SWAG Saturday: 2 Delta Skyclub cards up for grabs ~ $100 value + more!

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delta amex biz plat

I am really looking forward to next month. I will be ready for my next round of cards as I am approaching 91+ days since my last round of cards and windfall of points. Now it is time to start thinking about what cards I will go for.

I have reduced my number of AMEX credit cards to under four as that is the max you can hold at once (i.e. personal plus business). Since the rules have changed as of  1MAY14 that you can only get the personal new card bonus once, the personal Delta AMEX Platinum or Reserve cards are off the table for me. What is on the table for me is the business Delta Platinum card. I hold the business Delta Reserve card but AMEX now views all the Delta business cards as unique products. That opens up an opportunity for me to go for the business Delta Platinum card since I have not had that for well over 12 months. I look at the value of the card this way to me:

35,000 Bonus Skymiles after $1,000 spend (so net 36,000 all in). I can use those for an award ticket or spend them with Pay With Miles at 1 cent each so I am getting at least $360 value there.

$100 statement credit for a Delta purchase within first 3 months. Sweet. This is not hard. I can buy onboard stuff or even some Delta e-Gift card or such and all reports are both are triggering credit. That is worth $100 to me.

5000 Bonus MQMs. That is the REAL value play for me. I love me my MQMs for status. I have my Diamond Medallion status for this year, and next year, already done. But now to work on having enough rollover MQMs for 2017 flying year that ends on 1JAN18 (yeah I plan ahead). Here is how I value this – I am for the $195 non-waived fee getting 5000 MQMs. That puts the price to “buy”, if you will, these MQMs at just 3.9CPM if I were flying. HELLO! That is a price I am THRILLED to pay even under Skymiles2015.

Now that last point, the value of the MQMs, completely discounts the $460 in value I am getting from the bonus Skymiles and the statement credit. Any way I run the numbers I am coming out ahead and even if I keep this card long term I will NEXT YEAR when I pay the fee again get a BOGOF coach companion ticket. Plus, if I spend $25,000 on the card I get 10,000 more MQMs and Skymiles and the same thing if I hit $50,000 before 31DEC15. That I can do too! 🙂

Delta Air Lines Skyclub day pass 24hrs delta points blog

But this is SWAG Saturday. So on to the drawing. I am giving away  TWO  Skyclub passes this week worth ~$100 total plus some other Delta Points SWAG. The rules are HERE and by commenting you are agreeing you have reviewed them. Then on to what I need from you to win via random.org.

My question is simple. Will you be reviewing what Delta AMEX cards you have this month. Are you going for one, personal or business, or even canceling one due to Delta’s changes. Are you wanting to add to your MQMs or are you done chasing status. Just any of your thoughts on having, holding or getting a Delta AMEX card of some kind!- René
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  1. Not reviewing or changing my Delta Amex Plat card. Have all the MQMs I need (thanks to roll over) so I just need to get my Amex spend to waive the MQD requirement!

  2. Keeping my current Delta Plat card, hoping to meet the MQD waiver again this year, so I’ll at least be PM next year.

  3. i have just now done some reviewing, prompted by your question! I don’t anticipate a change right now.

  4. I love my Personal Reserve card, but haven’t yet gotten a Business card. Might consider that this year.

  5. Just cancelled my (non-Delta) Platinum AX card. Already used the $200 airline credit in 2015 (4 ea $50 gift certs), and no current need for trusted traveler benefit. Centurion lounges not a benefit I will use. Only offered 10000 MR points plus 5000 more if $3000 spend within 60 days. Not enough value to me to renew the $450 fee.
    So I have only 2 AX cards now – AX Everyday (so my 250000 MR balance stays intact) and DL Platinum AX which I will use until spend $50000 to get maximum Skymiles bonus, then will revert to AX Everyday as I did last year.

  6. I don’t have any delta business Amex. I will be going for one this year, just not sure which. Recommendations for a PM?

  7. i have both a business and personal delta platinum. I will cancel the business one when I spend 50k – and wait for the next bonus.

  8. I bailed out of the personal reserve card due to the changes: probably going to drive more for shorter trips and fly American for longer ones. Just keeping my non Delta Amex cards.

  9. I have no Delta AMEX cards but seriously thinking about applying this year to get the bonus miles.

  10. I just added the Delta Plat to my collection after I got a Targeted Offer in the mail that appears to be directed towards MSP residents. It was called “MSP Goes Platinum” same as above, but it was for 45K and 15K. How could I say no?!?!?!

