The CLUB at LAS (big and small) – 2015 Delta Mileage Run

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There are two “clubs” at Las Vegas airport for you to visit if you happen to have either a pass from your Chase INK cards (2 visits free per year) or a priority pass card that you can get free from the non-Delta AMEX Platinum card as well as the AMEX business Platinum card. The first club is very near the Centurion lounge and is very tiny but has the advantage of being open later hours than the larger club.

entrance small the club at las

It is tucked away a bit but there is a helpful sign directing you to the club.

small the club at las

As I mentioned, this club is tiny. Very tiny. Think one big box broken up into a few rooms. Amenities are sparse and snacks are even fewer than a Skyclub!

computer and printer the club at las

There is a lonely printer in one room just off to the side of check-in. I would avoid this club unless you just want a late night drink and you have no other free choices.


The better choice is the “club” in T3. Both lounges are post security as you can see.

las terminals the club at las delta points blog

If you are already inside the airport, you can take the tram from the Delta gates, but be careful NOT to exit security. We just took the elevator up to the lounge level.

large the club at las delta points blog (1)

large the club at las delta points blog (2)

You should not miss the entrance as the signage is good.

large the club at las delta points blog (3)

Once past check-in the first room is the bar and food area.

large the club at las delta points blog (5)

Choices were ample but not outstanding including some prepared sandwiches. If you have a coach ride on the way it could be worth picking a few up as well as enjoying a beverage or two pre-flight.

large the club at las delta points blog (6)

large the club at las delta points blog (7)

large the club at las delta points blog (8)

Seating in the rest of the club was ample and at this late hour I visited the club was mostly empty. Not sure about the 70’s color choices but the seats were comfortable. One issue I wish more clubs would address is power. If you want to have a really good club, offer ports everywhere to make travelers happy.

large the club at las delta points blog (9)

There is a shower available that is less than impressive, but at least it is there should you need it.

large the club at las delta points blog (4)

Lastly there is a computer room and work area that is walled off from the rest of the club.

Overall impressions were lackluster. I will say if there were a Skyclub in the LAS airport I would avoid it in favor of this club, but when competing against an airport with a Centurion lounge they must step up the game to at least try to match the competition. – René
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  1. You sure like to eat, Rene. Seriously. I don’t get why so many people critique the food of airlines and airport clubs. It’s almost as if everyone pigs out when they travel because the food is ‘free’ (or perceived to be free). The small club might actually be halfway decent, if everyone avoids it.

    All I want when I go to a club is newspapers, power plugs, an espresso machine and maybe some yogurt, if I’m hungry.

  2. I visited the T3 club last fall with my free Ink passes. From that perspective, it was great. As you mentioned, there was a somewhat limited selection, but what was there was good. The layout does provide some nice opportunities to find a quiet corner and start to transition back to normal after being in Las Vegas.

  3. The Club larger version at LAS had ham and cheese on rye that were as good as I have tasted in a long time! This even after visiting the Centurion Club for 4 hrs …

    As far as food goes while travelling I think it is important to have better choices than the usual selection of carbo crap that many people should not be eating. Considering a long day of travel when one must get up very early to arrive at the airport to board a plane that only serves carbo-snacks if at all. Many times there is no convenient time to grab a meal and/or the prices for somewhat better food in airports are extremely high. I wonder how hungry are those passengers causing disruptions on flights? For those of us who must be conscious of our blood sugar levels it is nice to see the reviews showing somewhat better food choices! Unfortunately I am weak and will still eat some of that carbo crap even though I know I should not if it is the only choice, Or I grab a hold of myself and pass which means I am real crabby for the remainder of my trip.

  4. when i went to the LAS centurion club(10:30pm)the bar had already closed for the night but the soups(mushroom yum) sandwiches and salads were stillout and good along with a brownie … nice hands down beats the Sky club. anytime…

  5. I was happy when Delta put salad into the clubs, except the plates aren’t big enough to put the salad on. Seriously.

  6. Rene, you should plan a trip via LHR so you can try Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse. It’s the best airline lounge I’ve encountered anywhere in the world. It’s truly amazing!!! Now that most of DL’s flights out of LHR depart from T-3, we DL people flying BE (and maybe DM and PM’s) can use the Clubhouse on departure. Virgin has an Arrivals lounge that is great too (but much smaller), but DL will soon open its own arrivals lounge, and we may no longer be able to use the Virgin one after that.

  7. I am a regular at The Club in LAS. I have access to the Centurion club but prefer the hospitality and comradery at The Club. Seriously, this place is like Cheers. Dolores is usually working the door nights. Slippery Sam tending bar. Carlos is cleaning up that sticky stuff off the floor. And there’s a whole host of regulars at the bar there who all know my name. Wouldn’t go anywhere else at LAS, these people are like my second family.

  8. are the Ink Passes “loaded” onto the LoungeClub card, or do I have to find physicall passes somewhere? (I.e., I have that card in my wallet, just forgot if I needed anything else)

  9. @Levi – You have to have the LoungeClub card. After two visits (per year) it bills the INK card associated with it.

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