SWAG Saturday: Delta TUMI kit, Tripp*Lite Travel Surge, Luggage Scale, Delta Points Polo & more!

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amex mqd exempt spending

I have lots of updates for just what works for your MQD exempt spending as I posted about the other day. Things are tracking VERY well with no issues at all so far.

What is an issue is MQM rollovers. The problem is, unlike ALL the past years, some flyers have already got their rollover. Others have not (like me, clearly). So, that really messes up my HOOU giveaway idea. What I will do is let everyone keep guessing the date “most” of us get it and then ALL will have a shot at ONE HOOU each (5 to give away) and some other good stuff I will toss in (seems fair right?)! So go guess (ON THAT POST) any date if you have not as everyone has a shot to win now! 🙂

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On to this week’s SWAG contest. The rules are back to normal and you can see them HERE. By commenting you have agreed that you have reviewed them.  Then on to what I want from you for a shot at the travel swag you see above. I am just  thrilled  that I will be MQD exempt in the next few weeks and it will cost me next to nothing (thank you Delta AMEX card).

My question to you is: How long will it take you to reach your MQD exempt spend goal for the year or if you do not need it how long till you reach your MQD spend goal for the year with Delta? Or, if you are not chasing any kind of status with Delta – you can tell us that is the case. Have fun and I will use Random.org to pick the winner late Friday January 16th. – René
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  1. I meet the mqd spending first via spending on the Amex reserve but spend on tickets would have qualified eventually.

  2. probably by end of Q1 due to pulling forward business expenses. But it won’t matter much last year I spent $16k at delta!

  3. I’m a DL Plat, but don’t have to hit a spend requirement because I live in Canada! Wohoo

  4. On my EAT-MSP Mileage Run (commenting from the sky) and it take me until March 6th to reach my MQD exempt spend goal for the year!

    Thanks DeltaPoints!

  5. I’m halfway there with my Amex Reserve Card. Could be exempt by end of Feb, but will probably ease into it and be there by the end of April. I also do not have my rollover miles in my account yet. So you are not alone. They will come.

  6. I’m not chasing status now. I used 112,000 SkyMiles to get to Prague and back (IAH) a few months ago. Not many miles left and am no longer Gold.

  7. Unfortunately I am actually not chasing status with Delta this year. We are traveling a little less (less on Delta significantly), and feel more inclined to be “loyal” to our wallets (and focus on Chase/Amex points, etc.). 🙂

    I know Delta gets a lot of grief but we continue to fly them because they run a good operation, offer a decent product/service for the money, and continue to get us where we want to go without hassle!

  8. I’m going for end of first quarter, with work expenses and manufactured spend on the Reserve

  9. Unlikely to hit it before December 🙁 Simply do not have enough opportunities — for example, a Walmart I used will no longer accept any sort of gift cards for Bluebird load. They want to see the card and will refuse it if it’s not stamped with my name! I guess I just don’t spend enough!

  10. Not chasing status, mostly going for Ultimate Rewards due to flexibility and ease of cashing them in…unlike the last time I tried to use Delta miles. 🙁

  11. I already spent $26k on AMEX reserve on the 8th of Jan. Paid a lot of business suppliers for my Dec. 2014 purchases the first week of the new year.

  12. Three months on my first card, then 3 more months on my second card (for the second MQM bonus). Then we start working on my spouse’s cards for the MQM’s.

  13. It’s not a priority for me this year, but I’ll probably hit it around the end of summer.

  14. Probably April 30. Paying my daughter’s tuition balance for the semester will almost get me there, unfortunately!

  15. Not trying to get any DL status. I fly them when they are cheaper than UA for work travel that requires lowest fare. Usually on CRJ200. DL has become less useful for me in SGF since they only serve my airport from ATL now.

  16. I will make my 25k spend by May but my goal is to spend 60K on my Delta Reserve card by November. 60k spend will reward me with a bonus 30K MQM’s. I only average around 50k flight miles per year so I need that spend bonus to keep me at platinum medallion. Rene, your gift card strategy has already gotten me off to a healthy start 🙂 thank you 🙂

  17. Most likely May for MQD spend. Flying business class to Asia in March and ticket is just under $10 k.

  18. Just finished making the spend today for the MQD Amex exemption. Shooed have hit it just for airfare by mid year.

  19. sigH that depends upon
    Bumpertunities due to my being Platinum Medallion and not having a delta Amex card 🙁 so I guess December 2015

  20. Delta Plat, chasing Diamond and would hopefully get there 4th qtr. Don’t need spend as my residence is out of the country

  21. Currently, I am not chasing status with any airline. Who knows, the situation may change in the future.

  22. Annual chase for PM. Spend will take about 2-3 months. Try not to overspend on Delta, so that goodness for Amex.

  23. Looks like it might be closer to summer this year. Several international trips help out a lot!

  24. Flying Delta but crediting miles to Alaska Airlines for seeking 2016 Alaska eilte status. Second year of deciding not to seek Delta status after many years of having it.

  25. Got a home remodeling project coming up and my contractor accepts AmEx. So July 🙂

  26. I am so far off from achieving “status” with Delta that it doesn’t even matter. I guess I should be happy to fly way back in “steerage” and hope for a complimentary bowl of gruel!

  27. Using Delta Amex Plat, should get first bonus by June, 2nd bonus by Nov, using business spend to help. I have just over 18,000 rolled over, so will make Silver (will drop from Gold Feb 1) unless take more trips than planned now!

  28. I should get my first AMEX Reserve bonus sometime in March and that’ll cover MQD as well then.

  29. Don’t think I’m going to be chasing status this year with all the enhancements being made.

  30. It should take 4-5 months on my Platinum AmEx. Would love to have the Reserve card, but can’t justify the annual cost difference.

  31. It’s going to take a lot longer than last year, as I’m kinda in the dark (at least the shadows) right now as to how to go about mfg spend. Last year I was able to take advantage of C V S.

  32. Hopefully will get status for the first time with Delta by April. With a combination of spend with my newly acquired Delta reserve AMEX card (10,000 signup MQM’s) along with a few snowbird trips to Florida and a mileage run. If i keep going with the game plan all year with spend and more mileage runs may even push towards platinum status by end of year.

  33. Putting all our charges on my husband’s Amex first so he should make it by end of march and then I’ll work on my spend from there!

  34. Based on last year, I assume I’ll meet my spend by the fall. Then again, I am already at 10% and it’s barely mid-January… good sign?

  35. moving my allegiance to AA so not chasing this year. Will be burning the remainder of my points on vacations!

  36. I should probably hit the MQD requirement at the same time I hit Diamond which will be in June or July.

  37. Currently most of my status is with UA. If I pursue status with another airline probably won’t be with Detla tbh.

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