The slow Delta rollover MQM numbers are here – check your accounts – numbers are posting!

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roll over

If you have not checked your Skymiles account for the past few days (I know, who does that) you may want to peek and see if your rollover MQMs, or Medallion Qualifying Miles aka rollover miles, have posted.

rene rollover mqms as of 13jan15

In the past few years, it has been for just about everyone on one set date. This year things have been very different. For the past few days, bit by bit, elites have reported the points posting to their accounts. Mine, for example, posted yesterday. Some of you are still patiently (and not so patiently) waiting to get yours.

hoou coupon winners rollover mqms

Either way, I picked, due to the change from ONE day to many days, 5 winners each to get a HOOU. They are, with the help of, #86 – Louis C, #107 – Bill B, #30 David, #65 – Scott C & #146 – Marc! Thanks all who guessed.

If you are still waiting, Delta has said it can take ALL MONTH but I would guess by week’s end we should all see our MQMs in our accounts. Now on to finish up my MQD exempt spending now that everything has tested working 100%! 😉 – René

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  1. I must be really down at the bottom of the flying pile because it appears that you already have over 154,000 miles. Two weeks of flying or – how much of that rolled over? and spending rolled over as well??

  2. @Jimmy – looks like I will only rollover 80k into next year. may have to push it to get 15k more so that when I do AMEX Reserve spend next year can be DM w/out even flying until 1FEB18 🙂

  3. First time since I follow your blog that I beat you 😉
    On Thursday, Jan 08, I still saw 0 MQMs, but on Friday, Jan 09, I had my Rollover MQMs rolled over.

  4. I did 104,000 miles but made Diamond with 142 segments. Do you know if I will still receive the rollover from 75 thousand to 104 thousand? Thanks. Also my trip this past week from Cle to sea to Las to Phoenix to Cle yielded about 5200 less miles than in 2014. Skymiles 2015 stinks!

  5. @Randall – Sorry no you will not rollover as you were DM. If you had been PM with 139 segments you would have rolled over the 75k number.

  6. @ttxtri – No, doesn’t seem to be this way. I am only Siver … and was processed before Rene. The previous years my rollovers posted significantly later than his, so I assumed the same thing.

  7. I had about 10,000 miles set to rollover into this year yet did I need to also meet the MQD requirement to get the rollover MQMs to rollover?

  8. From the Delta website: “Rollover MQMs will post to your SkyMiles account by the end of January each year. “

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