WARNING! Removing your credit card from GoGo may not stop monthly billing anymore!

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gogo just added my old card back

Last January I had a post about my frustration with GoGo billing you, even when you cancel, for the monthly service.

You see, in a nutshell, the UBER useful 30 day pass has never come back. Plus, in a sneak and IMO underhanded way, GoGo will not refund you for the month you want to cancel unless it is done at least 2 days BEFORE the auto-bill date.

“If you wish to terminate your subscription and avoid a charge for the subsequent month (for a monthly subscription) or for the next year (for an annual subscription), you must do so at least two (2) days before the monthly (or annual) renewal date of your subscription” – GoGoAir.com

And then you are, unless they are willing to bend the rules, stuck paying for the next month even if you are not going to fly and use the service for the next 30 days. Humf!

Now the other problem is, if you sign up, and right away email (customercare@gogo.air.com) them that you want to cancel after the current month, THAT may not work as it takes a few days to fully show up in the system (how nice).

Readers, in my post from last year, told me ALL you have to do is remove your credit card from your profile and you are all set. How can GoGo bill you if you do NOT have a credit card any longer on file. Well I got sick of contacting GoGo many times a year and decided to do what readers suggested – AND – Ruh Roh – I got billed anyway!

I reached out to GoGo support via online chat how my card was put back and I was told:

“Gabe: Removing the card does not always guarantee the charge will not go through, if it was in the process of renewing when you removed the card, the process still would have gone through and you would have been charged, even though you removed your card. In the future please chat in/call/email and we can cancel your pass.” – From GoGo chat (bold mine)

Oh brother. Now I had removed it weeks before the 2 day date but somehow it still got added back to my account. So, if your card you used is still valid, they can just grab it, put it back into your account, and bill you (that is what happened to me). Talk about a #KeepDescending moment for GoGo Air!

I reached out to the GoGo PR folks for a statement about this but my e-mails were not returned.

Since GoGo is pretty much the ONLY game in town if you want WiFi in the air, we have to play by their rules but they sure are murky at best. I guess the only fix from now on is to pay with a gift card, spend the rest of it before the month is over, and let GoGo try to bill an empty gift card. That or e-mail them and HOPE it works and they do cancel the subscription as promised.

Gosh a 30 day pass for sale would be nice! Have you ever had GoGo auto-bill you even when you canceled or took your credit card out of your online account? – René

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  1. I stopped using Gogo last year for their billing practices, in combination with the extreme latency in the wifi connection. It’s been slow to non-functional for me, especially over the Southwestern US. It’s just not worth the cost for the hassle and slime that you deal with in their billing.

    For the 2 hours that I’m in the air, it’s just easier for me to synch emails via my mifi device, right before takeoff and after landing.

    There are companies that don’t provide good value, and a customer will go their own way. In the case of Gogo, I go out of my way to criticize them to friends and colleagues. I also refuse to reimburse any one of my 100 consultants for gogo charges.

    If I did business in my market in the gogo manner, I’d be out of business.

  2. Rut roah. Better check my cc to see if they got me. I just removed the card and went about business. Thanks for the heads up Rene!

  3. Today I was checking through my email on an account I do not use. It was an account through gmail I had to sign up for to use YouTube. I discovered two emails from GoGo, the first is a receipt and the second is a survey. The funny thing is I did not sign up for an account on the site in the first place. Some how they have a name that I use strictly as a online handle in forums, and some card information that I do not know or recognize. The receipt is for $9.95 for a Gogo Mobile All-Day Pass. Strange, I did not make this purchase, I do not know the card, I have not went on any flights since 2005.

    I sign onto the account created for my email (since I easily answer the “mother’s maiden name” question not knowing the password so guessed based on the name used), and go through the My Account information, viewing what I can since it is my account. Nothing too out of the ordinary, other than the fact I did not make it. I search for a way to deactivate the account, and find NOTHING. So I speak with their customer service online chat people. I get someone named Chris. I explain everything to Chris, tell him the information I needed to tell him, and get him to deactivate the account easily. I signed out of the account. Asked if I was going to receive an email confirming the account has been deactivated and was told no, they do not send those emails. However he could send an email stating that it has been cancelled, but the conversation had to be closed to do so. (Sounds fishy to me.) That was when he said his well wishes bla bla bla, and signed off without my stating I understand or confirming what he said.

    I copied the conversation and put it into a word document. I try to do the password recovery again with the account and it just asks for the email address again. I hope this is a sign the account is deactivated and not that the email has been blocked or something like that. But yeah, that is my experience with the company I did not sign up for.

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