CONFIRMED: Platinum $200 Delta Airline fee credit sweet spot is $50 for 2015

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I got a reminder from AMEX a few days back that I could select my airline of choice for airline fee credits for my NON-Delta AMEX Platinum card (and the same goes for the NON-Delta business AMEX Platinum card). Now I had selected Delta before and would not have to change it if I want to stay with Delta (i.e. if you are sticking with Delta you don’t have to do these steps but I am doing them for the post).

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You can see the list of airlines you can pick from and once you have you are LOCKED IN for all of 2015 so make the choice you really want.

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There is then a confirmation screen to make sure this is in fact what you want to do.

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Then a final confirmation screen you can print to show you have in fact completed the registration process.

amex credits delta gift cards plat

Now what I did, as I did last year, was simply purchase 4x$50 Delta e-Gift cards for myself that I can then spend whenever I want on flights and combine 3 of them on one ticket (or more if I work it). As you can see from the above screen shot, in a few days, I got my credits for the airline fee credit reimbursement.

Now for me, the business Platinum card, is really a great call as it soon will come with 10 GoGo passes on top of all the other perks like getting myself and my wife into AMEX Centurion lounges at no extra cost, it pays for my Global entry fee via reimbursement when I use the card (and I get TSA PRE free included) and so much more.

Many have asked if the personal Platinum card will offer the same GoGo deal. At this point I have nothing further to share and have just been told that the business card is the one that will offer this perk. So wait and see. Either way, both cards are great choices and offer amazing value to me. – René
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  1. I went through this process and it worked fine with the credit back to Amex bill almost immediately! Although the Delta eCerts cannot be used until 72 hours after purchase… Sorry I forgot to thank you for this tip!

  2. @TexasYankee – Yep frustrating you have to wait to spend the 72hrs but reason to buy ASAP. Just don’t lose the numbers as NO WAY TO TRACK on Delta.dumb

  3. Can the credit be used to make purchases at the Skyclub Luxury Bars ? Just curious if they bill as Skyclub or DL or a vendor

  4. I had $80 left to spend at EOY and made the mistake of not reading up on this on your blog! Purchased $80 e-gift card and did not receive the credit. I will get this right in 2015!

  5. You say the Platinum business card will “soon” come with the GoGo passes. I thought this was already a benefit that started on January 1, but admittedly I haven’t tested it yet. Is this not working already? Do you know when it will start?

  6. If I use the platinum card to upgrade transatlantic economy seats to economy comfort, will the charges be reimbursed? It’s $70 per seat each way.

    Or would it be best to buy 4x gc and apply those for the upgrades?

  7. @Mitch – You would be wrong. It has not started yet. There will be link to enroll when it is live. It should be up very soon. However, since they are taking there time, it could be worth a call to ask WHEN as I did and got a credit for $16 for a day pass for my next flight while I wait for the link to be live 😉

  8. I am Diamond but I am leaving Delta once I use up my Delta dollars. They think of us like animals. Even when they are totally at fault and you are Diamond they say no. Im moving to American or similar anything but Delta. The only way to show our outrage and stop the cutting is to stop flying them. Then we can all return. I hope you all join so we can get the Delta we love back!

  9. @robert – I respect your choice very much. Hope they change and you can come back. Let us know how you like AA. I hear good thinks! 🙂

  10. Does anyone have info about the $100 airline incidentals credit for the wellsfargo propel? I would like to get a $100 Delta egift but don’t know if it will get the credit?

  11. I have learned a lot from your blog- THANKS!! This is something I did not know about going to order one right now!! Then I have to figure out how much of the $200 credit I still have left.

  12. I’ve gotten credits for food purchased on Delta flights so I should be good!! But then that is why I only bought 1 $50 gift card, assuming it work like it should I’ll buy 3 more.

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