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delta points numbers up 2015 over 2014

Boy, have a ton of new people found the blog since the 1st of the year. Who knows, maybe my change in direction from somewhat of a Delta apologist to a Delta realist has appealed to folks. Either way I am happy so many are finding and enjoying the blog and the numbers are up so strongly year over year (i.e. 1JAN-17FEB 2014 vs 2015 same period).

searches that folks followed to the blog

Another bit of interesting info to me is just how people find the blog. For many it is from BoardingArea’s home page. A bunch come from the blog being quoted in the press. But a huge group comes from Google searches. Over the past few months the above list is what many have typed and landed on the blog. Just neat info I think.

But what I really want to know is what kind of Delta flyers (or non-Delta flyer) are readers the blog. So, I have put up a poll. Please take time to vote and tell me your status you hold with Delta – I would love to know! – Rene

What is your current Medallion Status with Delta?

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  1. I’m new to the site. I’ve got a bunch of SkyRubles from AMEX promos, but have been completely unsuccessful in finding seats, and now I see their value slipping fast as Delta sprints to a big lead in the race to the bottom. I guess my main reason for being here is to pick up any ideas for using up these points in a way that gets something of value for them.

  2. Sure blog hits are up: you used to send the entire text of your blog entries in your daily emails. Now we just see the first 75 words or so forcing us to go to your website if we want to read the entire piece. (And, of course, we usually do!)

  3. I’d be curious how many are million, two million, etc. milers and if that matters anymore.

  4. I am kind of surprised about how high on the search list the VR searches are. You didn’t share the percentages; are many people still searching for info about VR?

    I think your blog is a great resource, and I point people toward it all the time – – especially if they have the ST card!

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