  11. Have both personal and biz DL plats. Annual fee just hit on personal. called once to get retention. HUCB 🙂

  12. I have the AMEX DL Reserve card and seems like once again have lost value over the year but yet the annual fee is the same.
    Seriously considering getting the AMEX Plat card instead, when my renewal comes up in April. However as little as I travel, I would lose my elite status. hmmm.

  13. I’m standing pat on the personal Delta Gold card which I have had for several years. I get enough with the free checked bags and early boarding to justify the annual fee.

  14. I don’t have one and am not reapplying for one at the moment. I am really excited about the new Citi Premier T&C where travel (airline) will get 3 points per dollar. I think it will become the new ‘go to’ for airline travel spend in April.

  15. I upgraded my plat to reserve and got business reserve card to reach PM by 450 MQM’s but not sure if it was worth if after all the #Keepdecending changes. Will try and hit spend on both cards for bonus this year but not likely.

  16. I’m looking over some of the business cards to figure out which one I want to add in 2015.

  17. I have a personal Delta Reserve card and will be adding a Delta Platinum. I rolled over 24k MQMs, so with both cards I will almost hit Platinum without adding in my flying.

  18. Thinking about going for the Business Delta Platinum but I have to wait a few more weeks.

  19. Just getting into the game. Will go for my first Reserve next month, as well as the business. Woo-hoo!

  20. After reading your article I think I will add the business platinum card for the perks you mentioned and especially the MQMs.

  21. I have the Delta Reserve and the Delta Platinum cards. I plan on spending 60K plus on the Reserve for my 30K MQM’s and and zero spending on the Platinum. I kept the Delta Platinum because I like the companion ticket. It is well worth $195 to me. I also have the Amex non-Delta Platinum which will get me into some lounges that I can’t otherwise get with the Delta Reserve card AND I like the $200 spend. I also have the Amex gold premier which we use for gas and groceries and ticket spend (Ticket spend once I reach 60K in Delta Reserve card spend that is) ..I believe that the way that Delta is thinning the crowd that that PM status might (MIGHT) be more valuable in 2016 so I’m chasing status.

  22. After reading your article I will be adding the business platinum for the perks you mentioned and especially the MQMs. Thanks!

  23. used to have Personal Gold then moved to Personal Platinum when I really started flying and made status. Now that I almost never fly Deta, I went back down to Gold simply because I need an AmEx card and it gives me just a few perks when I do fly after I lose status this year.

  24. I will not have to decide until October, but I do not have a Delta personal card. I had the gold, but cancelled and now that I can no longer get a bonus for a personal card, I am stuck with the business Platinum.
    I don’t chase status because I only make 3 or 4 flights a year and so far Silver has gotten me nothing that the card does not get me.

  25. I don’t have a card and don’t plan on getting one any time soon. I’m still relatively new (and I have a loan coming up in less than a year), so I’ll only be applying for something awesome if it pops up.

  26. I am on the fence about going for one of the business cards. Got a good deal on the plat personal late last year (15k MQM). Do those deals ever hot for the business cards?

  27. I am not reviewing changing my Gold Amex for another. At this point, just keeping it and will evaluate at the end of the year

  28. I wasn’t planning on getting a new one, but the business one you mentioned sounds really good 🙂 I’m fairly new to the points game, but reading your blog helps a ton!

  29. I won’t be getting any Delta cards in the near future until they make it easier to redeem miles for the flights I want.

  30. Your title says “SWAG Saturday: 2 Delta Skyclub cards up for grads”

    I am graduating this June and thought it was my lucky day! 😉

    Anyways, I’ll be keeping my Delta Platinum card. Currently a kettle, but the checked bag is enough to keep the card for now, plus the companion fare. Pay with Miles is helpful as well (even though the redemption rate is low!), but at least there is a baseline redemption that isn’t the worst.

    Thanks for doing this!

  31. I am pretty happy with my personal Delta Reserve card so I am just going to hold on to it. As for the MQM I think I will just watch and see how many ‘enhancements’ come out this year from Delta before I try to make a run and load up my status for the next year.

  32. Definitely searching for ways to earn MQM for 2015. Thanks for reminder about the Business Delta Plat.

  33. +1 and I will be keeping our 4 Reserve Cards to maintain GM and DM status respectively. I will get AMEXP Business Platinum this year to gain access to centurion + hundreds more lounges when traveling.

  34. Holding one Delta Amex right now. Think I’ll wait and see if any changes to SkyMiles get announced in the next few months before I consider making any moves

  35. Delta has been pressing for me to upgrade to Plat or Reserve, but since moving to a non-Delta dominated market (Denver), I don’t see the point!

