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No more Silver Medallion cards or bag tags – CPU printing only for 2015

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gold medallion reorder skymiles card

If you are a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Medallion, and for whatever reason lose your medallion card, all you do is log on to to My Wallet and click on “Re-Order” and Delta will send you a new one in a few weeks.

get new skymiles card

This is the same card all medallions get in the year kit. Now this is “just” the card. Unlike the kit that includes bag tags and for Platinums and Diamonds HOOU or Have One on Us drink coupons & JWD or Job Well Done certs.

silver medallions can only print skymiles cards

However, starting this year, all new Silver Medallions can only get their card online or via the Fly Delta APP. No physical cards will be sent to you each year you qualify (nor any bag tags etc). Notice that when a Silver Medallion goes to their “My Delta” page it brings up, not a re-order button, but a print button.

print your skymiles card delta-com 2

This gives you the chance to print a card with your name, number and Skymiles bar code on the card. If you have a color printer clearly will look a little better, but you had better have some packing tape to make it a bit more permanent for your wallet.

rene diamond car in app

So you may be saying “who cares”? For domestic travel you are for the most part right. Especially if you do have the Fly Delta APP (I would do a screen shot for off-line use) and can pull up your digital card in your phone.

When can it matter? With some Delta partners and especially internationally having a “real” card can come in handy. Plus, if your phone is dead in that kind of situation, again a physical card can be good to have on hand.

ebay buy delta diamond medallion luggage tag

Now if you are a “#BragTag” kind of person and want to have some kind of Delta luggage tag on your bag, carry-on or such – all you have to do is jump on EBay and you can buy your own set of medallion tags for those who make a sport of selling them to try to claw back a few dollars of benefit after all the crushing cuts Delta keeps making month after month over the past few years (yeah, technically against the rules, but I doubt the mothership will go after folks who do this).  – René


Gold Delta SkyMiles®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. FNT Delta Diamond Reply

    Not that silver medallion means anything. I mean seriously. You might, just might, get an upgrade on a 6am Sunday morning flight but that’s probably about it.

    All of my bag tags — Delta, Cathay Pacific, Turkish — always disappear from my luggage. Either it’s the machines or someone swipes them.

  2. With all these cost savings that they’ve mined out of their frequent flier program, Delta should have the lowest ticket fares on any flight to anywhere, right????

  3. Do you know when this went into effect? I earned FO towards the end of Dec ’14. At the time I received an e-mail stating they would be sending the “packet.” It still hasn’t arrived and this post makes me think it never will either.

    • @Geoff – Right around the 1st of they year. I would highly doubt you get a packet at this point sad to say. 🙁

  4. I know it is a minor indignity in the grand scheme of things but extremely annoying on a visceral level none the less. Do you think that maybe they will send tags as usual, but just restrict the ability to reorder them?

    • @Gaurav – Agree! No, expect nothing more in the mail. Just online printing from here on out.

  5. Gold medallion – didn’t get a “packet” this year. When I used the “job well done” certs, the FA’s were pretty excited.

  6. I’m guessing that some bean counter accountant figured out that they could save a few thousand a year by doing this? Ridiculous.

  7. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    The message from the mothership is simple to interpret. When I was a Silver, I felt valued. If I hadn’t continued expanding my loyalty to become a Diamond and still were a Silver today, I would take this change to mean, “Here at Delta, we’d appreciate you more if you carried a cobranded AmEx and flew once a year).

  8. Hey, it’s been about a week, (maybe less), since the last devaluation.
    They have a schedule to keep you know….

    …and now that they’ve picked apart some of the better benefits, it’s time now to go nitpicking for nickels and dimes…

  9. I’m a diamond medallion and also million miler with Delta, I still have not received my 2015 “credentials” packet. Should I contact StepMother D?

  10. Not that I would be getting one this year anyway…

    I get the cost savings in this, but this is just one more example of Deta sending the message that, “you are not important [enough for the litte extras].” I feel sorry for the folks who don’t have much of a choice besides Deta but don’t fly/spend enough to get beyond Silver…

  11. How much should I ask on Ebay for the “real” FO bag tags I’ve gotten over the years?!!

  12. I find this very insulting. I have to meet the new $3K spend, up $500 from last year, and Delta management can’t even bother to mail me an ID card?

    This will not be a benefit to Delta’s bottom line. They are acting like they have unlimited access to profit and to passengers, but they are offering a service that is remarkably interchangeable. Being petty with a set of core customers does not seem wise.

  13. I made Platinum last November and STILL have not received any credentials, bag tags, or certs. I think they are telling us that the whole loyalty program thing is OVER,

    BTW, I needed my physical card once when traveling after the NY 2010 Blizzard. LGA was crazy and the security line was very long. I had to show my card (gold or platinum at the time) to access the priority security line.

  14. Rene, You were considering changing your blog name a few ago. Maybe it should be Delta – Pointless or Delta/Delete Points.

  15. FYI – I JUST got my Diamond packet yesterday after achieving status early December, so it took two and a half months to come. Don’t give up hope, but the speed is definitely underwhelming.

  16. I live in Atlanta and my Gold Medallion kit just arrived today (PM the last two years) and there is one membership card, two bag tags, and four complimentary drink vouchers (no longer branded HOOU).

  17. I cannot believe that people buy medallion luggage tags, that’s just silly.

  18. Somehow I find it funny that some folks say, they “still” have not received any packet. In the recent years I never received anything before mid March (maybe even later). Each year I’ve been a few weeks without a valid medallion card.
    Well, when it comes to not sending out packets anymore, Delta is behind Hilton. Haven’t received any gold vip card from hhonors for several years now. And they have a link on their site for ordering a new card. Always says, it will be sent in a few weeks. Tried that for two or three years. Nothing ever arrived.
    And now Delta does not send anything to poor Silvers like me. Poor me 😉
    Well, I’ve never needed a physical card, but always loved to get one in the mail.

    • @Ralfinho – Many who qualified late last year have “still” not packets. Also, MANY Diamonds have their packets already this year.

  19. Sometimes it helps to have a bag tag. I’ve had a ticket agent notice my silver tags back when I was silver and she called me right up to the priority line. I was in an airport I’ve never been to. I’m truly done chasing status now. I still occasionally visit delta related blogs and forums to see what they’ve done now. It’s kind of amusing at this point. I don’t know why they don’t just drop the pretense and do away with skymiles altogether. I loathe United but they are part of star alliance which has great members. I’m looking into star alliance now.

  20. I had two platinum bag tags in metal holders attached with cables. Just returned from the Dominican Republic and when I retrieved my bags from customs the tags were gone. Any idea why they were removed?

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  23. I became PL in June 2015 but I have not received the PL welcome kit. I emailed Delta and no response. As you show in your screenshot, I do not have a “Re-order” button in My Wallet either. I just have a “Print” button. Did Delta do away with re-ordering as part of cost-cutting?

  24. I never received my Gold tags/kit this year, so I called Delta and asked. They said that they’re only doing kits for Platinum and Diamond from here on out.

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