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Is it too late to get 10,000 MQMs from the Delta AMEX Reserve cards this year?

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This year I have REALLY tried all I can to make sure, before December started, that all readers would be able to hit their MQM, that is Medallion Qualifying Miles, goals for this year. This became even MORE urgent on the 8th when we learned about the massive devaluation to GOLD Medallions as of 1MARCH15 and so many are scrambling to get to Platinum since the news hit.

But that begs the question, can you today, now, get the personal or business Delta AMEX Reserve card (s) and get the MQM bonus for getting the card and spending ONE DOLLAR on the card? Maybe, and here is why!

  • Approval date
  • Charge post date
  • Previous card date

Let’s break these down. The first one is getting approved. If you get an instant approval you can then call and ask for the card to be RUSH shipped. They will often do it in 1-3 days so that works. However, with business cards approval is not always instant so you have to call to follow up. Do this right away after you apply. The last one, if you happen to go for both cards (suggest you go for personal 1st then business) always results in a pending for the business card. You then have to call and explain why you need/want both cards.

The key to getting credit for MQMs in 2014, even if it takes into 2015 for the points to post, is the post date of the charge. For example, you could buy something on 31DEC14 but the post date is 2JAN15 and the credit for that charge falls in 2015. Not always, but most times this is the case. Either way you want to make sure the charge POSTS in 2014 for you to get credit in 2014. This is one of the key reasons your time to get this card is just about up for this year.

The last one is previous cards. We all should know by now that with personal Delta AMEX cards, it is officially once in a lifetime bonus and all 3 of the Delta AMEX cards are viewed as the “same” card as far as new card bonus goes. So, if you have received the personal Delta GOLD card bonus in the past you are unlikely to receive the Reserve card bonus now. You can try to upgrade but the chances this will work, ESPECIALLY at this late date, are slim to none. Now with the business cards the rules are that all 3 cards are unique products. As long as it has been more than 365+ days since you got the new card bonus for say the Reserve card, and you do not hold it now, you are good to go.

Final bits. If you get the card, or hold the card, can you still get the spend bonus for 2014 that is the 10k for the Platinum card and the 15k for the Reserve card. You bet, but wow that is a bunch of spending that must POST (again post date in 2014) before the end of the year. Then, even if they award the MQMs in 2015 they will count backward into 2014 when you EARNED them. So if you have some massive spending to do before the end of the year, you could get the points to count for this year, that is 2014.

Any other questions? Fire away! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. baccarat_guy Reply

    A friend realised they were a few thousand short of Diamond Medallion. Got the card about 1.5 weeks ago. Did the initial purchase, MQMs (10k) posted within a week. Amazing fast processing. Especially, since AMEX said 4-6 weeks. But, we all know AMEX often under commits and over delivers.

    • @Baccarat_guy – Yep that is often the case but again even if the MQMs post into 2015 they count on 2014 IF the charge can post THIS year in 2014. That is the KEY! Txs for your input.

  2. Thanks for the update! Just upgraded from delta gold personal to the personal reserve. I’m in a mad panic to hit platinum this year & fingers are crossed the MQMs post ASAP. Thank you!

  3. Rene – I thought the 1 time bonus for any AMEX product was “1 more” after a certain date (and I can’t remember when this went into effect). In other words, I have had my AMEX Reserve since 2013 (before the policy change date) and I thought I could at some point cancel and sign up for the 1-time bonus one last time. Please correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks again, as always!

    • @Dale – Since 1MAY14 it is 1x lifetime per personal card. AMEX, for now, sees all 3 Delta AMEX cards as 1 card. NOT the case for business Delta AMEX cards.

  4. I just cancelled my reserve platinum card since there is no way I will hit platinum level. I’m not chasing the miles anymore and will take my business elsewhere if I can. Forget Delta. Delta executives would load their mothers in the baggage compartment if they could and sell this as an upgrade.

  5. I have the reverse case. I received my MQM spending bonus recently and will have platinum for 2015. However now I would like to purchase Delta tckts for a trip in late January, but would rather have the spending credited to 2015. I keep checking prices regularly hoping that if I wait to book in January I won’t have a big price increase to contend with!

