ALERT! TopCashBack paying 2.25% on AMEX GCs till 9AM tomorrow!

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tcb deal ends 1-1-15 9am


Talk about a HUGE gift from TopCashBack for the new year! I will be placing a VERY sizable order on my Delta AMEX Reserve card tomorrow morning before 9:AM and enjoying 2.25% back from the order and knocking out a BULK of my MQD exempt spending for 2015 on the first day of the year.

Some warnings. Do NOT use any codes or you are likely to get NO cash back. Will this spend work as “approved spend” for 2015? The T&C say no but it has been working for years and I would expect it will work next year (and why I am placing such a big order on the 1st before 9:AM).

Can you order TODAY, NOW since the charge is very likely not going to post until after the 1st? That is probably the case but I am careful so I will just wait until after midnight tonight to order.

Questions? Fire away! – René
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  1. I still don’t understand how you use or liquidate these cards. Are you just using them for your normal spend? It just scares me a bit to hold a huge gift card and need to use it on normal spend throughout the year, but I must be missing something.

  2. @Rene –

    Yes, a BIG QUESTION, that I am sure is one thought by all…

    What is a reasonable “VERY sizable order” that does not raise suspicions, questions of the generation of any SAR’s?

    After all, you need $25,000 to clear Delta’s MQD requirement, and $60,000 to get both of the spend bonuses with AmEx Reserve.

    And what to do with these AmEx Gift Cards after purchase? You cannot load your Bluebird account with them, and buying other gift cards with these will just raise your overall costs (gift card purchase fees) and meanwhile if you do not unload them you are going to be charged interest on your AmEx account.

    If I could use my Reserve GC’s to pay on another AmEx account then great.

    I am all for it, it but a little guidance, please?

  3. Also, an fyi for any readers contemplating doing this:

    Per TopCashBack site:

    “Please note: eGift Card from American Express® is not eligible for cash back.”

  4. @Rene –

    Again, you state ” – I buy ones with custom fields and put my name on them. sign back. Buy VDGCs [Visa Debit Gift Cards] and dump to BB [Bluebird].”

    But you are charged a fee for buying the Visa Debit Cards, which was one of my points. You are just raising your costs of doing the VDGC’s buy & BB dump, right?

  5. @Rene –

    You are saying you can make a $20,000 order and not raise ANY red flags?

    You stated: “know I have for YEARS run 10-20k a month this way”

  6. @John Delta – You can buy up to 75k per order on biz cards and up to 5k personal every 15 days. I have done this for a long time. I would NOT start with HUGE orders out of the gate if new. I am earning 2.25% upfront and even after fees come out ahead with free points!

  7. Geez, people. Liquidating these things is manufactured spend 101. It’s been covered extensively for years.
    BTW, AMEX states they allow 6 figures for “business gift cards”.
    Rinse thru Visa debits(think grocery) into BB and STILL make money from cash back at 2.5%.
    Is there some driving around? Yes, but that’s part of the game.

  8. Meant to add that doing $75K at once is indeed a huge spend since each BB account only allows $5K/month.
    However, over the course of a year it is quite easy to hit $60/spend on Reserve card(s) with two BB accounts.

  9. NICE! Gonna grab $15k at the stroke of midnight to ensure they don’t post this year, dump directly to RedBird, and enjoy life. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. @Jacob

    “Registered users of either Serve or Bluebird are not currently eligible to open an Account.”

  11. I am still not quite sure in how I would be able to liquidate $60,000 / year (let alone $10,000….$20,000 / month) while using 5% cash back on Discover, 6% on groceries (Amex Everyday)?

    Even if it was easily possible to pay rent (my highest regular monthly payment) – but I haven’t found a way to pay rent w/ Bluebird yet – $5,000/mo to $20,000/mo is quite a sizable spend.

    What am I missing?

  12. @Rene: I am still not sure how to do this. My wife and I have plenty of cards – that doesn’t change the monthly budget, though.
    So unless I find a way to sell the gift cards reliably for almost 99…100% of face value I am not sure how to manufacture spend in those orders of magnitude.

  13. @Rene: I’ve got it that far.
    Now – what am I doing with all that money on the BB?
    I can’t pay my rent w/ it, groceries (at least the first 6k/year) are out to get 6% cash back. Gas is out for 3 out of 12 month for 5% cashback. That leaves “other bill payments” that could be used to liquidate the BB and those are no more than approx. $1,500…2,000 / mo.

  14. Hello – I’m sure this is a 101/rookie question, but this “until 9am today” email came in today at 10:35am, i.e. already over. Is there another place you post where I could find it more quickly, or what am I missing? Thanks

  15. Hello – Newbie question here: I got the 2.25% cash back alert today at 10:35 am, already over. Do I need to be looking somewhere besides my email for blog updates like this to see them in a more timely way? Thanks

  16. @holder @rene I think what Rene is saying is to buy the gift cards, and get the money to your bluebird. At that point you can pay off the credit card you’ve just used to buy them with. Is that right?

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