  36. Currently have Delta gold Amex and dunk anticipate making any changes. If I do it will be at the end of the year.

  37. I just got the personal Delta reserve card, and will be canceling the delta platinum card once I use the BOGO certificate.

  38. I canceled my delta Amex the other day — jumping ship to american… But I love me some $kygrub!

  39. Keeping both my personal Platinum (hit the spend bonus 2x last year for 20k MQMs) and business Reserve (hit this 1x for 15k MQMs)! For me, the Reserve is worth every penny of $450, despite the change to companion club policy last spring.

  40. I have the personal reserve card at the moment. I’ve considered whether to cancel this or switch to a business card (no need to keep both), and remain undecided. The way things progress across the year may make the decision for me (I will almost certainly keep the current card until I meet spend for the bonus, however)

  41. Will decide at end of year. Currently hold Delta Reserve. Considering move to AE Reserve since Skymiles quickly losing value. So much for loyalty.

  42. I cancelled my personal Gold card, because O’Hare is not a great place for Delta redemptions since it’s not a hub. I may consider a Platinum card to add to my stockpile since I’ll probably be moving soon, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m mostly focusing on American and USAirways miles before the full program merger happens.

  43. I am reviewing cards I have and cards I want. It would be helpful to me if you could make a bulleted list with fees and perks. I made it to Gold Medallion with your good advice and guidance.

  44. Have the business card and am keeping it. I canceled the personal card over a year ago with the thought I could get a new one in 12 months if I needed the miles, but haven’t done so. I haven’t been following updates closely enough — can I no longer get the bonus again on a new personal card? (I know, I deserve a slap on the wrist for not keeping up with changes to the program.)

  45. Will wait until current Delta and Am Ex Plt cards are up for annual fees and then cycle through the rest of the DE cards.

  46. will be looking into the business version in February. Have held the personal one in the past already

  47. I just cancelled my Bus Reserve so I can get 70k MQMs next year and am going to get the Bus Amex Gold for my 4th AMEX card.

  48. No, not reviewing… happy with what I have and just can’t spend that much money to meet all the spend required. (Well, I could, but expenses aren’t high enough!)

  49. Looking at the Business Platinum to get the initial MQM bonus and then possibly upgrading to the Reserve later for more.

  50. I will be reviewing. I think it is crappy that they took away the personal bonus. But, at least they kept the business bonus. I am also sad at the changes to the guests getting into lounges on the reserve card.

  51. Rene – correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the fee for the Delta Amex business Plat $450? That’s what comes up when I use your link. Same as the Reserve. I have the Delta personal Plat, just got the Delta business Reserve for the MQM’s. I’ll use it for the MQD waiver and the bonus MQM’s and hope to make platinum again this year!

  52. Plan to keep my DL Business Amex til I hit the max spend to get my MqM, may downgrade the DL Platinum I also carry

  53. Hey René, it’s been a while since I’ve commented on the blog. My bad.

    The family is down to just two Delta Platinum cards nowadays, and we’re unsure what the future holds for them. We’ve been monitoring the blog quite close, and are waiting for our 2015 travel season to kick off next week so we can see the 2015 SkyMiles program in action. After that, we’ll probably be more inclined to make a better decision as to the Way Ahead for Delta Amexes.

  54. I’m good. I have both a personal and business card which I use far more than my other co-branded cards. When all is said and done, I am reasonably satisfied with the value I receive.

  55. Platinum or Reserve business cards trying to get back to Diamond for those int’upgrade certs!

  56. I will be keeping my personal Delta AmEx for the spend exemption. However, my spouse just cancelled his and switched to the non Delta AmEx.

  57. Will keep my Plat and think about Reserve if needed for the bonus miles toward the end of the year.

  58. in feb my intent is to go over all my cards and see what i can cancel and what deal i may wish to take advantage of with the intent of slimming my card pile and being smarter about the whole thing. as a total rookie i have have made many $$$$$ errors just like the card people hoped and this year with your guidance i intend to be smarter with my tiny retirement income.

  59. Just got my first Delta card last week. The Gold AMEX. I usually fly United or American but trying to expand my miles to other airlines. I fly my first Delta flight this April to New York and would love to have Sky Club Lounge access.

  60. I have Delta Skymiles, plus Delta Blue. Haven’t been flying much lately and am considering dropping the Delta card, or keeping if a retention bonus is offered.

