Delta FAs are not ready for 1MARCH seating changes! Expect confusion and issues.

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delta comfort plus perks starting 1march15

We learned back on 8DEC14 that Delta will be creating new sections on their jets. The seats are the same, but the names are new and perks will be adjusted.

One of the biggest changes comes to what was called EC or Economy Comfort that will be in effect as of THIS SUNDAY the 1st of March. The perks you can (maybe) look forward to are:

  • Dedicated overhead bin space. The problem is the FAs are not going to police this for you. This space is to be reserved for ONLY those in the space, but expect others to fill these bins up.
  • Free beer, wine and spirits. Do expect FAs not to know you should get them free (almost zero training from Delta). Don’t expect better service than normal coach so if you want more than one drink (that is, if you even get the first one free) I would ask for both at the first visit from the service cart.
  • On 900+ mile routes a snack basket. I will be flying next week just such a route and look forward to seeing if this even happens and if so just how much is offered and how many times. I will be sure to shoot photos (if the baskets are even there)! Please share your experience as well. It should be like the “old” 1st class baskets.
  • Free Delta Studio premium. Again, I will be testing this unless all my legs get upgraded to 1st class. If it does not work for you, since this is a GoGo run product, reach out for a free code to watch whatever you want!

Delta says this is for:

“Delta Comfort+ offers an upgraded experience on all two cabin aircraft around the world”

So, as I read this, we are talking everything from CRJ700s up to 747s are going to enjoy these upgraded experiences. By the way, due to FCM you can think of this as the “all new” first class cabin for medallions who now regularly miss their upgrades from this point forward! 😉

Think about this, if Delta has not prepared mainline FAs for what is about to start this Sunday 1MARCH, just how well are regional partners going to do? It is going to be an interesting start to the month with not just this new marketing effort but also whatever else Delta dumps springs crushes enhances us with for the new 2016 Medallion year – I can’t wait! – René


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  1. Comfort+ seats are going to be hard to secure now…. guys like me who book 7 days out might not be able to get one… and with FCM, UG% will continue to decline.

    Hate to say it, but GMs should book travel and grab the seats prior to 2/28/15. Starting March 1, you have to wait to book or pay.

  2. I don’t understand what “Access to in-flight Wi-Fi on all domestic flights” means. Is it now free in C+? I mean, doesn’t everyone on the plane (both in C+ and coach) have access to Wi-Fi? HELP!

  3. @Don – To me just bragging about wifi. 🙁 No it is not free. Well the Delta Studio will be free in C+, via GoGo wifi. Clear?

  4. Another complication for all on-board service at delta is that the FAs are currently in an union organizing campaign by the IAM. Sixty percent of them have signed authorization cards requesting union representation. A vote will be held sometime in the next few months. I’m sure management is much more concerned about talking to these employees about the campaign than cracking the whip about C+. Btw Rene, judging by the interviews you did recently, you could also have a bright future in broadcasting. Thanks for reposting the links.

  5. I am really confused about this Delta Studio stuff … many times I get a message that states that Delta Studio will not work on my device which is a Samsung Note 4. This happens if I am logged in to GoGo or not. Does one need to be logged in to GoGo for this to work? If this will not work on my new Note 4 what good is it?

  6. @Chuck – That would be by me and a great many others asking FA’s if they are ready. I have already flown a dozen segments they year and many readers have also asked FA’s how much they know. They know almost nothing!

  7. Flew in EC out of ATL last night with a MSP-based crew. As I was being served my can of Sam Adams, I mentioned that “next month this will be complimentary.” The very nice flight attendant looked blank for a couple of beats, then said “Oh, right, I heard there were going to be changes next month, but you probably know more about them than I do.” Should be fun.

  8. And just where are the FA going to put their luggage once that they cannot put it in the “new” dedicated compartments for C+ customers? Will be interesting…..I for one will be anxious to ask them to move it and see what response I will get…..good luck

  9. Hi Rene- I will be on 3 legs 3/1/15 and will let you know the outcome. Currently, the BE are all about 80% open now so I am interested to see about the upgrades as well. More soon.


  10. Great. Not only will the FA’s not know what we have been promised they won’t have an idea as to the point compensations we should receive for not getting it. Going to be wild but hey I’m not scheduled on Delta metal until July as of now. Talk about wasting my DM perks this year…

  11. Just flew RT to Houston from Atlanta. The FAs closed front three overhead compartments and only let C+ flyers store their belongings. Really helped since I had 2 and was in bulkhead.
    All of my upcoming flights are C+, it will be nice to have free WiFi. I never pay for it!

  12. Flew in first and was supposed to have free wifi. Not much of a perk when you can’t connect.

    So, does this mean that my platinum husband gets to book C+ at time of booking and can add me (always on a mileage ticket using his miles) beside him in C+ or are those seats going to be blocked off for those who are willing to pay for them and only those seats that are left will be available for 3,5, or 7 day upgrades?

  13. I can’t wait to read the blog next week and read all about the mishaps! Keep descending! I have to laugh or else I will cry thinking about all of the benefits I have lost.

  14. @Christine – Wifi is NEVER free, 1st, C+ you name it, NOT free! Only Delta Studio that goes over wifi is free. PM can get C+ free and yes he can call and book for you if you are with him even on another PNR.

  15. Any idea which routes will be the first to implement the new class services? I am flying LAX > SYD early March in “Delta ONE” — wonder if there will be a noticeable difference from BusinessElite.

  16. FWIW I was in EC today from ATL>DAL and asked for a Sweetwater420 and the FA waived me off when I tried to give them my AMEX saying they are starting the new benefits early. YMMV.

  17. Flew from SAN to JFK yesterday in EC/C+, the FAs did not know that we should have gotten the drinks nor the premium snacks. They said these where EC seats, not C+ and only flights to SFO and LAX were eligible for the drinks and considered C+. So the memo hasn’t made it fully around.

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