Link LIVE for 10 one time GoGo inflight pass from AMEX Platinum business cards

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gogo 10 pack for amex biz holders link

Back in December I blogged about the great news that the non-Delta AMEX Business Platinum Card<—LINK would be adding the perk of 10 GoGo uses for card holders. It took a while for THIS NOW LIVE LINK to get posted but now you can register.

There was some speculation if they would be ONE DAY i.e. 24 hour passes that is worth up to $16 or if it would just be the one flight pass that varies from $9.95~$14.95. It is frustrating to me that they did not simply make it the slightly more expensive better choice. The T&C says:

The Gogo Preferred Program is a benefit of Business Centurion®, Corporate Centurion® Card, Business Platinum Card®, Corporate Platinum Card®, Global Dollar Card – Corporate Platinum Card®, Corporate Gold Card, and Global Dollar Card – Executive Gold Corporate Card. Each Card Member with one of the above Cards is eligible for complimentary single flight segment passes for Gogo inflight internet each calendar year. Centurion Members are eligible for unlimited passes, Platinum Card Members are eligible for 10 passes, and Gold Card Members are eligible for 5 passes. A “flight segment” is defined as one takeoff and landing on the same aircraft, with the same flight number, between two cities. To activate the passes, go to to validate eligibility and then create or log into your Gogo account. To use a pass while in flight, log into your Gogo account and select to use the American Express Internet Pass. If you are on a Gogo equipped flight segment that is eligible for a subscription plan (including a Gogo Unlimited Plan or an Airline Unlimited Plan) or an All-Day Pass you have redeemed that is still in effect, your Gogo subscription plan or All-Day Pass will be automatically used and you will not have an opportunity to use an American Express Internet Pass. Any American Express Internet Passes remaining in your Gogo account at the end of each calendar year will be removed. To be eligible for this benefit, your Card Account must be active. Amex may revoke unused passes if your Card is canceled or if you transfer your Card Account to a new Card product. Amex will periodically provide Gogo with updated information regarding your eligibility for this benefit. Use of Gogo services is subject to Gogo’s terms of use, privacy policy and other policies, available at Gogo services are subject to change without notice. The Gogo Preferred Program is the only business and corporate card program that offers free inflight internet access on any Gogo equipped flight. Gogo and the Gogo logo are trademarks of Gogo LLC, registered in the US and other countries. – BOLD MINE

The big thing that you may want to work around is “flight segment” restriction. That is, if you have other pre-purchased day passes or such they would be pulled rather than the free ones. So take a look at the next screen shot.

you may want to make a NEW account for just these 1 time use pass

You can either have them load to your existing GoGo account, OR, you can make a new GoGo account for only these. Think about this before you load please.

page 3 log in for gogo to load 10 pass

I choose to just load to my existing account as I either hold a monthly pass or I don’t. Plus I fly Delta (for now) only. The other nice thing while were are on this is that you can use it on any airline that is a GoGo airline (i.e. not just Delta).

page 4

I simply entered in my AMEX credit card number and was told the load was successful.

my 10 free amex gogo passes have loaded into my account

When I then went to my account and looked it did instantly showed my one time use passes have loaded in. Sweet.

Now this $100~150 per calendar year perk should not be the ONLY reason to get the non-Delta AMEX Business Platinum Card<—LINK. To me, one of the biggest perks is AMEX Centurion lounge access and the $200 in credits for airline incidentals. But this is one more perk that helps lower the blow of the $450 annual fee even more making this card one I will HOLD for as long as I fly! – René
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  1. Rene – thank you for sharing this information. Of all the flyer blogs I follow (daily) yours was the only one that mentioned this great benefit which I can take advantage of as an AMEX Business Platinum card holder. Much appreciated!

  2. Any way t get free gogo passes with a personal platinum card (not a business platinum card)?

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