  61. i won’t be reviewing at all. The devaluation of my gold status has sealed the fate of Delta to me. Status match on United here I come while I still have Platinum!

  62. I don’t have Delta AmEx cards, but may reconsider doing so toward the end of the year.

  63. At the moment I have 4 AmEx cards (OBC, SPG, SimplyCash, and EDP). There are still a couple of Delta card options that I haven’t gotten the bonus on before, but I’ll need to close a card first. The SimplyCash card will be the one to get the axe.

  64. I have the business version of the Reserve and the personal Platinum. I’ve targeted (Redbird) manufactured spending and all my business work & travel expenses on the Reserve to get the 15K MQM quickly. After that comes to pass, I’ll evaluate whether I continue with that card or switch to the Chase Ink for UR’s. I’ll keep the Platinum and pay the fee, as we use the companion ticket every year, though it only (after the annual fee) nets a savings of $150-$200.

  65. I have the personal and business gold cards and am on the fence about keeping them. I may keep the business card as it comes in handy for the free checked bag maybe once a year (most of my flights are international) and I do like having extra cards for the Amex Sync offers. I need to sit down, do the math and then ask for a retention offer.

  66. I only hold one Delta card, the Amex Gold and I am keeping it. I also hold a US Airways MasterCard and I do not intend to add any. I also have my oldest card, which is a Visa Platinum which I don’t use too much but I keep it because it’s cool that it reads “Cardholder since 1970”. Yes, it’s true………..I’m a dinosaur!

  67. I’ve done a round of applications recently and am waiting a bit for my credit score to bump up again. Probably going to see how travel will turn out this year and if I need the extra MQM to get to Platinum. Maybe I’ll get a personal Delta Amex in half a year or so, if needed.

  68. Have the Amex Delta Platinum and will be renewing. Have always been able to get great value out of the companion pass for holiday travel.

  69. I’m chasing status big time this year. All in on manufactured spending, and with three of four possible cards I’m considering also getting the personal reserve card.

  70. I don’t have a Delta AmEx card, but my wife and I both each need one. With 4 kids, it takes A LOT of miles to get us all somewhere! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I will probably keep them but as the descent steepens into a dive I may well reevaluate after this year.

  72. I have a personal platinum AmEx. I will definitely need some MQMs this year, so it sounds like a business Platinum something I need to consider.

  73. i don’t have any delta Amex cards at this time, though I used to.
    Amex fell out of love with me But I have been very good so, perhaps upon review
    I’ll apply again and make it m Magick year!

  74. have personal and Delta platinums (platini?) Probably not chasing seriously but things happen. Very early in the year.

  75. I have 2 Amex cards (personal and business), not going to change this for now, but am looking at different airlines because of the changes Delta has brought to us recently.

  76. I’m sad to defect from my favorite airline, but their changes were not in my favor. Based in Hawaii, Alaska Air is now my choice. More daily flights out of Kona, great customer service, and generosity with miles on other carriers like Fiji Air, Emirates, Qantas, and even American were a big selling point. Plus, having a daughter in Seattle gives adds to their favor.

    Have enjoyed ‘elite-plus’ for years, especially the KLM and Korean Air links. But it is time to end that friendship. Gonna miss my platinum card. A sad day for me.

  77. I have a personal Delta platinum AMEX, ill put 25k of cards spend Anna this year to requalify for dm.

    BTW, Is there any Delta AMEX product That has a true chip and pin?

  78. My wife and I each have an AMEX Delta Skymiles Platinum card. The cards expire in June, 2015 and I think this year I will investigate other options both inside and outside the Delta AMEX family.

  79. Cancellong Delta cards, not getting new ones. With rollover, I’ve done as much 2015 qualifying as I’m going to do until there’s a chance to evaluate whether there’s anything in the 2016 program for me.

  80. Not changing or cancelling one. Just moved and will not be flying Delta much this year due to my location + all the changes.

  81. I’ll be going for AMEX platinum non-delta. My loyalty to delta & delta branded amex is done.

  82. I’ll probably go for the business platinum & reserve cards, since I’ve never had either one!

  83. One one for me this year. I am keeping the Delta Amex Platinum and i have already received and spent my companion pass.

  84. I am keeping my Personal Delta Platinum Card and will be adding a Platinum AMEX (Non-Delta Branded) card for my business.

  85. I have the Delta Platinum Personal, and I got my wife on the Delta Gold Gold AMEX when they had the 50,000 mile bonus and $50 statement credit. We won’t be adding any other Delta Cards for a bit.

