU coupons that expire 31DEC2014 – act fast!

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lots of hoou have one on us delta coupons

You would not believe how many readers are sending me expiring HOOUs (thanks Graydon for latest round). Many of you may have accidentally ordered from Skybonus and got stuck with this years expiring ones (I guess I should have posted this one sooner – sorry)!

Anyway, I have 20 coupons to give away and will give away 5 lots of 4 coupons to 5 winners! So, if you are going to fly before the end of the year, and can use 4 HOOUs on your trips, then comment below and maybe say something nice about Graydon in the process 😉

Again, these EXPIRE 31DEC14 so only comment if you can USE them. I will pick the winners later tonight Friday night when I can and then mail them out tomorrow Saturday to you 1st class mail! – René

PS – Looking for the 50,000 point US AIR card link? Please e-mail me for it!

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  1. Thanks for always keeping us updated on everything Delta. Thanks Graydon for making Christmas come early

  2. Hi, thanks to Graydon for giving away and René for mailing! I would be happy to use these in the next few weeks if you need someone to take them off your hands…

  3. Do they work on Southwest or American cuz that’s all I’m flying…. Oh wait, I don’t need them for Southwest cuz they LUV me and sent me drink coupons already

  4. Thanks Graydon for being in the holiday spirit for your fellow passengers. Keep up the great work…

  5. Thanks for all the great info heading to sunny Florida for xmas and could use a few hoou before setting the relatives

  6. I will probably be upgraded on the rest of my flights (although I may be adding a last minute mileage run that might be iffy) but if I win and am upgraded I will pass them to someone back in coach as a way to pass on Graydon’s generosity.

  7. Thanks Graydon. This sounds like a great way to spread some holiday cheer on my Christmas Day flight!

  8. Love this blog, learned so much! Flying to Amsterdam mid-December, no upgrades internationally so stuck in coach (at least it’s economy comfort). Could use the HOOU for me to survive!

  9. Graydon you’re so kind 🙂 I could definitely use these as I fly to Vegas to meet the girlfriend’s parents for the first time!!

  10. Are these the kind that can get you a snack, or are they drink only?

    If snackable, Graydon is a gentleman and a scholar, and I’d love some. 🙂

  11. Got a long flight from cmh to lax on delta in two weeks me and my wife could certainly use them, thank you Graydon you are awesome.

  12. I have one more R/T mileage run before the end of the year. This could make things so much better! Thanks!

  13. Mom and I are flying next week. These would be a perfect little boost! Thanks for doing this.

  14. Wow. These would be so useful for me and my husband who are traveling away from each other and separated during this whole holiday season. These could be the quick hellos that we need! 🙂

  15. I have about 8 flights before the year is out. This would be AMAZING! And make this crazy time of year a bit less nuts…

  16. I’m flying Delta for the first time in 2 years for the first time next week, and could definitely use something to mitigate the terrible seat I’m going to get.

  17. Thanks for great deals and insight Rene! Look forward to sharing a biscoff with ya sometime!

  18. Strong work, y’all! Thank you, Rene for all of your tips. On my way with my wife to Oslo, Norway today and straight back on Sunday for our year end run. Cheers!

  19. My family and I will be flying Delta next and the HOOU coupons would come in handy. Thank you for making these coupons available and Merry Christmas Graydon.

  20. Looking forward to toasting Graydon on my Xmas flights to see my mother-in-law and Mom in Florida!

  21. how to extoll the virtues of rene and graydon? i can’t do any better than what’s been done above, so i’ll point out that i have 1 measly trip left to resecure gold status for 15. i might as well enjoy the trip… please?

  22. My family and I have a nonstop from CVG to LAX in two weeks (on miles and Delta platinum companion ticket and points) on a trip to Disney Land,etc. My wife and I would LOVE a set of HOOU’s!

  23. Thanks for the giveaway Rene! I’m flying seven legs before the new year so could make good use of these 🙂

  24. Flying to NY next week and it would be a great little extra!! Thanks Graydon for your generosity!

  25. Thanks for all of the tips throughout the year! Flying to Minnesota in a couple of weeks, so could definitely use these.

  26. I can use these for my 3 flights before the end of the year. This brings up a question- Do the MyDeltaaward points that Delta sends out to us Flyers to reward Delta employees expire? I have some that I have not given to a deserving Delta employee yet from this year and last. I forget that I have them when I fly.

  27. We’re traveling with some friends who like to drink, and we’ll definitely use the coupons to help get the trip off to a great start!

  28. This is my first time posting.

    Would really appreciate having these on my to and from Dallas to Detroit flights during Christmas to visit my family.

    Very nice Christmas present from Graydon.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  29. First flight on Delta since earning silver medallion status in May 2013, is coming up next week: DCA-MSP-SFO.

    Thanks for the great content on Delta Points and thanks Graydon!

  30. Also doing holiday family flying on Delta and could certainly use these.

    Thanks René and Graydon!

  31. Awesome, I am so happy people will make use of these things! Kind of a bummer I used some SkyBonus points to get them just a few weeks ago only to see where Rene pointed out that they will expire 31 December 2014. Live and learn.

    Merry Christmas!

  32. I’m probably too late but just got accepted to a Medallion challenge yesterday. I will have a TATL flight in exactly one week, and a friend once explained to me how he handles jetlag: “I get wasted because my body knows how to handle hangovers.”

    On the off chance that there are still some drink chits available, I’d be happy if they could cure my jetlag. 🙂 Either way: thanks Graydon and René for handing these out!


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