    • @Carol – if you are talking Delta MQMs you get them when you FLY not when you buy.

  6. I’m curious as to when delta began giving the bonus for the personal delta card because I think I’ve had my Amex card so long that I never received a bonus for applying for the card. If that is the case, then would delta let me get a second personal card and give me the bonus? (Yes, I know, I’m showing my age by asking such a question and that is sometimes hard to do!)

    • @Christine – time does not seem to matter to AMEX now. If you have EVER had the personal card bonus you can not get it again for that card.

  7. I just upgraded from the Delta Platinum to the personal Reserve and the day I activated the card 10,000 MQMs posted to my account. It was coded as “SKYMILES AMEX COBRAND THRESHOLD MQM BONUS” which sounds like the bonus from reaching the spend but I already got this several months ago. I’m not complaining and don’t plan investigating too much what exactly this is.

  8. Just spent 50k in last month to get bonus for diamond status. Hasn’t posted yet but per your comment I shouldn’t be worried right? Does it post when you it spend or when you pay amex for the spend? Thx

    • @Chris – make sure you spend just OVER 50k as your annual fee does NOT count but “looks” like it counts in the totals. But you should have no fear as long as all the charges are PRE 31DEC14! Correct.

  9. Thanks for your followup Rene. It’s not the MQMs or the MQDs but the actual posting on the credit card – I’d prefer to have the dollars apply to the 2015 calendar year.

  10. For the last couple of years I have used the Delta Skymiles Platinum card. Early this December I applied for the personal Delta Reserve card. This was not an upgrade but an entirely new card request. I greatly feared that I would not get my 10,000 bonus miles and 10,000 MQM’s due to the fact they consider both cards to be the same “product” I was repeatedly assured that I would get the points. Sure enough about 10 days after my first purchase on my new reserve card I was indeed rewarded the miles and the MQM’s. The “same product” rule is up to the discretion of AMEX. I was told they are just looking for one and done offer abusers

    • @DougP – txs for feedback. YMMV rules are not fun that we have to deal with right now. the biz rules are simple that is if you cancel, wait 365+ days, you are in the clear. but again, txs for your experience and some “may” want to risk going for a card the way you did! (PS – I hope you used my link 😉 )

  11. With regard to the biz card rules: if you signed up for a delta platinum biz card (w/ sign up bonus) and still hold it, do you have to wait 365+, from that application date, to apply for reserve biz card in order to get the bonus on the reserve or would that only apply if you were canceling and re-applying for plat biz card? I know you can hold more than one biz, but do you have to wait a year to be eligible for the bonus on the new product? Thanks.

    • @EL – The 365+ biz rule ONLY applys to that card. If you now HOLD the DL Platinum you can go for the Reserve card as long as it has been 365+ days since you canceled and got the Reserve card bonus.

  12. Got it, Thank you! For the record I always use either your link or the frequent miler’s.

  13. Several years ago, I had a Platinum Delta AMEX card, but downgraded to the basic Delta card. I wanted to maintain Sky Club access next year and the Delta Reserve was the same price with more bennies, so I upgraded to the Reserve back in October. First, I was credited with 5000 MQMs (difference in sign-up bonus from my ancestral Platinum), then 15000 MQMs (bonus for $30K spending on the base card), then after I crossed $60K (both cards) this year, I was credited with another 15000 MQMs. This was enough to push me into Diamond territory. And I’m the target of Skymiles 2015…6 international trips a year + a few domestic.

  14. Rene,

    I am at $30k spend on my Delta Platinum Biz Card. I’ve already received the 10k MQM bonus for hitting $25k. Earlier this year, Amex told me that if I upgraded to the Delta Reserve after hitting $30k, I would receive the 5k additional MQM bonus. Now they’re telling me this isn’t true and the balance rolls over towards a new earning goal. Is this true? If so, this is a bummer because I’ll miss Platinum status by about 5k miles. But this would also allow for one to earn the full bonus of the Platinum and Reserve card by upgrading / downgrading once received the full benefit of one card. Can you help me understand what’s going on here?