  86. I’m holding on to my Delta AMEX Platinum Card and plan on spending the $25k to achieve PM status again this year.

  87. I have the Amex platinum and Amex business reserve. Seriously thinking about giving up both and strictly using my discover card and just take the cash and spend it wherever I want.

  88. I went with the (Personal) SkyMiles AMEX gold!! I had not had a personal AMEX in over 180 days (yes I do churn my cards).
    So, I was really torn between SkyMiles AMEX Gold and Reserve after I recieved the targeted offer for Gold. As I attach significant value the companion airfares.
    **I recieved the 50K / $50 Statement Credit / $0 Annual Fee offer.
    I value the miles more than the MQM’s (150K+ Rollover MQM’s thanks to a few months of SJU-DXB commutes and some MQM bonuses from hitting spend goals on the Business Platinum and Reserve cards).
    I have found that spreading my spending over these cards have actually given me more return on my spending and better service. Prior to that I was putting everything (business and personal) on my Centurion card. Which I converted to SkyMiles Platinum because of the decrease in benefits, increase in annual fee and spend requirements.

    Yes I am staying loyal to Delta. After several million miles on DL, I am still surprised several times a year by them in the form of gifts, gestures and amazing servcice.

  89. Rene,

    Thanks for a great blog. I recently was pointed to your blog by a FA!! Love your perspective!! And the humor is great!! We should make a run to Dubai sometime!!

  90. I am making you changes…..want to get a Personal AMEX Platinum Card for more MQM but since I already have the business card it does me no good 🙁

  91. I am making no changes, already have the Platinum Business Card so wish they would change the rules so I could get the signup bonus for the Platinum Personal Card

  92. I have no plans to change my Delta Reserve card but might be picking up an AA card just in case.

  93. waiting (or should I say hoping) for some targeted offers to come around again. 75k delta gold….maybe? Otherwise, might consider delta platinum

  94. The AmEx Business card is certainly at the top of our To Do List!

    Gotta love Free (sorta) MQM’s!

  95. I don’t have any Delta cards right now. Am waiting for some increased bonus points deals.

  96. I will simply hold both my personal Delta AMEX Platinum and my business Delta AMEX Platinum – but may downgrade the personal card to AMEX Gold. I don’t churn spend, and 2 BOGO coach tickets (1 earned for each Platinum Card) can be challenging to redeem, so not having as high an annual fee on one Delta AMEX Gold would be helpful.

  97. Personal Delta Reserve AmEx is my only Delta Card. Use it to satisfy Diamond spend. Don’t need the MQM.

  98. I think I’m going to cancel my Delta Gold Personal card when it comes time for the annual fee.

  99. Will review other cards but plan to keep both my Delta Reserve personal plus the Delta Reserve Business. Expensive as heck but want the MQM.
    But HOW did you manage to reach Diamond already this year?

  100. Going to downgrade Delta amex reserve to delta platinum. Not worth keeping reserve with changes to sky club access.

  101. Just got the personal Delta Gold… how do you compare the value of personal Delta Gold Amex vs. the personal Delta Platinum Amex card?

  102. I have no Delta cards, and have no plans at the moment to get one (Is that bad!?!). That is unless they really make a nice offer. But I still fly Delta for work once in a while, so I could use the passes!

  103. I was thinking about going for the Delta Amex Reserve, but the latest “enhancements” have put me on the fence.

  104. Carry Personal and Business Delta Reserve cards. First time carrying both cards in one year. I appreciated the bonus MQM from spend in 2014 (helped me attain Diamond status) but I’m a bit apprehensive about being able to utilize the BOGO companion certificates. Every time I price two tickets using the certificate, the fare appears to be much higher than if I paid for each ticket outright. 🙁

  105. No, I will not be reviewing my Delta Platinum AMEX Skymiles card or my personal Platinum American Express card with an eye to changing my usage or number of cards. They both serve good purposes (flight and general travel) and have enough different benefits (free bag, early boarding, $200 misc flight spending, no foreign fees) that I am satisfied with just these two.”

  106. I don’t currently have any of the cards. I thought I might get one this year but am no longer feeling motivated to do so.

  107. I’m going to look into changing both my husband’s and my delta amex accounts to the cheap skymiles credit card (the one lower than gold) as soon as I use or gift my plt companion certificates for this year. The truth is I love all of my Amex and I get great value from the offers. However the loss of the better award seat availability for card and medallion mixed with close in award fare structure is big. I will still fly with Delta but am not happy and will also consider other options if flights and prices are better.
    – a former delta apologist

  108. I have the personal and business Delta Reserve card. I am considering one of the Platinum cards since I have never had either.

