Non-Delta AMEX Business Platinum Perks make card almost net-FREE per year now – Amazing new perk on the way!

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new non delta biz amex platinum perk 10 gogo pass per year

You will have to pry my NON-Delta  Business AMEX Platinum card (<-LINK) out of my hands to ever give it up! Why? It is so worth the perks to me and now even more so! And this was BEFORE the new GoGo perk that is soon on the way. Let’s look at all you get with this card:

  • Bonus points when you get the card (that you can send to Delta 1:1 if you want)
  • $200 Per year in airline credits (See this post for tips)
  • $100 Global entry credits (use up to 12 months before you expire btw)
  • Entry to Centurion lounge for you and your +1
  • Entry to Skyclub for YOU alone
  • Soon 10 GoGo passes worth up to $160 per year

This latest perk is amazing if you fly a bunch like me. There are so many times I get a 1 month GoGo pass, but other times I just need a one time use. This need will now be filled with my card I already have and hold.

Bottom line: this is yet one more reason to get and HOLD this card long term as the value keeps going up! – René
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  1. Just put my monthly GoGo on hold for a couple months and this is great news as long as it kicks in by Feb2015. Thanks Amex for another reason I love the perks from this card!

  2. @Graydon – I know right! Be sure to remove you CC from GoGo account just in case as they can not bill you if NO cc in GoGo account (can add back later)! #TIP

  3. Don’t forget about the 5% back on all purchases. We spend over $4,000 per year for nook books. Also get percent back on various hotels and fedex. I usually net out even or end up ahead on this one.

  4. @LauraPDX – Ohhh that is a great point and would EZ pay for them. I will advise as soon as I know. My guess is NO as that would be HUGE and pay for the AUs!

  5. Rene,

    With all you fly, how can you ever go a month where’s it’s cheaper to buy the days, than the month?

  6. Also, don’t forget that the AMEX Platinum card gives you unlimited use of the BOINGO wifi services! This has helped me a ton traveling internationally this year, and in airport terminals where there’s no free wifi. I’m often surprised at how much I can take advantage of this benefit!

  7. @Jill – yep, I have used it a few times. my sprint USB’ed to my laptop has saved me in the USA many times too 😉

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