    • @Geoff – You can NEVER trust anything an AMEX phone rep tells you. Seriously. I would jump on a BIZ Delta card, then once approved, have them RUSH it overnight and get a charge done.
      That or a Mileage run. Sorry the only way to be sure is a tractable clicked link like the ones on the blog that have the T&C in print.

  15. @rene I have good news! I upgraded to delta reserve from gold last week and the 10k MQMs were posted yesterday!!

    Now: I need 400 MQMs and 680 MQDs to hit platinum.

    Any mileage run suggestions in next couple days? What’s best bang for my $680? I need to book ASAP!

    Thank you for all the great tips here!

  16. @rene – Missing miles just posted on my account and 8000 away from Diamond. If I were to apply and get card overnighted and made a charge on Dec 30, are there any types of charges that post instantly?

  17. @rene – just applied for reserve biz and approved. Guy told me you can’t request a faster delivery service, I received an email that said 1-3 days talk about on the wire.. Are you aware of a way to truly expedite the card to receive it overnight?

    • @Patrick – Hang up call back. talk to another rep. you may need to call Monday AM. You can ask to speak to a supervisor or even a team leader if to get it done! PS – txs for using my link!

  18. Hey @rene I received my card today and posted transaction! Platinum by 2.5k miles!! #pweh

  19. @rene, just want to clarify because I think I am in a similar situation to some of your readers. Coming into December I was ~7500 miles short of Platinum status, but I have the Skymiles Platinum Amex card and crossed the $50K spending threshold in Dec. My billing cycle ends in early Jan, but the 10K MQMs should apply to 2014, thus giving me platinum status in 2015, correct? Thanks!

    • @James – Yes. All spend that counted in 2014 will count to 2014 even if your statement closes in JAN.

  20. @rene – in a situation now. My bonus miles from the business reserve posted jan 3 and are going toward 3016 status and not 2015. The transaction posted on the 31st so it should count toward current status but Amex doesn’t seem to want to correct. Any advise on this situation?

    • @Patrick – If transaction was on 31st it should be on last year. Ask for supervisor. If they say no ask for their TEAM LEADER and try again. Let me know!

  21. @rene – I was told “sorry” and offered 3000 regular miles. Not sure what to do besides call back and cancel the business card and tell them why I’m canceling it. Any suggestion?

  22. @rene – from supervisor; TEAM LEAD told me they didnt know what could be done but they would send an email to liaison group and let me know when they get a response. up to 5 days, I think she said. i dont understand why they are not wanting to make this right.

  23. Patrick and Rene: I have the same problem as Patrick. I got my card on 12/31/14, activated it, and did several transactions on 12/31/14. Four of them POSTed on 12/31/14 per my AMEX account page. I got 10,000 MQMs. However, they were all credited towards 2015, meaning I was < 1,000 MQM's short of Gold for 2014. Not good, not what I wanted. I called Delta and AMEX, and could not get them to change it. Any idea what I could do?

    • @Mark – You are stuck and not the same. Patrick’s transaction POSTED on 31st. A charge on the 31st will NOT post the same day. That is why all month I have been warning that it is the POST DATE that matters. Sorry!

  24. Rene, I did like 7 charges on 12/31. They’re all shown under posted transactions now for my account on AMEX’s web site. They show their posted date. 4 of them show the date 12/31/14, and the rest of them show some other date like 1/xx/15 (irrelevant). You’re telling me the date here is not the POST DATE? How can it be that the POST DATE for each transaction is not the date shown for that transaction under posted transactions, but is rather a date that is hidden whereas it’s crucial….it’s like….what? Anyhow, I called AMEX, and they agreed that these 4 transactions did indeed have the post date of 12/31/14, and now they say they’re saying it’s Delta that is deciding to count the MQM’s in 2015, but they are checking with their Delta contact about what can be done, for me and unspecified others with the same problem, and they say they’ll get back to me later this week. I’m hoping. Thank you.

