February 26, 2014


By now, you have been looking at all the blogs, newspapers and reading on what it all means. Twitter has exploded and most are deeply upset (there are a great many other words too) about the changes. This is a MASSIVE change. Some facts we do know while others are yet to come out from the “mothership”. There is no way to cover everything in one post so for now I will touch on some of the highlights and low lights of the changes and my thoughts so far. First the good parts for us as flyers (and much of this is from my perspective as one who flies Delta a bunch). We have some time. Unlike other changes, for now, Delta is allowing us until 31DEC2014 to BOTH earn and burn at the current levels. As long as your scheduled takeoff is before 23:59 on 31DEC2014 you are…

Follow-up post on the way soon! Massive for 2015! The ONLY initial good news is we have 10 months to BURN our Skymiles. (Edit: or earn a ton #Developing)! For now read this InsideFlyer post and This thread on Flyertalk And the FAQS page on with more details! As well as the official PR site updates Lastly my thoughts on the changes here! More to come soon – René . Gold-Platinum-Reserve Delta SkyMiles® Credit Cards from American Express® Click HERE for more info