Final thoughts & impressions about the run – 2015 Delta Mileage Run

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Final thoughts & impressions about the run – 2015 Delta Mileage Run

delta 747 at detroit dtw airport delta ponts blog

Ending this trip report with a review of what this trip was all about really is fitting for 2015. This year DeltaMileageRunning is just weird. I mean the game is the same, the fun of travel is the same, the great Delta people and product are the same – but is still just “feels” different now. It is so hard to describe the shift. I still get giddy every time I see a 747 parked in DTW and think how fun it would be to be upstairs in BE (Sorry Delta ONE) where ever in the world it may be going!

snow at dtw detroit at liftoff delta points blog

My upgrades were very good for this run. I burned an expiring RU cert that I really did not need to as I would have upgraded on those legs anyway (it really can be such a guessing game just when to burn these things).

las to msp flight tongiht deltapoints

It was looking like our red-eye from Vegas was going to be just empty. I mean think about a 757 with only a few folks on it. It would have been so kool.

new slimline delta 1st class seats 757 las las vegas delta points blog

We ended up going out with 1st class, with the new slim line seats installed, 100% full but coach was just about empty and I am sure everyone got “flat bed” with 3 seats each in back. Not bad even if stuck in coach.

southwest chicken salad delta air lines regional jet 1st class delta points  blog

I know it sounds like a broken record for me but I am just constantly impressed with the quality of Delta food (still hate the ugly trays). Maybe because the airline is DESTROYING so much else and cutting till we bleed that I expect to wake up one day and see food “enhanced” to dog food.

dirty delta regional jet seat arm delta points blog

One thing I am seeing as a #KeepDescending thing more and more is just how filthy Delta jets are becoming. I mean it does not matter if we are talking mainline or regional jets – they are all just getting NASTY dirty and need more attention and cleaning. Time to start bringing towels and 3 oz bottles of alcohol to wipe my seat down each flight. Yuck!

dallas love field and downtown dallas delta points blog

I continue to be impressed with Dallas (hello Love Field – do you miss Delta). The DFW airport, the Centurion, the SPG hotels in the area (wish more were cheaper on SPG points). If I ever have to change over to AA connecting via DFW is not something I will ever get sick of!

lunch at the dfw amex centurion club delta points blog

I also will say that I am less and less impressed with Skyclubs visiting other domestic lounges like “The Club” ones (see review at top of post). With 1MARCH15 meaning the end to +1’s I will keep actually looking at other choices. Plus the bad snacks, cheap drinks and sub-par wifi just does not make me long to visit any Skyclub. Period.

chocolate strawberry at amex centurion lounge delta points blog

So what’s next for Delta runs this year? I have said no to some REALLY good ones in the past few weeks. I am way too afraid just what Delta is going to dump on us next (without advance warning or notice as usual). If they don’t “enhance” the 2016 program I can once again book a few more trips here and there. I do already have one next week, and two in April. I also have trips all over the world booked on points.

Overall it is a strange new year and all I can do is wait for Delta to make the next move. Do I want 2016 to be my last Diamond year or push for one more to see if Delta ends the current insanity. Honestly – I just have no idea yet! – René
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  1. I’m with you on many of the things you comment on, Rene. The SkyClubs keep getting worse. There was a tiny bump in service and quality of food after they announced the changes last year, but now they #keepdescending. After visiting The Clubhouse (Virgin’s departure lounge at LHR which we DL folks who are flying in BE may use now that DL has moved to T-3 at LHR), it makes SkyClubs look like Motel 6’s compared to the ” Ritz Carlton” like Virgin Clubhouse. Also, good idea to bring some cleaning supplies onboard to take care of the nasty stuff on the armrests, trays, and entertainment screens. Finally, I agree, upper deck on the 747 is heaven! I will be so sorry to see these babies go! I had two trips booked out of ATL to NRT that were initially on a 747, but got switched to 777, and I was heart broken.

  2. It is sad to see someone who was so positive about Delta even as things started to go down hill a couple years ago become jaded – but yet a truth seeker as well. I agree with much of what you have said and find it interesting that during my visit to 2 Skyclubs Sunday I found that the smell of the soup made me sick to my stomach. Also when is that reduction in visitors to the Skyclubs going to start? They seem more crowded than ever.

  3. I agree that it’s so sad that all you can do is wait for the next piece of awful news. More than sad, it’s really is kind of tragic. Just a couple of years ago, I was a pretty rabid Delta supporter. I wouldn’t even consider flying anyone else, barring a massive price difference. Now I’ve passed from annoyed to aggravated to livid, all the way to just plain sad. This year, I’ll be redeeming almost half a million AA miles. In a way, I kind of miss redeeming with Delta, but I’m just tired of “enhancement” being a euphemism for screwing over your customers.

  4. Hi Rene,
    i thought I was the only person that thought those food trays were funky. The food is good however on a flight from DTW to LHR in BE, there was NO Tawny Port catered on that flight.
    Last year, DL kicked out my guest privilege on my AS Boardroom membership and want me to pay $29.00 for my wife. Does DL know that for $29.00 I can get a full meal and drinks at a restaurant at the terminal?

  5. @JSW – There is much fighting over gates (thus my attempt at humor). Plus, Delta does not own the rights to any gates, they just sub-lease them.

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