  109. Another way to look at the MQM purchase with the business Delta Platinum card is if you have to “buy” the annual fee ($195) and “buy” the spend of $50,000 you can do that creatively for $595 and your total cost for 25,000 additional MQM’s would only be 3.16CPM

  110. I just upgraded my personal Platinum to Reserve – I’m going to cancel my business Reserve shortly now that I have the personal Reserve (SkyClub access).

  111. @JD – hummm…. that is some math to think about. as long as you fact in GC fee. maybe real final number would be closer to 3.5 but worth running final totals for fun. Txs

  112. Plan on sticking with my Personal Reserve Card. Probably won’t chase much status his year, as I have SW Companion Pass through 2015. Will probably get close to a threshold, and then rollover miles to go for status next year.

  113. Just keeping my Delta AMEX platinum for the companion ticket (just used and saved about $475) and 20K MQM bonus with $50K spend. The increased annual fee and decreased ability to earn miles over the years are making me think twice about continuing, though.

  114. I will be keeping the Delta Platinum Amex. Great card and I love the double miles for Delta purchases

  115. I will probably get rid of my Hilton Amex no fee credit card and shoot for the business platinum delta card or the business SPG card in the spring.

  116. I’ll be keeping the personal reserve card, the bonus MQMs and the waving of MQDs once I get my spend makes it invaluable for me. Plus the first class companion pass more than covers the annual fee.

  117. Delta Reserve is on the chopping block, as soon as I’ve burned the companion certificate and done some summer travel with my SkyPesos. The changes in Delta have come WAY too fast and unpredictably!

  118. I just recently got my Delta Gold Personal and Delta Gold Bsn Amex cards for the first time and am meeting MSR right now. Still learning my way around the Amex (offers) universe. Looking forward to the miles to fly Delta again, which haven’t done in ages and ages.

  119. I am reviewing, but looking to apply since I just applied for a couple new cards a few weeks back.

  120. I have the personal Platinum card and will keep it solely for the MQD waiver. In addition, the 10k MQM at 25k spend is nice.

  121. I am going to review my DL amex cards – and make decisions as to what to apply for and how to earn points that will get me frugal travel.

  122. Sticking with skymiles options – not putting in extra effort this year because of all the recent changes.

  123. I will probably consider ditching my Delta Platinum before the end of the year for the business card.

  124. Have the personal Reserve card. Considering one of the business cards for MQMs. Not sure platinum status means much now but sure don’t want to go back to gold.

  125. I’ll keep my Delta Amex at least until the annual fee is due in June, but I won’t be using it nearly as much this year. I’ve had Delta status for the past 5 years, but I’m letting it go this year due to Delta’s changes.

  126. I am probably going to switch to Amex Platinum from the Reserve card just to have more options going forward. Delta still has a nice product but just not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

  127. Maybe I will cancel my business reserve card after I get the 30000 mqms this year. I’ll see what offers are around for the platinum at that time.

  128. Thinking of going for an AmEx DL Personal Plat for the wife. I could use the MQM’s for sure, and the Skypesos are a decent bonus…

  129. Looking at upgrading from Gold to Platinum. The thought of the companion ticket for only $100 in extra yearly fees is tempting.

  130. I’m sticking with my personal Delta Platinum AmEx. Last year, I did $25K spend, for the MQD exemption and the 10K MQMs, to hit PM. This year, I may do $50K spend on it for 20K MQMs and the exemption…

  131. Done chasing DM status. Will never get beyond PM to there. I hold the Delta Amex Platinum but do not have enough “spend ” to benefit from an additional Amex card. Already sitting on About half a million SM but want to stockpile as many as possible to visit family in Alaska and to being grandkids down to the lower 48.

  132. Just got Delta Plat AMEX today. Couldn’t turn down the 15,000 MQM initial bonus plus 10,000 MQM after $25k spend.

  133. Received an offer for 15k MQM but don’t think I will apply. I am silver now but don’t think I’m ready to manufacture so much spend to get to Gold. Beginner cold feet.

  134. yes, I need to review. I have the AMEX Delta Reserve. If I get the AMEX Platinum, can I hold both and get MQM’s from each’s end requirements?

  135. not flying as much now, so may need to relook at the Delta platinum personal card, not sure it’s worth the annual fee; i haven’t tried to use the free companion ticket yet, not sure what type of value it will end up being.

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