Join me on a historic flight? First scheduled 1st class Delta service from South Bend International Airport SBN – 2MARCH2015

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flying on the 1st 1st class bird from sbn 2march15

As I blogged about before, I have booked in 1st class a historic flight from South Bend International Airport or SBN as it is known in airport code.

3 old delta connection jets saab atr crj200

I have been flying from SBN for decades. I have flown lots of turbo prop planes like the Northwest SAAB’s, Delta ATR’s and so many CRJ200’s that I am sad to say I bet half of my million miler status (almost there) will be earned on these tiny planes.

CRJ700 Delta

But now things have changed (well are changing anyway). We now have 1x a day in and out a jet that has 1st class seats serviced by one of the many Delta connection carriers, in this case ExpressJet! I don’t really care what feeder it is just the fact that for the first time EVER, as a scheduled route, I will be sitting in 1st class on a Delta “painted” jet from SBN (I say scheduled because for ND football games there have been larger jets now and then).

When I learned about this I did the Pharrell Williams – “happy” dance and did not stop smiling for almost 24 hours. To that extent I even went as far as blowing 50,000 Skymiles to book this round trip and I could not be more thrilled at this redemption – this is HISTORY being made for South Bend, Indiana!

Now I am not “just” flying to Detroit for the day as my 50,000 Skymiles can take me anywhere I want to go and I will be flying onward in 1st class. Plus, since I am after all a Delta blogger, the price for the ticket was just over $500 so I am testing Pay with Miles from holding a  Delta AMEX card  in 1st class to see if I do earn points under Skymiles2015 (there has been MUCH conflicting and changing info on

I am counting the days till takeoff! Want to join me on a historic flight? – René
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  1. Ha, even little ole CRW has a mainline(no regional carrier!!) A319 once a day.
    Welcome to F from home!
    On a related note, I am very anxious to hear how PWM credits(or not) to MQM/D/Miles.

  2. Clicked post to quick. Since I already did few PWM flights, all posted as they supposed to for me.

  3. @Jakub – Can you give us MUCH more info please. Were the coach? Were they 1st? Were they 50% PWM or 100% PWM? Were they booked in 2014 or in 2015? Were the Skymiles 100% paid out on the “X” of your status? Were they lower due to the points? Please give us much more feedback. Oh and sorry I stole your bird 😉

  4. @jakub…yes please Jackub…more info please. I wish to do this on an upcoming flight and really am a little afraid. also did you get medallion miles as those are the ones i need since i fly so little. thanks

  5. Robert – Agreed! Now you have to also agree it is funny they are NOT flying this on the 1+hr SBN-ATL or SBN-MSP but the shortest SBN-DTW route. Airlines are truly crazy.

  6. So excited for this! I’m booked on it on May 3, and I couldn’t be more excited! Been flying from SBN on the small CRJs for too long.

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