    • @Mark – If you just got the card, and did a charge, that has a post date of 31DEC14, you are good to go. You may have to fight it but you will win. As others, talk to a supervisor or up from there a TEAM LEADER for the supervisor and get the credit you should get! This is in black and white and you can push them on it! I will help if you can not at some point get it done on your own. Email me and I will jump in at that point. BTW, did you use my link 😉

  25. Rene, I still have not heard back but today’s the day the supervisor said he’d get back to me by. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, it’s very clear on your site, but you could point me to where it’s in black and white in something put out by either Delta or Amex? Regarding using your link to sign up, I was definitely reading this page, and it inspired me to go for this, but I cannot really remember if I definitely used your link. Sorry, I’ll be more thoughtful and careful in the future.

    • @Mark – Please check back. The reason I was also fishing if you use MY LINK is I could maybe do more to help if that was the case aka reg wording from MY LINKS!

  26. @rene – ok…I received a call back today from a team leader/manager. I have his name ext ect.(i can share privately if it matters) he said it can not be changed. sorry. Any thoughts? you mentioned maybe being able to offer additional guidance if that was not successful.


  27. UPDATE – Amex is going to reverse the bonus to apply to 2015 status after all. To other with the same issue-be persistent and polite, they can help you. If you get a team leader that tells you no call back and talk to another. (the 3rd one I spoke to make it right)

    Thanks Rene!!

    • @Patrick – That is great news. If anyone else gets stuck email me for help.

  28. Rene, again, you can point to anywhere Delta or Amex put forward the policy of using the year of the first posted transaction as the year to which the 10,000 MQM’s should apply? Thanks.

    • @Mark – AMEX goes by YEAR reg spend. See THIS photo. Also on the T&C when you get the card it says:
      10,000 MQMs and 10,000 Bonus Miles

      You can earn 10,000 miles (10,000 of which count as Medallion® Qualification Miles) after your first purchase on the Delta Reserve Credit Card. Please allow 2-4 weeks after your first purchase for the bonus miles to appear in your Delta SkyMiles account. First purchase offer expires one year from the date your account is approved. Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. In rare instances, your period to make your first purchase may be shorter than one year if there is a delay in mailing your Card. Also, purchases may fall outside of the one year period in some cases, such as a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us or if the purchase date differs from the date you made the transaction. (For example, if you buy goods online, the purchase date may be the date the goods are shipped). For questions regarding your Card account, please call the number on the back of your Card. American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time.

  29. Rene- thanks for all your guidance here-very much appreciated ! 🙂 Question on the Reserve card bonuses.. I had hit my $30k spend mark on the Reserve card in mid December, which will give me an extra 15k miles to reach platinum :). I’ve called Amex and they have promised me the Mqms will hit my account within 6 weeks and will go into my 2015 status. It’s been almost 5 weeks already. My concern is that my residual miles have just rolled over to 2016 status. When the Amex bonus mqms do hit, will delta be able to “roll back” my Residual mqms so I can reach Platinum for 2015 status? Any thoughts on this? I’m kind of freaking out ! :/

  30. Hi @rene – My mqm’s back dated today and status upgraded. thanks again!

    Also, for anyone that upgraded to the biz card for the bonus, do you have to keep it for a specific period of time? In other words, if you cancel it after a month does that affect the bonus you received?

    • @Patrick – please keep card at least 6 months. or more! fee is paid for full year!

  31. Rene, Patrick, I’m a little sad to report I still have not seen any changes from Delta on my account. I’m still only Silver, and my 10,000 MQM’s are sitting in my 2015 account, not 2014 where they belong for having posted a Delta Reserve Amex charge in 2014, which would result in my easily exceeding 50,000 MQM’s for 2014. A supervisor from Amex had been calling me regularly for the first 3 weeks of January 2015, and he has said it’s being worked on, but he hasn’t called for a week to give an update. Will let you know if there’s more news. Thanks again for help.

  32. Rene, Patrick, I wanted to get back to you to let you know that Amex and Delta finally collectively came through. Eventually, by some time around mid February 2015, they applied my 10,000 MQM’s to 2014 as they should have, and that put me into Gold Medallion for 2015 as it should have and as I wanted. The rollover MQM’s, after being in a somewhat “confused” state for several days, were eventually all set right.

    Anyhow, now all is well. I appreciate your help. Also, I appreciate Amex and Delta for having eventually made this right.

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