Delta “secret” UBER elite Delta360 Medallion class is inviting new members

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Delta360 invite one

If you have to ask you are not part of the club. Regular blog readers know Delta360 members are the biggest spenders with Delta and get lots of nice perks including regular Porsche service from gate to gate.

rene delta points and dave texasyankee LAX airport porche ride

There are a number of Delta360 blog readers (I am sure much to the chagrin of the mothership) and one of them was nice enough to share with me his invitation to join this elite “circle”.

Delta360 invite inside

What can a Delta360 member expect? Not much time in coach – like almost ever. Personal monitoring of their travels. Ask for any fee to be waived and Delta will do it. 72 hour Skymiles re-deposit rule – HA – yeah right, not for these folks. Pretty much the “rules” don’t apply.

The strange thing is some who were in last year are out this year. It is fun the program is still going and if you happened to get invited – congratulations – and you are spending way too much money on Delta 😉 – René


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  1. can they defy gravity and have the agents “create” Level 1 saver space a few days before departure instead of being subject to the 21-day window like the most of us ?

  2. @TexasYankee – Don’t think my sub $500 YTD spend will cut it. Nor my goal of sub $2,000 year end either. But I can #SHENA my way around just fine. 😉

  3. Any idea what the average spend is on this? I spent $15K with Delta last year. I am on track to double that this year.

  4. @Michael – As mentioned, if you have to ask, you are not going to get an invite. But, with no disrespect, your spend is just enough to make the MQD exempt spend level. Not even remotely in the same universe as Delta360 spenders. Sorry 😉

  5. @Michael – My boss was 360 the last year…his average yearly spend is around $150K (25 R/T Business class flights to Europe a year)…and from what I understand, he barely got into the group…

  6. I noticed someone sitting two rows ahead of me (in coach) on a MCO-ATL flight last week with a 360 on their Diamond brag tag. Made me feel a little better about not getting the upgrade as a lowly PM.

  7. I spent just under $40,000 last year with Delta. I couldn’t imagine 25 round-trip, business-class airfares to Europe every year (I fly to Europe four times a year). If I had that kind of job, I’d fly another airline with real first-class or a better business-class product than Delta. The only thing Delta has is the ability to sleep. I don’t give a crap about food. At most, food is what — $100 — if it’s of great quality? Perhaps another $50 in beverages. Both of those are at restaurant prices. Some of Delta’s business-class airfares can be $10,000. That’s absurd.

  8. @FNT Delta Diamond – I did 5 R/T Business Class fares to Europe with him last year. We talked about changing airlines but the direct flight from SLC -> CDG (final destination) trumped changing airlines. 11.5 hours in air and direct to CDG was just about perfect for us. Plus the service on Delta is the best…most of the FAs and pilots on the route knew him by name.

  9. @Jon: Well, at least the flight from Salt Lake City is long enough that you get to experience a little bit of the on-board service as well as sleep. I just can’t justify it from say J.F.K. or anywhere on the East Coast, where it can be less than an 8-hour flight to Western Europe. I often fly west and then fly east, just to make it worth the high cost. At least with some of the European carriers, business-class (and, if offered, first-class) comes with better lounges with dining options, as opposed to a cheap buffet of low-quality food. If I’m spending $100,000-plus a year on Delta then I should get more than Sky Club’s lame experience.

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