Time for my latest round of cards – I got my first NO – (will be fun to see what happens)!

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Best Credit Cards

rene score

My credit score ebbs and flows up and down month by month and year by year as each time I apply for new travel cards my score goes down a few points but then back up by the time I am ready for another round as you can see from my free report from my Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.

amex card

amex approved

My first card this round, American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card <—LINK, is a good choice for me as earning 3x points for buying airline tickets on the airline’s website is better than my Delta AMEX Reserve card that only pays me 2x points and locked in to SkyMiles. I can send my 25,000 bonus points after spending just $2,000 to Delta, should I wish to do so, and they will show up instantly. Or, I can send them to a great number of other partners that may be even more valuable than SkyMiles (especially since I basically emptied my account last week). For AIR and GAS this will be a nice card to have in my wallet.

As you can see by the two screen shots above, I was not instantly approved but the next day received an email indicating my account was approved. Again, a great card to replace my the personal Delta Reserve card I did choose to cancel late last year (I still hold my business Reserve card).


The next card, Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard®, was an instant approval with a nice credit line. I currently hold the Citi AA card that has a $450 fee but will dump that one before the fee hits. 50,000 AA bonus points after spending $3,000 is perfect to top off my AA account. Plus, I have a feeling I will be flying AA a bunch more over the next few years! 😉

us bank

My next one, FlexPerks® Travel Rewards American Express® Card <—LINK, was also a simple choice. I already HOLD a U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® <—LINK card as well as a  U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Business Edge(TM) Travel Rewards Card <—LINK card but they are both Visa cards. Why not add an AMEX one too! I got a wait but I am 100% confident on this one as I always get a wait due to my blocking them from accessing ARS & IDA (the firm that compares your phone number to how many apps you have done)! I expect in a few days I will get an e-mail saying I am approved and will get, after spending $3,500 another 20,000 bonus FlexPerks points that I can use for a ticket up to $400. Perfect.

cap one

This last I just tossed in because I only hold 1 no fee Capital One Venture card. Yes they pull from all 3 credit bureau, but the current 40,000 bonus point offer after spending $3,000 works to add a new $430 of travel credit for travel. But they flat out said NO! The nerve! Capital One does not have a reconsideration number / reps like most banks. Once they send you a letter saying we told you NO you can fax that and a letter why you should be approved to 888-259-3021. I will do that and see if they can flip it to a yes and keep my years of 100% approvals going. If not, this will be my last play with Capital One and I will even cancel my no fee card and move on. I will be sure to update you on how it goes!

Anyway, that is my latest round of travel cards until late MAY when I get to pick a new pack to play with! – René


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Best Credit Cards


  1. It’s okay. It happens to all of us at one time or another. I got a yes (for the Southwest personal card) and no (for the Southwest business card) from Chase in the same day. They acknowledged that my credit and pay in full history was great, but said I had too much credit/too many cards with Chase. When I asked to either close some cards or move credit line around then they said I had too many recent inquiries, argh!

  2. Rene, I have looked at all of your writing regarding credit card churn but I don’t see any guidelines to say when is it a good time to cancel a card. Do you have any guidelines for that?


  3. No worries. Cap One cards are weak at best. I keep getting turned down by AMEX although I have other AMEX cards and a high score, etc. etc. AMEX just doesn’t like me for some odd reason even though they should be begging me.

  4. @JohnHace – OH that is a simple one. I only cancel when I can not either:
    A) On my retention call get enough points to make it worth keeping
    B) Downgrade to a no fee card.
    The exception is BofA – They tend to HARD PULL when you do stuff so always just cancel those!

  5. Careful with Capital One reconsideration. I mailed them a letter asking for reconsideration and they simply pulled my credit 32 days after the initial application and denied me again. Make sure you clearly state you don’t want them to pull your credit again.

  6. Rene -I think the FlexPerks Amex Select+ is 10K points for $1,000 spend (no AF). The FlexPerks Amex is 20K points for $3,500 spend (AF waived first year).

  7. @billy. Don’t be fooled René is only half good guy and half evil credit card genius. About to earn his way onto the no fly list for UA AA & DL. Sounds like Cap1 is wary of being the next victim. Can’t blame them. May have to stop associating with him until Virgin America comes to town.

    Nah I’m like AMEX I’ll keep rolling the dice on @Deltapoints.

  8. Surprised you did not previously have the AMEX PR gold card. Was this your first time getting the card? Thanks

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