2015 January Delta Points Newsletter – Delta picks up where they left off in December!

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delta points monthly news letter

December was an EPIC month for Delta #KeepDescending moments. With that much hard work one would think January could not be worse, but you would be wrong. We are feeling the full effect of Skymiles2015 and, unlike most of Delta’s advertizing, the bulk of us are bey0nd upset. Fewer Skymiles, upgrades disappearing like the morning mist thanks to FCM and more. Let’s review the first 31 days of 2015!

Welcome to Skymiles2015 – how are one-way awards working & the new site?

➥ The Delta and point things I am doing today & you should look at too.

➥ A change of direction for the blog & what will Delta do next?

➥ Delta now selling #BearBags on EBAY! What? It’s OK, they are doing it for the right reasons!

➥ A guest post by TexasYankee – The blog will never be the same – part 1

➥ A guest post by TexasYankee – The blog will never be the same – part 2

➥ How to earn your Delta MQD exempt waiver & avoid MQD spend requirement

➥ Noticed something missing on Delta flights the past few weeks? New snack baskets are “enhanced” that is downgraded when meal served? What about C+?

➥ Negative impact on medallion upgrades from Skymiles2015 & FCM. How bad will 2015 be?

➥ Rookie Wednesday: All about Delta vouchers – bumps, gift cards & more

➥ CORRECTION: Delta schools ME on Snackbasket-GATE (do you agree with Delta)?

➥ A quick update on PWM or Pay With Miles on Delta.com (from Delta CORP).

➥ UPDATE: My Delta / KLM EU (EC) 261/2004 request is denied – again!

➥ Delta NEWS, bits & things you should know around the interweb!

➥ How I will be thanking Delta FAs in 2015 for all they do!

➥ Bumps in the roAAd linking my AA & US Air accounts – some tips before you link!

➥ Sunday Reader post: Fighting for a refund & Winning with Delta

➥ Delta 2012 TV commercial comes back to bite the airline – careful what you say!

CONFIRMED: Platinum $200 Delta Airline fee credit sweet spot is $50 for 2015

➥ What’s worse than #Skymiles2015 – Delta e-mail marketing (AVOID at ALL COSTS)!

➥ Delta Flight Attendants seeking to join IAM UNION – says 12,000 FOR joining

➥ The slow Delta rollover MQM numbers are here – check your accounts – numbers are posting!

➥ Rookie Wednesday: All about Delta Regional & Global Upgrade certificates for medallions

➥ Lots of Double Delta SKYBONUS offers – register before you book. (could be targeted)

➥ Why I just don’t care about Delta’s new JFK gates – but one good idea – a bus?

➥ I have just booked the most AMAZING flight! On an AMAZING aircraft! SOOOO excited!

➥ Delta is sorry – but you are NOT getting any Skymiles (e-mails were a mistake).

➥ Delta “OWNS” mistake e-mails and PAYS OUT POINTS! Really impressive and WoW!

➥ Are you worried about 2016 Choice Benefits & Delta Medallion program changes? I am!

➥ AGGGG – What should I do with hotel loyalty / status this year? SPG again?

➥ The “insider” story behind the Delta 25,000 points SkyMall deal & the end with Delta.

➥ ALERT! Many Delta schedule changes loaded this weekend. Please check all your trips NOW!

➥ Delta “sorta” fixes Pay With Miles (PWM) pricing bug – still a work in progress

➥ New York to Seattle is again open for ALL medallions to upgrade. Even Gold & Silver Medallions.

➥ You know what’s really STUPID to do – sell your Delta Choice Benefits!

➥ A new TAB on the blog – Ask René

➥ Rookie Wednesday: Planning for 2015 Delta Mileage Runs – Less is more / All-in when good!

#KeepDescending! Delta downgrades Medallion & AMEX enhanced award space perks!

➥ A day of Delta reminders. A bunch of little bits you should check on.

➥ Another Medallion downgrade from Delta – Platinums no longer JFK-LAX/SFO upgrade eligible.

➥ Let’s knock out some reader Delta Q&A today.

➥ A loyal Delta elite status match to Alaska – The fury of a woman scorned!

➥ My new list of 2015 Delta pet peeves they really should fix!

➥ New AMEX co-Branded US BANK Flexperks Travel Rewards card is out!

➥ UBERx is TOO CHEAP & needs to raise prices – FAST – or no one will drive for UBER!

Delta Studio fixed many bugs from 2014 but still not perfect.

➥ More big changes to Fly Delta App 3.1 – Award booking & other useful changes

➥ Rookie Wednesday: Why deals die & this is why we cannot have nice things!

Sweeping changes coming to Delta Skybonus in 2016 – sole proprietors no longer welcome!

➥ Planning and pricing of the run – 2015 Delta Mileage Run

Whining about phones – my love / hate relationship with Sprint, Android & Samsung!

➥ First looks at the new Salt Lake Utah SLC airport – change will be dramatic!

Yep! Lots of #KeepDescending Delta is continuing full speed ahead in 2015! So what do we have to look forward to? We have one more month until many will drop in status, that is, 1MARCH. We also, we hope, will learn about the full glory of what cuts will come to the 2016 Medallion program. I for one cannot wait. You? – René

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  1. Rene,
    I’ve noticed from following you and your blog for quite some time that you obviously fly a great deal. Additionally, I’ve noticed that you’ve been invited to many Delta events. During these events I’m guessing that you’ve had the opportunity to speak to the top brass of delta. My question is: have your shared your displeasure with the changes that have been made and what was the reaction or response you have gotten? Thanks!

  2. @Scott – They do not care. Look at the top brass as you say from DL. All come from accounting backgrounds. They ONLY care about bottom line. Plus, and I have been told this POINT BLANK – where are they going to go – that is flyers. They have most HUB captives. All the planes are full or OVER full. And they have told me they are ready to PARK JETS if they need to to keep flying FULL rather than give more back. Sad times for flyers. 🙁

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