ALERT! Many Delta schedule changes loaded this weekend. Please check all your trips NOW!

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delta notice of schedule change

If you have not had the chance to log in to your “My Trips” and take a look at your Delta flights over the next few months I would REALLY suggest you do so ASAP. Why? This weekend Delta has rolled out another big round of schedule changes.

Just what does this mean for you? First off PLEASE take the time to read the post about the MIGHTILY schedule change and the rule. It will help you and answer so many question. Next, know this is an opportunity for you to really get some nice perks.

Now I am SURE you all did read the linked post, but, if you are just to tired to click it, here are at least some quick tips:

1) Check what routes are open you can switch to before you call
2) Decide if you want more points (MQMs not Skymiles) or a better route
3) If award seats the points do not matter now
4) If partners you can NOT force space, but can tinker with Delta metal
5) You can go from single connect to double or the other way around
6) Fees just don’t apply for this change
7) Don’t take no for an answer and check all changes before you hang up
8) CAREFUL about clicking accept online – can go wonkie – just call!

These are the main bullet points. What about just an equipment change and the time does not really change? Officially you are stuck but HUCB can work. I went from a wide-body to narrow and looked at another route, that also gave me mucho-more points as well, that was about the same time. I asked please to change as I dislike that plane (plus it had a ton less 1st class seats). I got the change (helps to be Diamond).

What if the change is less than an hour arrival or depart change or not less that 30 min connect? Often times you can beg for them please to check with a supervisor to see if they can switch it under the schedule change rules.

It is beyond frustrating that Delta can make the time to send out silly and bordering on bogus marking emails to upset us or others to tell us to flush the value of our Skymiles down the drain but they can not tell us simply “oh, all your seats are now different as well as half of your flights may miss connect”. Ah well, at least I have alert friends to tip me off and I can share with you! – René

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  1. Just checked my trips. Nothing needs to be changed.
    On another note, I am traveling on Tuesday and one of the legs is ATL LAX which I have not been upgraded yet on my Diamond upgrade request benefit. I have the DL Reserve card and my segment is booked in V class. All other smaller flight mile segments have been upgraded. This leg to LA has flat beds on a 767, with 5 left on the seat map and at least 5 seats are still selling in first. So my million dollar question is, what exact factors trigger the big Delta algorithm to upgrade me, or some other person? Time? # of seats? Does it have to be a certain amount of hours before departure and number of seats left to sell before they say, “oh well, we might as well give it to him” or is there no rhyme or reason? I know fare class plays into it, but no one has been upgraded or I would see an empty seat in economy that came open due to the upgrade. It’s funny how at 6 days out I get upgraded on the smaller legs, but the big ones make you wait it out.

  2. Why bother to make reservations in advance? Trip to San Jose, Mexico in April. First, they dropped my flight from TVC to DTW which means I need to take a 5:50 AM flight with a 3+hour layover in DTW. Then there was another flight change on the return trip. It’s already taking me 2 days to fly home. Seems like I’m spending a lot of time in Atlanta. Any reasonable hotels near the airport just for a short night’s sleep?

  3. @Judy – if change is bad enough work with Delta for better choices. the normally are GREAT at working with you when these things come up. even change days or airports if REALLLLLLY bad change.

  4. Well this is nice – change from CRJ700 to E145 with no first, thanks for 2A but it is not the same 2A I already had!!!!

  5. Hi, I’m one of the misconnect change, sigh

    Booked April 2015 YYZ-DTW-ICN (17.5 hrs) in May 2014 (3 tixs + 1 infant) on the mistake fare of $500/person

    1st change in Nov 2014, no big deal
    2nd change now as they dropped DTW-ICN on my date, a Tuesday (BUT available on Mon/Wed), WTH… only DL option is 2-stop YYZ-MSP-SEA-ICN (20 hrs) departing 6:30 AM!!!

    What would you suggest? just take it? or ask for “free” Preferred seats of some sort on the A332 SEA-ICN? I don’t want DL miles
    and I think asking DL to open Korean YYZ-ICN nonstop is impossible…

    Thank you

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